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Century Lounge / Re: [U|Ao100|YAVP] Maturation exam :]
« on: May 08, 2016, 12:50 »
RNG has been pretty nice with you.  2 nanos + onyx is great, (+GCB at lvl 33, which sounds like "get you back to a pistol build, coward !")
Any reason for choosing marine ?  (Not that they are bad, but just wondering...  well, I personally pick 99% of scouts, but classes seems well balanced to me.)

I love your picks :p  (yet, I think Fin3 is way better than TH -- which I don't even consider unless I got a nanomachic gun)
Note about SOB : I stopped picking the 5th lvl when I learnt the 12th damage produces knockback, which is most of the time a problem more than an advantage.

Any thoughts to share about your shiny nano assault shotgun ? :)

Sharpshooter is quite good, indeed :)

btw, don't put B & O mod on the same armor, you lose precious speed with the B, and its only use is to make armor tougher (which the O does way better)
You'd better put the O on another suit (and ideally, and an A rather than a B !)

Bah, in your case, lava armor was enough anyway.

I rarely pick EE, but even without it, plasma remains quite efficient.  (I think I use it at 3/4 range.  Further, I just "call" monsters with it).
Maybe you're right about the distance, if you were running and they weren't in your way, but I think you tend to walk back and shoot them at 8 distance, so in that case, rushing into melee seems more time-efficient to me. Commandos are freaking dangerous, but no matter, when running+dodging with HR, Doomguy is stronger :)
And even at long range, one advantage of plasma is that it doesn't knockback, so you'll quickly manage to hit your target
Also, I may value the importance of saving medkits on those dudes more than you (they are tough-enough already without this, ... and I like medkits).

@dropping it
My build are always based on shotguns, but plasma remains cool to quickly get rid of commandos and mancubi.  I put my shotty aside when I can get a shambler's head, and the usually associated nano bundled with it, but until the thing is nanomachic, the shotty often remains my main weapon.  If I find 2 nuke plasma rifles, I just fill 2 weapon slots with them :)
And having juggler, even with the shell box in prepared, you may switch to your nuke-weapon everytime you're not fighting.  Not as comfortable as having it in prep slot, but you could still reload it for 0 time.

About the fact that this pick is good for such challenge... it may, but I still have doubts.
I "stopped" picking HR when trying to get the AoRA/100% badge, and noticed that I spent more time when picking HR than with SOB (I felt sad :( ).
I could probably save more by using less shotty and more chaingun, but considering weapon switches, the 2.5 reload of the chaingun, and more importantly, the fact that it doesn't hit enemies when you run, I still have doubts.
It must be why I love my shotgun, and hate the weakness of this early game "poor man's plasma-gun".

But of course, the use of double shotty when running in melee is great.  I discovered only recently that double shotty may have a use (I guess I only tried it as a main weapon before...)
I still see it as a bad weapon (way too situationnal) , but am now concious that it can deliver tremendous damages against a big group, which can be useful in the early.
Yet, I still don't want to spend a whole slot for it, so... I keep not-using it, most of the time, but one-shotting 8 or 9 demons in one single turn is fun

About the other little-or-not mistakes, I guess playing such challenges just requires attention.  Fatigue > doomguy :p

Nice run (and Tormuse-esque ending, indeed.  Are you cursed, or something ?)

I still see Gunrunner as a terrible pick.  Sure, killing the cyberdemon was ridiculous, and shooting the 4 hell knights (deimos 6?) was nice too, but the blocked skills weaken the player soooo much !
Worse : the skill itself, while it seems to have potential, also has big drawbacks (your death is just an example of how careful one has to be with bareels, using RL, or not beeing able to choose a target)

But while I have big doubts about its current efficiency, I must agree that MGr brings something unique to the game experience, and I like the skill itself (I just won't pick it because of the blocks).
It even seems to make the double shotty valuable.  I think shottyman is enough for that, but "just having to run" seems sweet (and it's RL-compliant too !)

Here are a few advices :
  • Commandos have good armor and HP, use your Nuclear plasma to kill them !  It doesn't only save time, it also gives you chances of grabbing some precious medpacks
  • Your fight in the open in the cave after deimos lab (~47') was a very bad idea.
  • If I'm correct, you reload manually your RL in containement area, while shottyman could do it for free.
  • In Deimos 4, spending some rockets on the formers on your right (revealed by the tracking) could have been an idea.  Just a few kills, but quite free, and easy.
  • I guess you should farm pain elementals.  They seem great to increase kill ratio.
  • you DROPPED a nuclear plasma rifle ? !  I... I don't have words for that.  it's a f*cking crime !!! (especially when you have juggler)
  • Double shotty is bad at long range, and shotties are bad vs mancubi.  So why did you use your double shotty at long range vs mancubi in the last level ?  It looks like a waste of time and shells.  I think you'd better use rockets, or your plasma gun. (or at least, your tactical shotgun)

Anyway, AAoRA seems to produce very fun runs.  I hate ascii, but watching is easier than playing, so its ok.

What is that plasma shotgun for, only for the bug exploit ?  or did you plan to use it as a shotgun ? (I put aside the dozen of skulls you shoot with.  I'm not sure it was used outside of that)

Discussion / Re: Balancing Assemblies
« on: April 22, 2016, 04:55 »
Nice idea indeed.  But one other missing thing atm is the possibility to know when a monster will attack.
When you face a Cybie, you can dodge before he shoots, then shoot it until he reloads.

For all other monsters, you just can hope they won't attack. (exception for sergeants)
I think this mechanic would be very important in allowing strategies based on dodging.

You can make choices based on the informations you get.
If a lost soul is charging you, you'll dodge it... but not if there is a baron behind the corner.  Or maybe you'll dodge in some other direction, but not if you are in melee with a spider, which will then be able to shoot at you.

Currently, we just don't have informations about monsters actions, so... it's based on luck or statistics (and in UV, statistics are very bad for the doomGuy fighting in the open :)
No need to mention that, in N!, monsters attack all-the-time, with insane accuracy, making this strat clearly unplayable. (and imp/cacos/barons... don't have any reload time.  In comparison with the original doom, they used to attack like mad, indeed, but had an attack animation time.  Also, the doomguy inherently had GunRunner, which helps a lot, since shooting at monsters didn't turn him into a sitting duck :)

Discussion / Re: Balancing Assemblies
« on: April 21, 2016, 03:58 »
The problem about playstyles is that not all currently work.
Same for masteries : I agree Ammochain is too powerful (so is BER, which isn't even a mastery), but some are completely useless (Bullet dance, Entrenchment, scavenger...), and ones like gun kata or shottyhead would have great potential IF only the playstyle they fit with worked as intended.

Agree that O and N are to good to be wasted on (bad) assemblies.  Well, N nearly always end-up on a nanomachic plasma for me (and antigrav boots for many other).  But wasting O for non-repairable armors (or N for cursed ones) is a funny idea :)

Increasing assemblies will be useless if they remain worse than regular weapons.  But giving WK the possibility to mod assemblies 2/3.. maybe 5 times would probably change this (we gotta keep in mind that a 5-modded assembly would cost 3+2 mods, so I'm not sure this would be too powerful).  The problem I see is that currently, WK already seems like a must to me :
1 single lvl of WK gives me 4 extra damages on my shotties, +A/P on armors & boots.  The second levels makes my boots awesome, allows me to make AOP armors, turns my beloved shotty to P3T2, which is really sweet, and gives some other cool buffs (Bs and Ps on BFG, and so...)
=> If I increased the number of mods dropped (and/or made assemblies more moddable), I'd probably also increase basic mod limit, at least on weapons, for everyone, and maybe nerf some mods, so that WK isn't mandatory (nor Overpowered)

About the ML from the wall... I'd agree to replace it (but probably keep it in C-Area).  I extremely rarely use ML (I prefer Tac RL, mainly for jumping), but it's a great weapon, and it kinda makes people forget about any other possible RL in the game.  In such case, don't forget to remove it from abyssal/skulls too (I never understood why there was one here) ^^

Discussion / Re: Call for Uniques/Exotics
« on: April 21, 2016, 03:27 »
I had this idea of a radar shotty too, and also read it already, maybe from someone else ?  Anyay, I kinda like the idea... but wonder it it would be worth a slot.
I'd forget about the "fully moddable thing". It breaks game rules, getting it to 7d3 is not the purpose, and finding 5*P is NOT guaranteed at all anyway.

I might completely remove the magazine (or give it 10 auto-reloading shots.. quite the same isn't it), and probably lower the damage to 1d1.
All in all, it would still require 1 inventory slot (and ideally, juggler) to be of comfortable use.  Not sure I'dd see any use to it.

I would rather see is as an assembly (shotty +TB ?).  That way, you can get it easily if needed.
Thinking again about the assembly thing...  I guess I wouldn't waste mods for that... so what ?  regular weapon ?  it doesn't look very "exotic" in term of efficiency.  After all, what matters is just that one can find it, so I'll just give it a significant weight (say, like tactical shotty).
And then, if it proves beeing really useful, I'd make it an assembly.

If I had to design or rework stuff, I would try to be sure it can bring something to the player.  To answer about the idea of a "railgun-like pistol", I have no idea whether it would be useful or not, but here are some clues :
  • I don't think the railgun is of any real use in the current game.  I love the idea, the weapon is looks nice... but the rail perk seems useless 99% of the time, and the ammo consumption looks terrible.  I never used it more than for "testing" it.  IIRC, good damages and accuracy, but too much cell consumption, which basically means "useless in normal situations, and not as good as a BFG in exceptionnal ones".  Maybe it would be different if I could afford a mobile playstyle, and have fun creating alignments, but one word sums it up : cornershooting :(.
  • Making such a pistol useful would probably depend a lot on it stats.  If it got the exact same stats as a regular pistol, people will try it.  If it can't, e.g., be turned into a speedloader, it might be put aside "just" because of that.  Same applies for damages : make it lousy to "balance" the AOE damages effect, and it might not be tried at all.  Give it great damages (without bad shooting/reload times) and everyone will at least try it, which will provide several different experience returns.
  • Now, maybe the "rail perk" will be more a drawback than an advantage  (collateral 'call' of too much monsters at once when trying to isolate a single target, accidental bareelshooting bumping monsters close to player...)
  • From my pov, the only way to know if it's too powerful / too weak is to put it in the game and let players experiment.
    Since I would like people to try it, I would probably make it a copy/improvement of the current regular pistols, *without* drawbacks (yup, speedloable too, at least for it's release, so that it is appealing). I would probably also increase damages a little, to motivate players even more (and make it worth its exotic value, *if* exotic).

    Then, of course, I would try it, (and more importantly, have other people try it) to see what we think of it.
    If it sucks, I'd make damages significant, and if it still sucks after that, I'd remove it.  If it's a blast, I would start out with the obvious nerf of removing the speedloaddy thing (which seems off topic for such a gun).  Nerfs like higher reload or shooting time cripple stuff really fast (and so would bad damages), so I would keep it as-is, unless it looks completely OP, which I can't actually imagine.  In fact, I wouldn't worry too much about it beeing "too good" unless it looks at least as good as a nuclear/laser rifle.  And I don't think anything can be that good :).

All this makes me think of a "gauss rifle/chaingun" ^^  Why ?  Not because I'd like it everywhere (I really don't care much about that perk, shotties are better anyway).  Just because the use could be different from current railgun, and therefore... may actually be useful.  If some chaingun could be as efficient as a plasma rifle (in its way), I might consider them again. (currently, I drop my chaingun once I got one of plasma rifle / chainsaw, and rarely pick one again).

Was that onyx a recent discovery ?  Wielding an AOP red would probably have helped a lot more than this nanofiber.

Discussion / Re: Balancing Assemblies
« on: April 12, 2016, 14:43 »
While your first sentence kinda sums up what I think about assemblies, you could (very easily) have picked a better example :)

Don't understimate the Biggest fucking gun, it's awesome !  Impossible to craft, of course, but still Awesome.

The numbers are pretty good : 2*dices and 2*sides, which means approximately 4* damages, at the exceptionnal rate of only 2.5*cost (call now and save 37.5% !).  Also, it doesn't cripple the weapon's magazine.  It devours a ridiculous quantity of ammo, but a regular BFG still keeps his 2.5 shots ammo supply, which makes it usable (...once crafted).
A nuclear BFG, with an average dmg of 28 skyrockets to 104 once modded. 104 !
A regular BFG is probably even more fun, with 130 average AND 2.5 shots in its battery.

Note that since it also doubles the radius, you can clear a third of the level with one shot, and reasonably assume you'll have enough time for your nuclear (or N modded) gun to recharge before you see a baddy again.
If you choose a non-nuclear BFG and mod it with something else (Which I guess would be B, unless you *really* prefer to add yet another F), you'll need to find some ammo after a shot, that's true.... but on the other hand, it's not supposed to be your main weapon !  It has to be kept for exceptionnal / desesparate situations, in which it works like a charm.

Trust me, one-shoting shamblers can produce a hell of fun (and make fun of hell).  I agree that this thing is quite unnecessary in reaching the goal of completing the game, but honestly, while I always keep one when I can, I merely never use BFG, modded or not, since they already consume too much ammo (and destroy stuff (and covers (and bareels...))).

It works incredibly well as a side weapon to clear huge annoying groups and spiders quickly.
Give it a try ! See attached savefile for afree trial : Biggest funning gun(and register before 15th april to get a free pair of antigrav A-modded phasehift boots, and a stainless steel Butcher's cleaver !)

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: April 10, 2016, 06:28 »
While I don't know how, it seems there's a way.
Maybe going damageless, maybe 100%, maybe... bah, it requires superpowers that mere mortals like us don't have anyway.

New question, about the combat knife ! (seeking Gargulec cross...)

On the alternate fire page, the wiki says :
Throwing ignores attack speed bonuses and always takes 1.0s
=> What does "always" mean. I think there is an "exception" for scouts.  Throwing would not be an attack action, hence not reduced by Finesse, but scout's 10% action speed probably applies, doesn't it ?  Is there any other possible modifier ?

throwing accepts melee-only damage bonuses
=> ok for +toDam, but it looks like +toHit remains the ranged one.  Does it mean that improving knife accuracy would require EE ?  Does A-modding a knife (slightly) help ?  Is it possible to... S-mod a knife ?!

Discussion / Re: Balancing Assemblies
« on: April 08, 2016, 07:04 »
Dodging is not fully useless, of course, it lets you reposition or flee to the stairs, among other things. (I go for 100%, but not everyone does !  And think of AoPc, btw :)
But I don't think it works as intended initially.
Shottyman or gun-kata were probably designed to be used with a more "doomish" playstyle, running fast though monsters, shooting everything as you go (gunrunner-style), while dodging attacks.
With unpredictable attacks and the need to stop for shooting, it can't work :)
about the dodging mechanics :
Someone correct me if necessary, but the "dodging" HR improves is when you actually move, making monsters shoot at your previous position.  "dodge" from running is a malus to enemy's to-hit, which works whether you move or not.
in other words, HR works when you move (eh... normal, right ?), while running protects you even if you stand shooting.  Btw, another exploit is that running also decreases your to-hit... which doesn't affect your shotgun at all :D

Forgot about the 6d3 shotty xD.  Looks like a "funny" idea to me.  See my comment about nano-shrapnel for more details :p
My preferred shotty remains the standard (ideally T2P3).  You should try it, an elephant gun without the unusable reload time is sweet ! (btw, the lack of magazine is rarely an issue, since you always get enough knockback when cornershooting, and I usually have 2 or 3 unused shell boxes for the (really exceptionnal) situations where I would need fast reload.)

@armors : are you aware that nanofiber doesn't cripple movespeed anymore ? It still sucks imo, but I think infinite durabilité must have some cost.  I would only remove the resistance nerf, but would keep the "armor value" nerf.
The reason why you are not pressured about armor durability is always the same : it's because you don't get hit enough :)
I wouldn't buff onyx as it is. Its the game's 2nd useful rare mod :p  I'd rather nerf nano, and improve firestorm so that it gets some use other than Biggest fucking guns (which are sort of vapor-weapon-ware : fantastic, but will never happen :)

Ha, I'm not the only one failing at switching weapons xD.
Too bad :(  While the fact that you had nearly got your mastery is a demonstration in itself, dying just before makes the "gunrunner demo" quite... pointless, I'd say.  I share your pain, it's what one really calls YASD !

Discussion / Re: Call for Uniques/Exotics
« on: April 07, 2016, 12:32 »
I agree with Tormuse on this one, it only seems usable by berserkers to me. (and is probably not even good for them.  a red is better, and zerks should be vampyres anyway)
A stim armor, which gives you.. say +20% action speed with +3 damages and 2 bonus "adrenaline armor" when almost dead could be fun.  Kind of "live fast, die fast" double edged item.

Or make the medical proc only when at 25% health, but heal 50% (or full) at once.  Less fun, but more "medical".
I think there's a lot of cool ideas to exploit (not only about this one).

Discussion / Re: Balancing Assemblies
« on: April 07, 2016, 12:22 »
I fully agree about the positional tactics you mention and its value, but currently, cornershooting is just WAY too easy.
An example of nerf would be the "Hell froze over" levels.  I played a game a few days ago, where I sacrificed an assault shotty into plasmatic, hence ruining my covers (and finally dying to a lack of medkits / armors since every other shell removed my cover, giving barons, spiders and other friends dozens of opportunity to show their superiority).
I did it for the challenge, but hell... I wasn't disappointed !
The problem is that currently, the game is not ready for a removal of this mechanism.  Remembers me when I didn't know about cornershooting... every run we tried ended-up at the wall... (Dlvl 7 IIRC, as of  And we were playing HNTR !

One thing I could imagine, if covers get removed, would be the idea of implementing lost-soul-like projectiles, which take time to reach the player, and can be dodged. (also, monster's attack should be preceded by an animation so that the player can stand-up in the open without too much risks of getting shred in 2 turns).
I really love the way lost sould work since, they force the player to choose between taking some damages or get forced to move, which is something you often would prefer to avoid.  I think the games needs more mechanins forcing the player to choose between plague and cholera, it's something always fun to deal with :)

Other cool constraints include time-limited levels (I *hate* nukes !!!), which both prevent you from perma-waiting, and also encourage you to go for non-100% (I don't see why I would play less than 100% when it has no cost, but gives more xp and stuff).
I Guess this means it should have drawbacks : your precious time, ammo...  also, not giving XP for monsters, and/or creating different kind of areas, not always worth visiting, would make the player more goal-oriented (currently, even a single imp is a goal in itself, since it gives XP.).

Oh, and btw, having to choose between moving and shooting doesn't help promoting "dodging" strategies.  The contradiction is quite obvious : as soon as you encounter an enemy, you can :
A) try to dodge, leaving the baddy unharmed, and still getting some little chance to get hit
B) attack, negating all of your dodge, and making your traits useless, but... at least, after some shots, you'll have shot the bad guy.
You can't rely on your dodge if you need to stop and stand still everytime there's an enemy.  I know I simplified the problem (dodging mancubi, or dodging between bareels can be more effective than what my A) pretends), but the issue remains : choosing A) will most of the time lead you nowhere, and you'll have to choose B) soon or later, making the dodging just an uneeded way of taking some extra damages.

Also, I think monster's chance to miss is currently too high without skills, and skills don't help the way they would need to.  You don't need HR to just start "running" and shotgun-to-death an enemy with your 100% accuracy while your "running" tactic makes him miss 2/3 of his attacks, despite the fact you're not actually moving.

Discussion / Re: Balancing Assemblies
« on: April 05, 2016, 03:04 »
@Tormuse :
I'm glad to see my pov doesn't seem too much subjective after all, but yeah, some items can clearly be useful

#Micro Launcher
You seem right, I should not have rated it "useless", I guess it may have (real) uses.
But I really feel it eats too much rockets.  Used it a few times, and got serious problems with it.  Maybe you're right about the accuracy efficiency (I'll try to replace my Tac RL with that for shambler's head... and see if it works.  Still, I'm afraid I'll ruin my -often short at the time- rocket supply.)
I agree a damage buff is probably not the best (not roleplay...), but maybe it could get a clip size of 2, refillable with 1 single rocket ?  Bah, dunno well.  The accurracy buff seems quite weak compared to the drawbacks to me.  Gotta retry it for Shambly, though. (and get Pwned if I get Lab instead of HA:)

#High power weapon
Do you ever craft one ? :p  I doubt one extra side is worth losing 1/3 ammo and blocking other mod slots. I think the only ones I crafted were pistols, to get rid of demons in early AoMr.

#Grappling boots :
Those ones shall get a melee damage buff and get renamed into "Tormuse boots" :D

#Burst cannon :
Do you use this with MAc ?  Looks like it eats ammo pretty fast (which means wasting 2 more shots for every former), and I don't feel like it's of any real use in most cases.  I don't pick TH for the same reason (SOB seems much more relevant to me), since once you're behind your corner, you don't have to worry too much about your DPS as long as it's high enough.
The numbers don't seem too bad with EE to back-it up, but I can't really imagine a scenario where I would "need" this.

#Gunrunner :
I don't doubt it can be used, and it's one of the master-traits which brings a real upgrade to the player, but blocking SOB is violent, and blocking Whizkid is frustrating.  I agree this "could be OP" (...not as much as MVm or MAc, imo), but the first thing I want to do with such a mastery is crafting a nanomachic missile launcher and run through monsters, wrecking chaotic havoc.
Currently, I can't.  Nor can I craft an hyperblaster, or whatever funny I'd like to... :'(

I love the idea, and the gunrunning aspect fits my playstyle well, but it's not enough "cornershooting-compliant" with the current game.
I find it very frustrating to have to weaken your char in early by picking weak traits, and then be capped without WK or SOB.
Also, not choosing your targets while running looks like a lack of crontrol to me : placing shooty blasts or rockets with precision is a part of the tactics/strategy which I guess I would miss... if I managed to get one of those wimpy chars to lvl 6, which I doubt I ever did (they probably all got a Darwin's award very quickly... kind of natural selection :p).
And (icing on the cake), having to run for it to work looks like "Yet another constricting nerf".  I can understand it, but this means my mastery won't be usable, or will quickly cost me a lot of kits if I fall in levels without powerups (while my inventory shall be dedicated to more ammo since I lack SOB.)

I'm sure the "running turret" mode can be fun once enabled, but in the current game, it looks too weak to me.
A bit like "Bullet dance" : sure you can play and win a game with it (Look at my recent "MBD conqueror !"), but... well, I'm not sure it's the easiest way to go.
Btw, feel free to record a gundancing demo if you enjoy it, I'll be your first viewer ^^

Discussion / Re: Balancing Assemblies
« on: April 03, 2016, 08:54 »
Bah, as long as the game doesn't use such an exploitable mechanic as its corner stone, I guess it still can be interesting (And I'm quite confident that you'll come up with something nice).
To give an example where turn-based "is better", turning Blood bowl into a real-time game is an Idea I never liked (and the result was terrible).

One of the things I would worry the most about is balance, since it's freaking hard to find the good compromise, and the whole DoomRL thing, while very good, has some issues about OP melee, nano, dual-angels combos... (which is quite by design, since those are the result of your way of "chaos forging" things, and see what happens).

That's why I say, about exotics/uniques, that I would expect a "clean-up" more than "new stuff".  Putting new stuff in seems pointless to me if we don't try to understand why current ones are unused, and try to fix what needs to be.
The same could apply to traits and masteries, many weapons, fire skull, F-mod, and so on, but all in all...  DoomRL remains a great game, despite all useless stuff and masteries.  I'm just trying to make it (or JH) even better.

Now that I know games like DoomRL, I can't play old-school ones like Hengband : Too much crappy stuff, random things, grind, exploits...
I'd love JH to make me definitely stop playing doomRL (well, I doubt I would : shootgunning hordes of demons is too sweet, and I love that caco death sound), but if JH is deeper, harder, less repetitive... it might be what happens.
I can mainly wait and see anyway, but I have to bring what I can to the edifice.

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