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Discussion / Re: Shotgun thread
« on: February 19, 2013, 14:42 »
I suggest MAD as the technicians mastery.

Btw, this might be a completely stupid idea, especially since I think I played MAD only once, on a 23 minutes run. But my main reason is that I don't understand why MAD denies WK. I'm pretty sure this is a collateral damage, and the finess block was just here to block... finess (and maybe juggler, which seems to be an insane skill).
This is also why I never use this mastery.

If it becomes techies's shotty mastery, it will enable focused double shotty and modded assemblies for MAD (plus, nano-crapnel, very useful when you already pierce armors :p)
The only remaning questions would be : what stat to replace Marine's shoty mastery & where to put fireAngel.

I got an idea for fireangel, but it involves adding a Demolition class, which would be quite off topic.
  • For curious ones :
    Spoiler (click to show/hide)

So, to stay in topic... what do you think of moving MAD to the techies ?

I tought cerberus armor ms malus was always -30%... let me guess, it's *original* -30% ?

I'll have to try it now :D  I love cerberi toys, but the ms malus is soooo annoying.

Also, I probably never saw an armor under -30% (put gothic aside :p) is it capped, or do I just not pay enough attention ? I remember making cerberus with red and blue armors (a long time ago... when I was young and inexerimented :p), and I think the ms was only -30%

Discussion / Re: Mini-guide to enemies
« on: February 17, 2013, 16:35 »
Have you considered contributing to the DoomRL Wiki?

The only point I don't fully agree with is the revenant's weakness.
Imo, they have good damages, and the 100% accuracy is really annoying. Explosive damages means item/barrels destruction & knockback. Also, in open terrain (e.g. Suddenly monsters come from everywhere), their medium HP makes them annoying to dispose of.
I consider they are roughly as dangerous as arch-viles. Maybe even more dangerous (but less annoying)

Glad to learn I helped :)

Too bad you didn't had your nanomachic ML for mortuary, it's the funniest  part !
I tought clearing the lava pits without moving from the starting platform could be cool too, but alas, it doesn't work : shots have some max range, like 40 or 50 squares :(

Discussion / Re: Demolition ammo are useless?
« on: February 13, 2013, 12:45 »
To be honest i think that most of assemblies are quite useless
I completely agree, and think many experimented players would, too.

My groups are the following (damn, I wish I kept it short -.-) :

[Must have]
  Tactical boots (usually, A-modded)

[Usually assembled]
  Hyperblaster Saves time and ammo. just awesome...
  Tactical armor (usually, A-modded too, btw)
  Nanomachic missile launcher Without any doubts my favourite for nano mods ! I'm sure boots are great, but I already have tacs, and may always hope for phaseshift, anyway)
  Cerberus armor Preferably, on a gothic/duelist armor or ballistic vest.   assembled doens't implies worn

[Rarely assembled]
  Piercing chainsaw, since killing angel of death with non-modded throwing knives is quite boring (and is just ridiculous... I hope that guy has been reworked in :/ )
  Tactical shotgun Very cool, but not necessary. (and I always use shotgun. a lot)
  Cerberus boots For lava pits...
  Power armor Simple and efficient
  Biggest fucking gun Not that useful, but so much fun :)   And I don't see any real use for F mods, anyway. I usually prefer something else on my hyperblaster.

[Nice but useless]
  Tactical rocket launcher Most of the time worse than the (insane) missile launcher
  Gatling gun Bullets suck... excellent chaingun, tough. But still a chaingun.
  Environemental boots Rather good... but not enough for lava pits, and useless elsewhere.
  Elephant gun Really damaging, and great knockback, but ridiculously high reload time. Too dangerous for me, even with shottyman. Not worth 2 P-mods, imo.
  Energy gun I would need Fin2 to have the necessary WK. Probably useful for sharpshooters, tough. I guess I'll move it to rarely assembled once I played one :)
  Storm bolter Probably good with an ammo box, which somehow means sharpshooter, again, for me, but I prefer speedloaders so much... I'm sure it's a rather good assembly, tough.
  Assault rifle Waste of A mods...
  Burst cannon I don't like playing AoMC, wasting ammo, or picking to much EE
  All melee assemblies outside piercing chainsaw (or knife ? but the angel could be killed with a blunt throwing spoon... so, why waste mods in it ?)
  About all other assemblies, either too weak compared to normal modded weapons, too expensive, or too restrictive, like stupid cursed armors.

[Special mentions]
  Nano-shrapnel (a huge ROFL at losing 5 damages dices at the cost of a nano mod :)  The only time I made one, I finished the game using other weapons, since it wasn't even capable of killing formers...
  Nanofiber armor Ruins movespeed AND protection at the same time, at the cost of cool mods O_o
  Ripper The only time I assembled one, I got a spear before getting the necessary mods. Also, I lost damages compared to my non-modded chainsaw, since I didn't have enough levels in brute, and ripper's accuracy is laughable. It might be better than a chainsaw for a real melee build, but costs so much for so little benefits...

Discussion / Re: Demolition ammo are useless?
« on: February 13, 2013, 03:28 »
Also, I think fire damages are better than bullet ones, since some monsters (at least, revenants) have a bullet resistance.

Tough, after trying a demo ammo minigun once, I've been trongly disappointed  : it seems good only for collateral damages :/
This was on my 1st AO100, HNTR, and my minigun slept in my inventory a long time, I never really used it. Finally, I dumped it, since I had a S2B2N1 laser rifle, which was a little more efficient...

So, outside of challenges, I can't see any use for this. (I think gibbing corpses is easier on doors or in fluids than with a crappy weapon)

Releases / Re: The Inferno Module
« on: February 05, 2013, 05:32 »
Just started playing this mod, and I must say... Great work here !
Here are the first suggestions which came to my mind (EDIT : I'm really incapable of keeping a feedback short... bah, doesn't seem like a drawback to me) :

Mod promotion :
I just found that mod randomly a few days ago, when looking at the last discussed topics, which is quite sad.
I already heard about it (and it looked appetizing), in one of the GameHunter's videos, but I tought it wasn's graphic, and didn't exist for, so I forgot about it.
I'm sure I didn't look enough, but a "variants" section of DoomRL (like for Angband, e.g., in the wiki, would help a lot finding popular mods.
I know "product promotion" isn't what roguelike players value the most, and I usually hate it too, but seriousely... it's too sad that I ignored doomRL (and now, inferno) for so much time ! The more players we have, the faster and the better the game will improve ! Such awesome things shouldn't stay hidden in a lost forum on a lost website :(

Ennemies :
Great enemies added here ! Well, spectres's implementation seems quite hacky, but it's still excellent. All new monsters are annoying, even if I think that hydras & alchys are quite weak, so it's really great. Also, it's good to have a new source of shells in deep levels :)
What about adding the rocket and BFG formers ? (and I'm not kidding ! But BFG guys would have to be very rare, of course. As rare as a BFG itself, I guess. I'm sure they would be a cool replacement for the standing-on-the-floor BFG, just avoid summoning them as level reward ^^)

Starting gear :
Make something so that the shotgun start is of some use... maybe add a 50 ammo shell box instead of the shells... which would somehow balance for the lack of 2nd medkit, or remove boots & knife instead of the kit. Currently, finding a shotgun after the first room is really ridiculous :(
Also, I think the starting choice should have some influence on the game. I tought to specials levels, like blood temple (which could be replaced if you don't choose the melee layout, for example), but simple RNG tweaking depending on the starting choice could be cool. e.g. find a few more medkits & armors in melee build, and have the chainsaw returned as a random drop, or ensure the presence of blood temple. The shotty build could lower the depth level of all shotguns, and make shotguns monsters or ammo a little more present (I really think those tweaks should be as light as possible, just some quite imperceptible percents, so that we stay far for gamebreaking changes, but I think they would be cool)

Btw, feel free to add the gun & chaingun starting build... and why not one focused on plasma or nuclear weapons ? (no, I don't think of giving a plasma gun at start). I rather tought about tweaking the RNG to make plasma weapons little more common, and add a few more commandos or arachnotrons among enemies (hey, I wouldn't give such a sweet guns for free !), is worth sacrificing some starting gear, be it one medkit, or the boots & knife... in fact, you might even start with an energy gun, but I guess this would be insanely overpowered, since people wouldn't be forced to trash it, and it's not the purpose of this build.
A "whizkid" start could be cool too, with several mods at start, and an increased drop rate of mods (I miss rare mods so much :(  ) Once again, it has to be balanced, so that people don't always pick it, but I think that something like a 15% more mods drops could be interresting without beeing gamebreaking. Btw, some shamblers might appear in levels, to remind you that everything has its costs :p

Levers :
-Add a rare-mod depot lever
-Make negative levers significantly more frequent, since it's now quite rare to find dangerous one :(   Maybe, create some new levers, like one which starts filling the level with lava/acid, or one putting an armed nuke, filling the air with toxic gas, summon a cybie... (I somehow miss that guy :)
Well, seems some of thoses should be reserved for the highest depth, but my suggestion list isn't exhaustive, and reducing good lever's frequency could be an other interresting option to keep levers  dangerous... now, I'm not even sure there's a dangerous lever remaining : monsters summon is often easy to dispose of, and even the once dreaded acid/lava fillers wont kill you anymore with an aegis :(

Secrets :
I read about secrets in this topic... and must say that I found my first secret at the 3rd wall I tried to open... very doomish.
Tough, I think some clue should be left to players, so that they know about secrets (whose secrecy is really relative, anyway). If I didn't read this thread, I would never have looked for it by myself...
So, I suggest something like a "Secrets : 0/4" display in the mortem, to give players an idea of the number of secrets they missed, and the place where they could be. Eh, it's the way it worked in Doom after all...

Spoilers :
-I didn't even read the changelog before trying the mod : wanted to discover it. But now, I did, and all I learnt is that BFG & chainsaw don't drop anymore.
-I don't want to download & open the sources for this, really... but could you, please, add spoilers with details about what you added in the game ?
-I think the new items descriptions are good, since none left me really wondering what they could do, but I'd like a little more information on some technical points (I guess I'm a curious guy), like new monster's resistances, damages & stats, know if hydras have a limited number of spawns, and so.
Also, the new assemblies are quire frustrating : The exoskeleton, which seemed to be a melee damage improvement ("You feel much stronger"), seems to be a really protective armor, but what does the scout armor do, + to accuracy ? Are the new boots of any use ? I'd think so, but I can't imagine useful boots if they don't provide something else than speed or resistance, and I didn't see my resistances improve.

Overall game improvements :
-Choosing starting gear is an excellent idea, dig it please !
-Improved vaults, shambly vault, cool basements, improved caves... well, I already said that mod is awesome, right ?
-Does really invisibility globe count as a powerup ? Does it really have the +50% duration for marines ? It always feels too short (and often useless) for me :(   I love the idea, tough. Also, I think it should restore fatigue.
-Why does the hellfire-pack not improve weapon magazines ? Seems it improved dices, sides, and shooting speed... why not add it some A and B capabilities ? it's design to finish the job anyway, I don't think it would make it much more imbalanced :) (When I see how insane a 3d5 hyperblaster is, I can't imagine what super shotgun could be created... 13d6*2 ? with P3H2 ? Oh my... I need to create that !
-Could you add the regular level clearing time in the mortem please ?

Difficulty improvement :
-I died in ITYTD, nice work !
-I't good not to find a missile launcher, a backpack, nuclear weapons and BFGS on every game. Random rewards are so much more roguelike-ish !
-A lot of ammo... probably way too much.
-Maybe too much mods too. Err... wait, I love them... don't remove any, pleaaaaase xD    Dunno if it's good that way, but I somehow think whizkid (which I always take, anyway), becomes too much valuable.
-Maybe not enough lava in the "3rd episode" levels ? (I didn't visit thoses much yet, might be wrong). Anyway, I hate acid&lava, the same way I hate lacking of ammo. That precisely why I should be drowning in boiling acid, looking desesperately for ammo !
-Interresting new ennemies
-Too much good new levers, definitely. They are insanely cool, but in doomRL, I used to hesitate before pulling them (Well, I often didn't dare). Here, I always pull them.
-I read in the changelog that you added F to the super shotgun -> if it's for a single shoot option, I think the DoomRL superSG was designed to be more powerful, but less flexible than the double shitty. The same way missile launcher doesn't allow rocket jumps :'(   I'm not sure buffing such a powerful weapon is the best possible idea.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
-I think a BIG mistake in doomRL is to give more XP on UV than on ITYTD... once you got enough levels, you're nearly invincible, no matter the difficulty. So, why not add a big exp boost to newbie difficulties, so that you gain levels earlier, and nerf exp gain (instead of putting hell knight on floor 2) in harder difficulties ? This would probably change the game a lot, but I'm not sure hordes of monsters are the biggest challenge you can get.
Cornershooting owns most monsters anyway, and shotgun disposes of any masses in a few rounds (<- pun here). Also, once you get some SoB, reloader, or other cool skills, completing the game becomes quite easy.
I'm sure this idea alone would be worth creating a discussion topic about "vanilla" doomRL. Don't you ?

308 / Re: [U|AoMr|100%|YAAM] Marksman Platinum
« on: January 31, 2013, 12:31 »
Well, to get his head on AoMr you have to remember that unique pistols have pretty bad reload time.
On a MSs run, I guess this isn't a problem, since there's an ammo box in hell's armory.

I see three possibilities to improve this, 2 nerfs, and one (interface) improvement:

-1- Disallow customizing.
I considered quick swap is a sort of "buff" to basic weapons. e.g., to give you a reason to keep a RL once you got the missile launcher (which is, imo, insanely imbalanced. especially once nanomachic xD). In fact, I see it as the same reason why you can't rocketjump with a missile launcher : a simple nerf, for an exceptionnal weapon.

-2- Allow a number of quick-swappable weapons (e.g. 10), but not EVERY weapon to be instantly accessible at the same time...
I think this is annoying to implement, since the list would have to be specific for every game, and would have to be customised/saved... bah, annoying to use, I guess.

-3- Just make every swap instant, without having to bother with those BS quick keys
Btw, if this isn't considered an overpowered skill, this sounds like the obvious way to improve it. I rarely picked up this skill, but something tells me it's probably one of the most insanes you can get... even more than my beloved Fin3.

Anyway, I know I can play without it, it's what I do most of the time, but I ***HATE*** losing efficiency just because of a lousy interface, and that's why this particular point really bugs me.

Do you mean that every weapon could be bound to a specific key, so that you never use any time switching ? (well, you still need juggler...)

If it's the way it works, this seems completely senseless to me, and should either be nerfed, or changed so that any weapon switch takes a quick-switch time...
I already hated the quick-switch system, since it's less intuitive that picking item in inventory, and should, from my point of view, automatically be used when picking a "basic" weapon, but now... it looks even worse :(
I don't want to have to set 20 bindings -.-

"Cherry on the cake" sounds quite frenchy to me

A bit like writing "potato" with an 'e' :p

312 / Re: [U|AoMr|99%|YASD] dual reload killed me..
« on: January 07, 2013, 12:50 »
Agree, I never use it, for this reason, and prefer using the free switch between guns to reload both guns separately.

I think when you have those two guns, you should never reload in front of a boss... just run beyond a corner :p
Oh, and btw, you had a P-modded blue armor. did you forget to wear it ? I don't think the few % of speed would have changed much, but the 20% plasma resistance could have.

Was your ballistic vest intended to protect you from bullets or melee damages ?

I lost one of my first AoMr to the mastermind, using an assembled ballistic ballistic vest.
After what the wiki explained me that the mastermind, with his chaingun, does... plasma damages.

This is insane... add me on the list of doomguys asking for records, it would be so nice !
I wouldn't have been surprised so much by a damageless run, if only it wasnt in 54 minutes (and conqueror O_o).
(54*60 + 26) / (25 + 11) = 90,7222222 seconds per level, for damageless YAAM ? Even with an unlimited ammo plasma gun, it's really awesome.

I quickly got pissed off by large med-waste, and the alternative I found was to remove the "use item" binding on the "u" key. It won't prevent pressing I+something, but personally, I don't make mistakes anymore (since the U key is still necessary, for levers only, I put it on Shift+U.)
Well, I say I don't make mistakes anymore... I sometime forget to disable my mouse (by hardare), and die because I shot a wall instead of a Baron or Arena master (thanks to surprise-mouse-aiming), but this is another story. Still, I took good habits after the lost of my 2 or 3 first promising chars in UV. Too bad my mortems don't show killed by his mouse :p
The only mistakes I can't completely get rid of are due to animation's speed (playing graphic version), and since the only workaround I see is playing the console version... well, I'll just keep dying :) ... :/ ... :'(

Bug Reports / Re: Out of ammo formers going infinite loops
« on: December 02, 2012, 12:22 »
Indeed, tried it once, I think I didn't take a single hit.
But the whole point was to have a cyberdemon chickening out once out of ammo ! Well, maybe he used to charge you instead ? I'm sure it could still be fun with some tactical stuff, e.g., for knife throwing target practice :p.

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