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thats not something I can test haha
Sure you can !  Its more or less what tourist-mode was made for !  Give it a glance, its quite fun.
You can even get my modified version (with super zerk, super headlight...)
That mod is a great tutorial to get some moding bases.

Personally, I found that guaranteed DS mistakenly... and then, did some research to find the condition.  It remains a pain to achieve that in real game... even after getting pwnage medal, I failed most my attemps, by mistake or bad luck, which gives me an Apostle count of only 2 (+1 Gutt's heart)
I linked Mortems, if someone is interrested
Edit : Oh, I can haz attachments ?  Great !

Since I was quite sure the "mystery" around DS would quickly officially vanish with the source release, I have one question which remains :
How the duck are you supposed to kill Spidey when going for that guaranteed DS ?  I don't recall of any guaranteed nuke in, and the BFG can't be used with DS in your hands.
Yet, from 2dev's posts... I was quite sure something makes it possible with guaranteed success. (Wouldn't dare to say "no luck involved", yet, since level generation remains :)

@Tormuse : Funny run, but... come on, You can do it without AoMC !  If I managed to clean HA with just SOB/Int2 and SOB3, you can do it too !
Then, just skip MCE and you'll even get zerk for UC.  A cake... no lies !

Discussion / Re: Game inspired in part by DoomRL
« on: November 10, 2016, 13:31 »
I lacked of time for the moment, but be sure I checked the game now that it got customable input, and am gonna play it at least until I reach the end alive.

It looks pretty cool.
I like the way the character & monsters move, the shooting system...  the traits look quite good too... and I probably forget a lot.

There is room for improvement, of course, but it looks nice already.

The only thing I would try to change is that imo, inventory management, doesn't fit well with the dynamic (real time) gameplay.  I find it quite frustrating that I have to first kill everyone, then bother about getting that stuff on the floor and putting it in some weapon slot after having emptied my previous weapon to get back the ammo... well, I gotta have to press 10 keys for that (and check the controls reminder web page 5 times :p)
Thats why imo, some improvements like autograbbing the ammo when walking on it, or easy unloading of weapons / muting useless items, etc., should be considered among future evolutions.
Just giving my opinion, it may be very subjective :)

Anyway, it's cool.  Gotta continue killing spiders for some time !

5K views in a few days doesn't look too bad to me.  At least, it proves that not everyone is permadead :p

But yeah, one of my fears, a few years ago, was that if it ever existed, I would probably miss the kickstarter the day it would be announced, since checking the forums twice a year was quite random in term of reactivity.

Discussion / Re: Game inspired in part by DoomRL
« on: October 12, 2016, 13:44 »
Looks cool at first glance, but are keybindings in a separate (read "editable without recompiling") file ?
I'm french, so A&Q are inverted, as well as Z&W.

Post Mortem / Re: [E|90%|YAVP] Self-imposed challenges FTW
« on: September 07, 2016, 15:39 »
I'm curious how it's possible to get the gold cluster.
The easiest way is probably to start some N! game (or lesser skill with AoD), and kill 100 times a poor former :)

Other possibilities include using int2 or CatEye, of course.
I think nukes can be another alternative.  Either with trigun and some HPD, to nuke several levels, or with a good timing in mortuary.
I'm not sure City of skulls could be a good solution : farming elementals is probably a pain.

And finally, you can do it without any of this, using just cornershooting + waiting at the good spots.

While it seems true that making save-scumming "more trivial" might result in a few more people using it, I doubt this is a good-enough reason not to implement auto-save.
I somehow understand this point of view, but it just looks terribly wrong to me, for several reasons, including those ones :
  • I doubt that there are many such people here
  • Whatever you do, 'tards will always remain.  Resistance is futile :)
  • Anyway, if someone has fun using cheats or save-scumming, it's not our problem, but his... or just not a problem at all.  Years ago, when I was still playing Quake I, I once bound some keys to funny actions, like giving quad damage, or full weapons & ammo.
    Sure, it "made the game much easier", but trust me, it can be extremely fun anyway !
    Also, having "unlimited" ammo, quad, or hp/armors let me try different playstyles, restrictions/challenges, and so on.
  • And last, but not least, my personal experience is that this approach causes usually much more problems to legit users than it does to cheaters.  Imo, focusing on creating a good product is a zillion times more important than trying to make it "cheat-proof".  Reminds me of the game "Soldat", which I could never play online due to the buggy and overconsuming "anti-cheat mechanism", or all kinds of DRM...

I think the best saving/loading mechanism I found so far is the one in "Soldier of fortune".  It was something like "In newbie difficulty, you can save/load without limits during a level", but the higher the skill level, the lesser you could use saves.
The consequence was not only that you had to effectively get better when increasing difficulty, but it also somehow enforced the player to realize that without this save restriction, the levels just became too easy.

Since roguelike usually need to manually back-up / restore files for save-scumming, I really see no good reason not to add this damn autosave.
Cheaters perfectly know what they are doing anyway.

Modding / Re: Modding Help
« on: June 10, 2016, 03:52 »
I got no experience outside of some easy improvements I made to tourist module (like granting the Super Zerk & Super Phase devices, or XP tomes :p), but I'd advise to look at MockRL or said tourist module files It's probably not much, but this includes some basic stuff like creating a custom map, items, and so.

Are the tutos like "Recreating Hell's arena" completly out of date ?  Did you try to just pick some parts, like event handling, and see what is still working ?

Nightmare! / Re: [N!|AoB+Ao100|37%|YAVP] Surprising luck
« on: June 08, 2016, 14:36 »
Quite funny, indeed.
But real luck would have been to find your DS & BA on lvl 98/99 !

I guess you don't care much, but... shouldn't at least your 2nd pick of Iro be replaced with TaN, if not both ?

I keep the chainsaw not only because it saves some ammo or can make zerk pack more useful.
You'll often find yourself in melee, and chainsaw has a great DPS (which is even better after UC :). Killing monsters faster reduces damages.
Also, you sometimes want to stay melee (like vs mancubus or spiders). I don't use my usual shotgun in such a case (your HP pistol would have the same issue), and I don't carry ammo for my plasma gun, so the answer is melee again.

About SOB w/shotguns, I think I stopped using 7d3 shotguns when I noticed the HUGE difference it makes for knockback to have 2 less average damages. I always use a 8d3 now (reloading from one of my 3 shellboxes doesn't take more time than pumping anyway, and my doomguy is most of the time already OP by the time he could craft a tac shotty)
I was quite sure the damage was added after distance reductions, so I'm not surprised that it works so well.  I thought the treshold was 12dmg, but anyway, what counts is that some levels in SOB make the difference.  I don't care about the numbers too much.

About inventory, I always keep a phase device when I can.  Sometimes more, up to 3, but ammo will usually be more useful.  It can get you out of *really* nasty situations. (tip : When you don't have one, think of using rocket jump.  It's ideal for situations like... anomaly ambush whel playing AoHu).
You're right to dump the BFG.  I always keep it because... it's fun, thematic, and nice, but barely ever actually use it (even in the mortuary, where I rush to the nuclear one instead --sometimes using rocket jumps--).
I usually keep 2 skulls for mortuary, but rarely use the 2nd.
I only carry one suit for the pits/Erebus.  Taking some damages when running through some titles of acid / lava is not a problem.
I take thermies "because they are cool", but use them as fast as I can.  I nuke spidey the guaranteed way, with the nuke BFG from mort.  Alternatively, you can try to keep one for Cybie, or UC... but it's highly unreliable.  From a pure "efficiency" pov, I think there's no real reason to use them. You rarely need them, and the can make you miss stuff.
I always carry the staff (I'm a YAAM/conqueror/JC guy)
I avoid carrying unused mods.  I know what I need most of the times anyway, and rush WK to max mods usage and save slots.  Once my shotty is already P2 or P3, I put P on armors. A are for tac boots, then armors, B for Tac RL / (nanomachic or unused) plasma gun, then (unused) BFG, and T are for decoration.
I also thought I avoid carrying useless weapons but when thinking about it... I use mostly shotty / Chainsaw and RL, but always carry a plasma gun and a BFG, and sometimes keeps the missile launcher until HoC.
I usually have one extra armor (and sometimes up to 6/7 unused ones in the end, when I find some shielded vests, phaseshifts, Malek, Necro, Shielded... well, that's for decoration too, since I know I won't need them at that point)

I don't use shottyman.  It's useless when cornershotting, so I'd prefer going for DM, which will help me reach a safe spot. But aside of that subjective pov, I'd advise you to have "side-disciplines".  That's one of the reasons why I stopped using masteries, and nearly always pick BER : it makes me more versatile.

As long as you don't play AoMr, you can complete the arena AND cc+.  Btw, if you're not confident foing that, feel free to skip what you want.

A shotgun and a shell box should be enough to clear city of skulls.  Maybe you need a second shell box, since you have a pistol build, but it should not be that hard.  I'd say... try it, and if you get your hatred skulls, you may consider going for UC.

About speedloaders, I think I'd put my 1st A on boots (I'd wait WK to assemble anyway), then... depending of what I need the most.

Oh, and don't be afraid to set your maxRun higher.  I chose 10000, it looks like a good number to me :p

I agree with you about pistols.  Having terrible weapons and an insane related trait looks like a very bad solution, since it means both the trait and the weapons are useless when not used together.  I just hope JH will have that fixed.

About your bubblegum chewing runs... well, you can play gun kata (or even shottyhead xD) for that, but the real problem lies in the fact that fighting in the open just doesn't work (it's possible... to some extend, in lesser difficulties, but using covers is part of the game, and the problem is that combo'ed with waiting, it surpasses everything else.)
If you think this is boring, well.. first, you are right :D  Second... play AoRA !  (or N!, but personally, playing N! just makes me wait <in front of a door or fluid>, so it doesn't fix the cornershooting abuse at all.)

In term of protection, I think resistances are negligible for "basic" armors compared to the flat damage block.
One thing I like with green is that it looks "seargeant proof", but 1 protection point is bad, and 15% block will reduce only 0 or 1 damage from bullets (2 or 3 from shells ?  I never checked calculations.  maybe they can be found on the wiki).  The real value is just that it doesnt cripple movespeed.

For blue.. quite the same : 2 flat armor is better, but 20% of... 1-7 ?  and less for spiders if I'm correct ?  Since plasma divides armor by 2, it looks like the max reduction to expect would be 1 from % and 1 from the halved 2 flat points.  It may be good for shots doing an average of 4, but against anything else, this armor is very close to the green : it sucks.

Red is the efficiency : it gives you 4 agains weak attacks, which is doubled agains sergeants (shrapnel damages are bad vs armors). 4/2 still gives you decent resistance to plasma (so, what use for a blue ? :), and the 25% fire res do help agains the late game enemies.  Its only real weaknes is the ms penality.

Of course, some energy shielded vests or other suits are good too, but take a Necroarmor and you'll see that %res are not necessary to get a good protection.

If your question was also about the value of fireproof / ballistic, well, I don't craft either of them.  I think fireproof can be good vs Cybie, but it costs mods, and has a limited durability, while carrying a chainswaw and picking BER doesn't have those limitations.
Ballistic is quite the same, it's just more for UC than Cybie.
Anyway, while I think both those suits might have some use, they also both weaken you against a dangerous attack type, which shouldn't be overlooked, and IMO makes them useless outside of some very situational cases.  Also, there is no juggler for armors, so you'll most of the time be forced to lose HP when you get into situations your armor isn't designed to face.

For armors, you basically have to choose between "dodge" and "tank".
  • If you often get hit, P-modded red is probably the greateast usual suit you'll get.  (The ideal is AOP, or Powered-red, +P if possible)
  • If you manage to get hit rarely, you can afford to use weaker suits.  I stopped using tactical armors, but usually play with green (both have give a good movespeed, a the cost of a dubious protection).
    Your best suit when playing that way is a phaseshift (with AOP, of course :))
Overall, I wouldn't advise to B-mod an armor, since it costs movespeed.  Unless you want to make it nanofiber, but IMO, they are worthless without an added P (so I'd forget it for MAD)

Don't underestimate the movespeed. There's a reason why I prefer green over blue or red : it makes a huge difference !
I often switch to red around hell, since revenants (and mancubi) can be deadly, but by that time, I usually have A-modded tac boots, and A modded armor.

And yep, outside of AO100+, I always go for Tac boots (+A : I don't mod assemblies without WK2 usually).

Not much advices to give here, but you might consider playing masterless.  As you noticed, masteries can be quite... constraining.
About MAD, I think I'd pick BER, but I guess anything is OK.
For MSS, I'd say WK (since gun really suck, and some improvements really help), then, anything.

SOB is crap for melee (and BFGs :o))
SOB can be paired with SOG, but I doubt it's really worth it if you go pistols only.  If you also use shotguns or rapid fire, it can be worth it... but then, I'm not sure you should pick SOG :)
SOB is of course very efficient with rapid fire, since it's what it has been designed for.  Just skip the 5th level to avoid getting knockback.
SOB is quite good with shotguns, but I'm not sure it's necessary with a MAD build, which already gives an insane dmg output.

I consider SOB is "the best skill". Well, this is quite subjective, of course, but it looks like the most efficient to play damageless, which is more or less what most angels challenges is about, so I ended-up picking it on every run.
Here is a sample of SOB effect on shotguns :
I always play with shotguns, and now try to get Hell's arena pwnage medal with each of my N! runs.  Since I suck, I use INT2+SOB1, but I often fail at knocking some monster back, and get hit or have to run because of my crappy damages.
  • This doesn't happen when I play HA with SOB2, since failing to knockback is really rare, and would "never" happen with SOB3.
  • Without SOB, I just have too much difficulties to knock-back even a simple demon.  I often get hit, and can't abuse of cornershooting, which makes the game harder and more complicated (like... needing to think and have good placements instead of just mindlessly alternating phases pressing "f f r" (kill) and ", 5" (stand still waiting for xp to come))
Its worth noting that a P roughly equals two levels of SOB for a shotgun, but I still love that early SOB2 or 3, since you get it WAY before the P mods, and it stacks anyway (try an elephant gun, or a P3 regular shotty, and you'll understand how fun it can be :)
    Overall, about shotguns :
    • I personally stick with regular shotty all game long, but the best is the tactical one, which is more versatile.  I just hate having to pump (and have crappy damages) until it's fully modded.
    • Assault is the theorical best, of course, but you'll often find it too late, and it kinda needs the P to balance that missing dice anyway, so Tac is great enough.
    • Super shotty and Jackhammer are in separate leagues.  Both too rare to be reliable, but they give great damages (I don't really use either of them anymore, but this is another story :p)
    • Plasma is... well, good for gibbing the mortuary (and maybe for the reloading-bug-abuse), but crap elsewhere, since it ruins your covers, and eats way too much plasma.

Century Lounge / Re: [U|Ao100|YAVP] Maturation exam :]
« on: May 09, 2016, 02:31 »
marine was a typo
poor guys ^^  looks like no one likes them.  bah, the powerup buff is nice anyway, and extra hp always help.
I really think we underrate the value of techies's ability to... not die, when overwhelmed.  Sure, the situation is rare, but it can be priceless.  Tracking map buff is nice too (well, I take INT back now... but you can clear between 1/2 and 1/3 of levels easy with computer maps... thats neat !  And access to WK is cool too.

@your picks, You say you lacked consticency... but do you need that ? :p
I juste realized you didn't pick BER.  Buuh !  I hate Melee, but usually pick it as a defensive trait (and for saving ammo)
But y, jug should have been picked earlier, it's very handy in AO100

@nano shotty
So, you managed to find a use to it ? ^^  Nice.  But at least, take a normal shotty next time, you'll save one precious dice.
While nano-super-shotgun is quite good (I don't think I used it too much, but it probably manages to knockback efficiently), I really hate that 5d3 nailer thing.  Sure, it can be fun, but at the cost of a nano ? :(
I prefer scouting/calling with the plasma rifle, it's more focused and efficient (especially with EE3 + INT2)
You say the 0 ammo consumption saved your ass => did you craft it before the plasma rifle ? (modding the plasma first seemed like an obvious choice to me, considering the... significant difference in damages output between those 2 weapons)

Century Lounge / Re: [U|ArchAo666|36%|YAVP] Meh
« on: May 08, 2016, 13:07 »
Looks like you got your luck between lvl 64 and 67 ^^ (save lvl 34, which is just another trolling by the rng)
What is this unused nano for ?  napalm ? missile ? laser rifle ? decoration ?

Also, isn't a T better than a P on a ripper ?  I think you got something like a zillion damages with every hit, so attacking faster procs zerk faster, and saves time on every kill, right ?

If just for experiment, I'd advise you to save at dl300 and scum the save (on a copy of the game, btw) until you get that DS (for science dude, science !)
Else, it seems your curse will continue to prevent us from making any major breakthrough.

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