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Bug Reports / Re: Out of ammo formers going infinite loops
« on: December 02, 2012, 08:51 »
Cybie running out of ammo ? Dodgemaster build must had been quite cool in thoses times... If only I discovered doomRL before
(well, in fact, I would'nt have bothered trying it, ascii is too much for me. I waited something like 10 or years  before trying Angband, just because I wouldn't play it as ascii...)

Discussion / Re: Need expert help with the (un)chained court.
« on: December 02, 2012, 06:44 »
Hi folks,
I was entering the (un)chained courts with my UV marksman (after some hesitation) and tought back about this topic...

Since CC+ are already a pain with RL and chainsaw, how am I supposed to deal with, when playing a stupid AOMr scout ?
Seems my only option to gib the barons is to lure them in the start room, probably using giftdropping. Considering the 4 doors of the room and the time it will take (which could bring the AM to me), it still sounds like a crazy strategy... (as was the choice to enter the CC, I guess)
Btw, there's a lot of other tough problems to solve, since I can't gib the captains either, the zerks duration is way shorter than with a marine, and my firepower & hp are quite low.
My odds of making it seem ridiculously low to me, but I hate skipping levels so much I'd prefer finding a way to -at least- have a decent chance to survive. I guess 50% could be enough for me in such a case, but I wonder if such a treshold is possible to reach...

I think it is for you, so, would you be kind enough to give me some advices ? (including "just skip it" ;)

About my build.. I'm trying to go for MCE, Starting with SoG->SoG->DG->SoG->SoB (next are supposed to be ->SoB->Int[->Int2]->TH->MCE[->Int2]->??? with some Iro probably filling the ???, will depend on what I think I need at this point.... once I manage to reach it.

To give you a rough idea of my skill level :
Won once on UV
Won AoI/AoB/AoLt/Ao100 & AoCn on HMP. Outside of AoHu/AoMs/AoP, most seem quite easy to me by now.
Won all challenges on HNTR (except AoHu, tried yesterday... died after Cybie to a commando which opened a door + walked in + one-shot me trough cerberus armor... didn't understand how, since he moves at 100% and waiting is supposed to "take exactely 1 sec", from what I read, but anyway, completion is only a few tries away)

Bug Reports / Out of ammo formers going infinite loops
« on: December 01, 2012, 14:32 »
EDIT : Maybe, the sticky posts should suggest to broaden the search using the search bar ? I read the known bug topic and two pages of forum before posting, but after having the genius idea to use search, I still feel like a moron :p

Not the first time I get this, and seems fairly easy to reproduce.

In phobos base entry, I sometimes hide behind a tree, so that a former wastes all his ammo shooting at it.
Once out of bullets, he just runs away, and discovers the "There's no escape, just stand and fight like a man !" signs bordering the level.
At that point, sometimes, it enters an infinite loop (which the game already handles, but the error is here).

So, to reproduce, just start a new ITYTD game, wait for the first former to empty his gun on you, and let him run. (Just re-tested, and reproduced at first try)
Btw, here's the logged error :

Timestamp   : 01/12/2012 21:07:44
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnAction caught ELuaStateException!

Call path     : beings[former].OnAction
Call params   : ()
Error message : Lua error : lua\core.lua:960: AI : former_ai entered infinite loop!

Discussion / Re: N! Hell's Arena
« on: November 27, 2012, 10:11 »
I'm not pro, but I recently tried (successfully !) my 1st N! Hell's Arena. I also pulled the last demons on the stairs to prevent their resurrections :D

I guess stacking + cacos + stairs is more than enough to beat the arena. (but I wouldn't aim for the hell's arena pwnage medal, yet)

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