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General Discussion / Best place for giving feedbacks ?
« on: December 12, 2019, 04:30 »
I'd have thought it's the "Dev" forum, here on ChaosForge, but it looks a bit lethargic.
(I'd love an all-members-accessible tracker, like  Not hoping for it, but can't resist throwing the idea)

So, shall I post here, in the general ?  Or rather on <Erk> Steam </Erk> forums ?

Here are some appetizers "requestions" & suggestions, about little things I miss sooooooo much @v0.85 :

  • Can't use from the ground yet ?  You put a lot in improving the gameplay fluidity, but this one doesn't seem heavy to implement, and brings a lot. (Especially with current absence of inventory shortcuts or keybindings.lua to add custom binds, which needs many keypresses for basic things like using a medkit).
    One of the best improvement between DoomRL and imo, really)
  • An actions log, please !
    Even a raw one, with things like "R inflicted 18 impact to @" would be better than the current void.
    I'm often wondering what just happened, what did I kill, what did I just grab, etc...  this would really help. (and so would, having the last actions text-described in the upper left.)
  • Why no ability to "run" ? (read "move in a direction until something is encountered").  Playing slow bores me, but spamming move keys often turns in getting "ambushed" and reacting too late.  I can't think of any obstacle to implementing this.  Is there any ?
  • Why is there no "look" command ? We have a targeting cursor and a function to display infos about the item we stand on. Easy to add, wouldn't it ?
  • Add some more drops & powerups please !  I'm sure this is planned, of course, but such contents greatly contribute to the gameplay dynamic.
    Even simple things, like little health/armor bonuses, or ammo, would incite the player to priorize or skip areas, and influence the gameflow a lot.

Subsidiary question : are the absence of powerups or run command linked in any way with the 3D render ?

Just an idea, but thinking again about what I was writing about assemblies / exotic / uniques :
In DoomRL, you don't make your choices gradually, depending on the stuff you find / enemies you face / kind of area you explore

An interesting example is the "sectors" you explore in FTL.  You can choose between this civilian one, pretty calm, or that rock sector, filled with agressive brutes in an hostile environnement.  Or between this peaceful engi sector, or the Mantis hive... or a dark slug nebula.
There is two interesting points here.
  • First, you can choose what suits the best your current situation ("my ship is crippled, I'll choose the peaceful route" VS "I'm ready to farm, send me the bad guys !")
  • Second, when you start the game (and everytime you enter a new sector), you see the global map, which gives you a (very basic, yet existing) overview of the whole map, with green / red / purple sectors (roughly like peaceful / agressive / treacherous places).

I can imagine putting this into DoomRL or JH. Here are a few crude examples which, in term of gameplay, seem relevant to me
  • Putting several stairs types in some / most / all levels.  This wouldn't even need to create new level types, this could just give you some hints about what you may find : melee pits, arachnotron cave, few rooms lost in the middle of lava, maze...
    If you put this (let's say, in current DoomRL version), it will make the game easier, since it will give the player more control over what it will have to face (e.g. : I choose an alarm level rather than an arachnotron cave, or I prefer a level with a nuke to a maze).
    Btw, the cool part is not making the game easier. It's that once the player got this new advantage, it can be offset with new difficulties !  More dangerous levels, even more deadly caves, or mazes, or time-limited levels (nukes are fine, but IIRC, lava/acid ones aren't dangerous at all, except for the new Halls of carnage --remember how pityful were the old ones ? Sluggish lava, free supercharges... errrk!-- :)

    The idea here is not to tell the player that some stairs leads to a cave with 13 demons, 48 acid titles and 19 covers, of course, but rather choosing between some "kind of levels".  time limited, fire blasted, more calm but unrewarding...
    concrete example : a chance to get both paired levels stairs could be a start.  Problem is, when the pair is "the wall" vs "Containment Area", I wonder what would make me choose the Area
  • Giving the player information like FTL's global map.  In DoomRL, for example, I always hope I'll get Hell's armory, since Shambler's head is usually harder to get in DL.
    Knowing whether you'll get Spider's lair or Halls of carnage could make a difference.  It currently wouldn't make a big one, since most paired levels don't have much difference.  But what would it be if you knew, when starting the game, what exotic you'll find in Hell's armory, what unique will be in the vaults ? What decisive items may be found ?  Suppose the list of all uniques and exotics generated is displayed when you start the game.  It would change your way of playing, wouldn't it ?  Now, if some items (lets say melee weapons), have more chances to appear in melee caves, or if better exotics appear more often in dangerous places (alarm level, maze, etc.), you might try to explore thoses places to find this NecroArmour, or nuclear laser rifle advertised a few levels earlier.

Without getting into complete information (Of course, giving full items list would be too much, and lose a lot of the thrill produced by random levels generation and its exploration), I think it would be interesting to know some informations at the start of the game, or of the episode.
Examples could be knowing which rare mod lurks in HA, or the kind of armory it is (Slaughterhouse, with lots of demons and N! demons, and good melee weapons, gunshop, guarded by a horde of formers, but with 2 exotic pistols and 2 ammo boxes, Explosives area, with a missile launcher and shockwave packs ?, etc.).
Depending on the number of parameters, and the control / information the player has over it, some may even be chosen at start, like the class/traits.  In Civilization, you can choose the age / land masses and other parameters of your world.  In doomRl, you could choose which area of the complex you are gonna explore.  It's what you do in AlienRL, IIRC (I did only sacrifice a few chars to it, since I can't play ascii, but I loved the idea of different towers, with more ammo / medkits / whatever).

I'm throwing it as-is, because I'm more interested in the game-design aspect than "requesting something precise for next doomRL version, or JH".
Thinking about it, I think it's really a good game mechanic, which deserves some reflexion, and would need only some polishing to make it into the game.

Hi, gamers !

We released a new game with mates yesterday. Not any link with doom, but we worked hard to have a polished gameplay and a high difficulty (skill levels are still in beta and should be released very soon, including a not-even-remotly-fair hard mode ;)).
The concept is simple to understand, yet tricky to master : you play both Tetris and Breakout at the same time, and have to break the bricks containing the shapes you need to fill your lines without missing the ball.
Not intended for casual players, hence, my post on this forum.

By the way, your score will depend not only on your survival ability, but also on your capacity to score combos destroying many bricks, or filling as much lines as you can at once. Planning and strategy have their place here.

Hope you enjoy !
Any feedback will be much appreciated. (and so would be sharing with interrested people or communities, since real gamers are quite hard to find by our days)

here's how it looks like :

So, I decided to play some more N! runs.
My last attemp stopped at the anomaly, where I tried to survive the ambush from the starting room, to see what happens... well, it kinda shortened the run.

Nothing much different from my previous (and 1st) win here, except that I replaced MCe with Ber, so that I could pwn UC without spending 2 hours.
Crafting a piercing throwing knife is probably another alternative, but I guess I should just learn to abuse of AoD's double moves...

Also, I got extremely lucky in hell's armory, and got a nano. I wondered if modding a plasma rifle or a RL was better, so I decided to try a napalm launcher. Don't tell me it was stupid, I know it :D
I just wanted to try it, tought it would be awesome, and I must say... it IS !

Well, I'm sure any other good weapon would have been a better choice, but lava is so fun ! I just couldn't resist to a 7d7 for 0.8s +10 accuracy weapon, and didn't have 4 spare slots to wait for one of the ML.
This delayed my cerberus suit a lot, since I rushed boots instead (I didn't plan wearing it, anyway, made most of the run with A modded red), but transforming the mortuary into Limbo is priceless.
I also sunk mount Erebus under my own lava, and torn apart most late levels. My most valuable bonus was the area map, which let me crush the level without risking to destroy stuff.

Since my initial goal was to kick some apostle's ass, I can say this run is a failure. Not a complete one, of course, but still. I hesitated to suicide, and chose to continue only to see how it goes.
I had a very nice start, with 2 caco vaults at dlvl2, and even got SoB2 before the arena (plus a loaded RL, which made it a little quicker). Too bad I still managed to fail :/

At least, this time, I didn't nuke the mortuary, and got a reaper badge this char definitely deserved !

 DoomRL ( roguelike post-mortem character dump

 Derek Yu, level 18 Cyberdemon Marshal Scout,
 nuked the Mastermind at the Hell Fortress.
 He survived 1147321 turns and scored 1069867 points.
 He played for 7 hours, 3 minutes and 25 seconds.
 He opposed the Nightmare!

 He killed 2527 out of 2527 hellspawn. (100%)
 This ass-kicking marine killed all of them!

-- Special levels --------------------------------------------

  Levels generated : 11
  Levels visited   : 11
  Levels completed : 11

-- Awards ----------------------------------------------------

  Medal of Prejudice
  UAC Star (gold cluster)
  Aurora Medallion
  Conqueror Badge
  Grim Reaper's Badge
  Hell Armorer Badge
  Hell Champion Medal
  Reaper Platinum Badge

-- Graveyard -------------------------------------------------


-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Health 52/50   Experience 176578/18
  ToHit Ranged +0  ToHit Melee +4  ToDmg Ranged +4  ToDmg Melee +10

-- Traits ----------------------------------------------------

  Class : Scout

    Finesse          (Level 3)
    Hellrunner       (Level 3)
    Son of a bitch   (Level 4)
    Brute            (Level 2)
    Juggler          (Level 1)
    Berserker        (Level 1)
    Intuition        (Level 2)
    Whizkid          (Level 2)


-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

    [a] [ Armor      ]   Angelic Armor [7/7] (95%)
    [b] [ Weapon     ]   nanomachic napalm launcher (7d7) (T1)
    [c] [ Boots      ]   tactical boots [0/0] (100%) (A)
    [d] [ Prepared   ]   Azrael's Scythe (9d9)

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

    [a] tactical rocket launcher (6d6) [5/5]
    [b] plasma rifle (1d7)x6 [40/40] (A1T1)
    [c] BFG 9000 (12d6) [130/130] (B1P2T1)
    [d] Jackhammer (8d3)x3 [9/9]
    [e] cerberus green armor [2/2] (100%) (P)
    [f] rocket (x14)
    [g] power cell (x70)
    [h] power cell (x70)
    [i] power cell (x70)
    [j] power cell (x70)
    [k] large med-pack
    [l] large med-pack
    [m] large med-pack
    [n] large med-pack
    [o] large med-pack
    [p] homing phase device
    [q] envirosuit pack
    [r] cerberus plasteel boots [0/0] (100%) (A)
    [s] shell box (x100)
    [t] power battery (x120)

-- Resistances -----------------------------------------------

    Bullet     - internal 60%   torso 95%   feet 60% 
    Melee      - internal 60%   torso 95%   feet 60% 
    Shrapnel   - internal 60%   torso 95%   feet 60% 
    Acid       - internal 60%   torso 60%   feet 60% 
    Fire       - internal 60%   torso 60%   feet 60% 
    Plasma     - internal 60%   torso 60%   feet 60% 

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

    285 former humans
    371 former sergeants
    133 former captains
    268 imps
    181 demons
    578 lost souls
    143 cacodemons
    45 hell knights
    116 barons of hell
    89 arachnotrons
    57 former commandos
    51 pain elementals
    49 revenants
    43 mancubi
    47 arch-viles
    14 nightmare imps
    5 nightmare cacodemons
    42 nightmare demons
    2 bruiser brothers
    1 shambler
    1 lava elemental
    1 agony elemental
    1 Angel of Death
    1 Cyberdemon
    1 Spider Mastermind
    1 John Carmack
    1 Arena Master

-- History ---------------------------------------------------

  He started his journey on the surface of Phobos.
  On level 2 he entered Hell's Arena.
  He left the Arena as a champion!
  On level 5 he stormed the Chained Court.
  On level 5 he found the Arena Master's Staff!
  He defeated the Hell Arena Master!
  On level 7 he sneaked into the Phobos Lab.
  He broke through the lab.
  On level 8 he encountered the Phobos Anomaly.
  On level 9 he assembled a tactical boots!
  On level 9 he entered Hell's Armory.
  On level 9 he assembled a nanomanufacture ammo!
  He destroyed the evil within and reaped the rewards!
  On level 10 he assembled a gatling gun!
  On level 11 he witnessed the Wall.
  He massacred the evil behind the Wall!
  On level 12 he assembled a cerberus boots!
  On level 12 he found the City of Skulls.
  He wiped out the City of Skulls.
  On level 14 he assembled a piercing blade!
  On level 14 he ventured into the Spider's Lair.
  He cleared the Lair, kickin' serious spider ass!
  On level 16 he found the Tower of Babel!
  On level 17 he assembled a cerberus armor!
  On level 17 he invaded the Unholy Cathedral!
  On level 17 he found the Azrael's Scythe!
  He then destroyed the Unholy Cathedral!
  On level 19 he entered the Vaults.
  On level 19 he found the Jackhammer!
  He cracked the Vaults and cleared them out!
  On level 20 he was foolish enough to enter the Mortuary!
  On level 20 he found the Angelic Armor!
  He managed to clear the Mortuary from evil!
  On level 21 he assembled a tactical rocket launcher!
  On level 22 he arrived at Mt. Erebus.
  He managed to raise Mt. Erebus completely!
  Then at last he found Dis!
  He overloaded a nuclear BFG 9000 on level 24!
  He defeated the Mastermind and found the TRUE EVIL!
  Then finally in Hell itself, he killed the final EVIL.

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 You see : John Carmack (severely wounded) | lava | [ m ]ore
 The missile hits John Carmack. You need to taste blood!
 Fire -- Choose target...
 You see : John Carmack (severely wounded) | lava | [ m ]ore
 The missile hits John Carmack. You need to taste blood!
 Fire -- Choose target...
 You see : John Carmack (mortally wounded) | lava | [ m ]ore
 The missile hits John Carmack. Carmack raises his hands and summons
 hellspawn! You need to taste blood!
 Fire -- Choose target...
 You see : John Carmack (mortally wounded) | lava | [ m ]ore
 The missile hits the revenant. You need to taste blood!
 Fire -- Choose target...
 You see : John Carmack (almost dead) | lava | [ m ]ore
 The missile hits the revenant. John Carmack dies. Congratulations! You
 defeated John Carmack! Press <Enter>...

-- General ---------------------------------------------------

 1163 brave souls have ventured into Phobos:
 970 of those were killed.
 7 of those were killed by something unknown.
 17 didn't read the thermonuclear bomb manual.
 And 4 couldn't handle the stress and committed a stupid suicide.

 163 souls destroyed the Mastermind...
 12 sacrificed itself for the good of mankind.
 112 killed the bitch and survived.
 39 showed that it can outsmart Hell itself.


I'm not sure how popular such an idea is, but what about adding a key to put the cursor on a random skill when leveling up ? (I'd choose "*", as default).
I sometime wanted to play with the challenge of not choosing my skills... but since the game doesn't handle it and I was too lazy to tab to at every level, I never tried it.

I think it's both easy to code, and a good way to let people change their builds on a semi-random way. (needs to propose the skill, not choose it, so that you can avoid one you really don't want).

What do you think ?

@ParaSait Already tried it, but it's slow, and often selects a grayed skill. Not convinient at all.
Making an angel of it seems too random to me. Rolling SoB and HR is very different from TaN, Iro, or a single level of brute :p
The main idea is to give a simple and fun way to increase your challenge on demand. Only at level 1, or every other level, or all of them... YOU choose !

Nightmare! / [N!|YAAM|YAFW] First (and last ?) N! win
« on: April 20, 2013, 14:55 »
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Ok, so I wanted to complete a N! game... well, it's done. Took way too long, though.

Phobos levels were rather easy. Got a nasty opened caco vault at dlvl2. Wasn't really prepared for it, but a tracking map helped. This gave me some XP and a RL, but I could have waited a little for that, and didn't even use the rocket in HA.
Arena with Int2 was easy, anyway. Should probably have pwned it... but I wasn't careful enough for that.
Then, chain courts, much more serious. Had to rush chainsaw due to enthusiastic barons, losing one zerk pack, but managed to gib intruders barons on doors & kill AM quite fast. I had enough medkits, so it wasn't too much painful overall.
Military base was ridiculously easy. I didn't notice elite formers don't produce corpses, and still wonder why (k, they are quite dangerous, but not worth that O_o). Then, as I tought, I just had to wait in front of the bottom door to gib everithing on it. Didn't even take the tracking map, since it cripples waiting (and I'm fond of waiting, just look at my turn counter)

Anomaly was more dangerous than I expected. For once, I worn the red armor before the rocket jump, and didn't regret it. I never realized there is no place to gib monsters in this bloody level... maybe I should have jumped back to the left rather than to the right side, since it would have saved me a door.
I quickly realized nightmare monsters were too strong for me (didn't find a plasma rifle yet), and after wasting several rockets trying to wound a horde of cacos, I made a strategic withdrawal to the right, and had to kiss the BB.
Since the place offers some cover, killing them wasn't too hard, but getting & gibbing everything needed to use my rockets efficiently. 1st time I counted my rockets in this level.

Deimos lab with intuition was even easier that usually... except for the shamblers, ofc.
Here, I found not only an assault shitty, which I didn't care much about, since I crafted a Tactical shotgun, but also my laser rifle. Double bulked it in hope I could do a nanomachic one (which would have saved me a looooooot of time). Anyway, I wanted to be able to chainfire the shamblers really quickly. And it worked pretty well.
Btw, I got a sniper mod and cybernano armor. **** it.

City of skulls was easy, as usual. A level without respawning enemies is sooooooo sween on N!
Then, I got lucky and found my 2 first phase devices in the game, just before halls of... spiders (damn, I needed mods !!!). At least, I got a free cell pack : INT2 on lair's new layout is really sweet, with walls everywhere to land your rockets, be it to kill, or gib corpses.
Found an invulnerabilty for cybie, so he tasted my B3 laser rifle fully.

On Hell1, I found a nuke... but no damn globe. I was gonna leave the level, sad to fail conqueror, when I realized I just found phaseshift boots too, and had HR. Looked at my movespeed, and didn't resist to longinus diamond... so I grabbed a throwing knife on the floor and dove in.
1h40 for that bastard !!. I knew it would suck, but really... he's so ridiculous. well, it was a "great fight" I guess. At least, I got a scythe rather than a stupid DS I couldn't have picked up.
I just HATE that level. Really.

At least, I liked the scythe. So much that I picked a 2nd level of EE just for it (well, my rifle probably got some benefit from it, but it didn't need it)
Found an invulnerability in the level before the vaults... hesitated to nuke it, but I had a tracking map, so it wasn't needed. Then hesitated to nuke the vaults, but the monsters in are weak, it's full of rockets, and I was hoping for an energy shielded vest or other good armor, so I kept my nuke. Btw, they offered me crap : ballistic shield & Charch's null pointless.

Got another invu for the mortuary... just what I needed ! Came in, dropped the baby, rocket jumped to get the BFG, and watched the fireworks. I should have taken the P-mod too, but didn't want to take any risk (Never found the 3rd one I needed to complete my cerberus suit ~~).
Mt. Erebus was easy, as usual. I spent a stack of shells camping the entry for elementals & souls, then pwned the baddies. No loot at all, except lava element.

I paid Spider's toll with my nuclear BFG, and I met JC. I don't know if my screen filled with barons was because I shot him from intuition range or N! difficulty, but it made the fight a little more serious than usually. I Shot a few rockets, then switched to BFG, and chainfired. It was also the occasion to explode this stupid hellwave pack, which looks rather efficient.

Overall... I had to manage my ammo too much. Was always saving my cells, except for dangerous situations. This resulted in a huge use of my shotgun, and rockets. Since I was short of inventory slots, I even had to use several of my shell boxes (which I keep in case of need, and most of the time never use, on UV).

I was also quite disappointed with my overall loot. In fact, the RNG really didn't want me to get stuffed :
Two nice exotics, with laser rifle & phaseshift boots. What else ? The too late assault shotty, a combat pistol, two plasma shotties (which might have been good... if I wasn't so short of ammo), ah, and a blood skull. I got to mention it since it's probably the only other exotic I found. No duelist or onyx armors, no rare packs, just nothing.

...even the normal mods I found sucked. Well, I found something like 10 bulks, which let me assemble my Tac RL rather fast, and 4 or 5 T around half of Deimos. The drawback was : no A or P.
Didn't finish my tactical boots, put my 2nd A for a never finished cerberus, and found the 3rd & 4th ones in Hell8 (very funny, RNG).
No serious unique either : Cybernetic Armor, Hellwave Pack, Hell Staff, Charch's Null Pointer, Mega Buster &... late GCB !
Ok, staff is good, pack might be a lifesaver, & GCB is great for gun builds... but staff was quite late, and I wasn't on a gun build.

Bah, let's enjoy shiny new badges... I even got angelics for 100% & Full win !

Bug Reports / [] Rockets passing through corner walls
« on: April 03, 2013, 16:01 »
I just noticed this... very funny, since I also tested in, and it happens as well.

Before shooting :

After shooting :

Works with all 4 diagonals, can go through at least 2 walls (any number of corners, I guess), but doesn't seem to work if you aim beyond the wall.
I included a random save to make testing easier. just walk one step down, then switch to RL & shoot in the lower-right diagonal (be sure to aim at least 2 tiles away, aiming at melee range doesn't work).

Btw, I report the problem with RL, but this glitch can be used with any weapon.

Also, aiming here :

shoots here :

(couldn't capture bullets impact, but it's one tile on the left... while I shot in a strict diagonal)

Bug Reports / [] Indestructible things
« on: March 28, 2013, 01:54 »
2 things I noticed :
  • Crates : in "The walls here seems tough" levels, you can't destroy thoses... why not add the possibility to (O)pen the crates ? Not a big deal, of course, but I also think it would be more confortable, in term of gameplay, without making the game significantly "easier"
  • Just went through the vaults yesterday, and got this weird problem of invincible corpses, for the 2nd time. I think I understood the reason : corpses on one of the indestructible walls tile (which I removed with AM's staff) = indestructible corpse. Am I right ?

9 / [M|AoHu|YAAM|YAFW] Conqueror survivalist
« on: March 06, 2013, 08:55 »
Finally, AoHu !

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I don't think this challenge is that hard, but after trying several MCe and MSh runs, I realized I was most of the time dying because I lack patience, or don't act carefully enough, so the solution to avoid YASD became obvious : survivalist !

Tough, since survivalist doesn't really gives anything useful, I switched my build, and kept it for late levels, rushing WK2 instead. That way, I could have Fin2 early, and tac boots as soon as I find steel boots, which makes the reach of the armory rather easy.
The armory was, somehow, my goal : I supposed it would give me some cerberus armor, and let me finish the game easily, once Onyx-modded
And shambler's head was, indeed, worth it, with ON in the cache. I decided to try a cybernano armor instead of my regular mortuary blaster (nanomachic missile launcher), and onyx cerberus suit.
With TaN, it would give me -12 damages, which eventually drops to 0 thanks to MSv, so I assumed it shouldn't be that bad.

Nothing much to say in Deimos. I learnt a lesson, tough : never finish the agony elemental with rockets if you need a skull.
Spider's lair wasn't too hard, but made me realize how dangerous plasma damages could be, even trough my stupid armor.
I don't remember much how I disposed of the Cybie, but I think I got a globe and a zerk for him.

Then, I found another globe for the cathedral, so I sacrificed my beloved nuclear plasma rifle, and got a spear instead.

The vaults were nice, but pointless : Necroarmor at 3% and a full energy shield, but no scroll of remove curse :/

The real difficulty has been the mortuary.
Of course, I entered invincible, again, but didn't know what to do : reach the BFG and nuke the place ? Reach the BFG and clear the place ? or just find a shotgun (mistakenly dropped mine at entry) and shoot my 3 shell boxes on monsters stacks ?
I chose option 2, reached for the BFG, killing 3 viles in the process, and then "fortified" the right area, clearing what I could. I never hated arachnotrons so much. My only option to kill them without taking damages was missile launcher, but I was short of rockets.
Barons, on the other hand, often did me 0 damages, which was really funny. Also, a caco nearly killed me, surprising me with his ******* plasma damages.
After some time spent, and a lot of gibs, only one vile came, which left me with one alive, many monsters harassing me, and shortening ammo (well, I had a lot of shells, and my spear, but they aren't your best assets in such an open arena)
So, I realized I could run out of medpacks, and since all my covers had been destroyed, I decided to reach the middle of the map, both for the supercharge, and to find the last remaining vile.
This was one of the weirdest runs I've done... I was running, as AoHu, among a horde of monsters, dodging most attacks, ignoring many other. Once I reached the supercharge in the middle, there was too much monsters to clear the area, so I continued to the upper left... with tactical-rocket-jumps. Got a new supercharge and the power mod... and immediately headed (quite desesparate) for the last supercharge, in the bottom left.
Once here, I didn't have much solutions remaining, but at least, I had pulled most monsters, so I took my BFG (B3) and shoot 3 times, clearing most of them, and the last vile.
I quickly felt to 28% hp, which was probably 5hp, but decided it would be "too bad" to leave the place, like a coward, so I fought ! One or 2 arachnotrons later, I had 11% hp, but was still determinated to finish the job.

Finally, I entered with 6 medpacks, 21 rockets, 140 cells, 3 shell box & 2 cell packs, plus 269 ammo in bfg, and filled plasma rifle, minigun & missile launcher.
On exit, I had 11% hp (2hp), no medpack, 280 cells in weapons, no rockets, shells, and a 80 shells box as only remaining ammo pack. I also had refilled my minigun... but I doubt it would have helped me much.
Fortunately, I didn't get a bad spawn... thanks again, RNG :praise:

Then came the lava pits... with 2 enviro suits just before I enter in. I cleared the entrance and a lot of enemies with the nuclear BFG, and the lava elemental spawned in melee with me... easy job.

Hell 7 was an arachnotron cave. I hid behind a corner, wielding spear, and waited for them to come (it's why I took a level of brute, but Fin3 would have been a better choice) The RNG tricked me this time, and put some spiders behind 2 different rivers of lava, forcing me to get out. Two of thoses rocket-jumped to me, and got finished with spear, but the last ones asked for some nuclear BFG, and got it.
Btw, the RNG was just kidding me, so I got my invulnerability globe for the mastermind, which allowed me to keep the lava element for JC.

I don't think I needed it, but I didn't want to take any risk, so I used it, and gave JC some cells, while invincible.

Considering the number of invulnerability globes, or rather, the fact that they alway came at the right place & time, I think the RNG really deserves my gratitude.
It even made me forgot this ****** pair of boots from Hell's arena.. you know, this pair of boots I dumped in deimos 6, just before the acid-filled cave of deimos 7 and the sudden need to run (from acid, of course) in hell1.
Bah, I guess I successfully passed the test by not pressing shift-Q, and just got the rewards I deserved :)

Discussion / Cybernetic armor in ?
« on: March 02, 2013, 06:21 »
Just found -again- that **** armor in the armory this morning, which makes me wonder if something has been tweaked in the upcoming version.

Sure, it may, sometimes, be useful, but does anyone consider it as good as the rare mod of the armory ? Even a firestorm (which I don't value at all), looks better to me.

I know roguelikes tend to have random aspects, but I really hate this one, since armoury is the only place where you are "sure" you'll find a rare mod (often the only one of your game), and I always feel screwd when I get this stupid armor instead.

So, has something been done to improve this armor in ? There's a lot of room for it, here are some simple ideas.
-Just uncurse it. Would it be as good as a P-modded red armor ? I don't think so.
-Allow anyone to mod it, instead of only techies. Maybe uncurse it for techies instead ? (makes me think that I would probably uncurse ALL armors on them. It might not be very rolepray with skin armors, but I think it would suit techies concept, and be balanced)
-Make it regenerate in some non-abusable conditions (e.g. when you heal yourself with a bonus and/or item), so that you're not armor shards dependent once wearing it ?

So, do I underestimate this unique piece of junk ? Has it been reworked ? Is it intentionally a bad item ?

Discussion / Advanced key bindings & messages coloring
« on: February 22, 2013, 07:58 »
Don't really know where to post this, maybe I should rather start editing the wiki ? I got my 20 posts after all.

Anyway. when I started playing, I found some message coloring somewhere in thoses forums. I must say it changed my DoomRL experience.
So, for anyone interrested, noobie or not, here are mine.

Quick weapons bindings are useful, since they allow to swap at the cost of 0.8s instead of 1s. in other word, they should always be used, since using from inventory doesn't quick swap, even when possible (sigh)
Put this in keybindings.lua, with other bindings
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Message coloring "just" helps you notice useful information in-game, and makes the message log much more readable. (don't forget to increase the log's size, to some thousands of lines, since defaut way too short)
Put this in config.lua, preferably at the end.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Btw, I also encourage you to remap keys such as SHIFT+U for weapon's unload, and custom other aspects of your config files.

Some notes :
-I got an AZERTY (french) keyboard, but I think bindings will be fine for any keyboard, since I had to put 'Q' for 'A', and semicolon for my 'M'.
-Before modifying files, always create a backup ! If your game crashes on launch after modifications, either revert to your backup, or look for the error. I think the most common error is missing a ',' in the middle of a list, or having one after the last element. (If you already screwed up your files, just extract again the config files from the game's zip, or a take them on a fresh install)

Requests For Features / Allow saving in N!
« on: February 21, 2013, 04:50 »
Ok, I think anyone has ideas abous pros and cons for allowing save in N!
I'll try to sum them up without spoiling myself by searching for older posts. Anyway, for once, I think a fresh one will do good :)

Cons :
  • Bah, just leave your computer running... it doesn't cost much.
  • Saving lets you save-scum, it's bad, booh !
  • Everytime you save, John Carmack kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens.
Pros :
  • Save-scumming is not the only way of cheating, anyway.
  • Would allow to use the save feature for what it is intended to do: to continue a game later !
  • Easiest request to implement ever.

My point of view :
  • Leaving computer running :
    would prevent me from sleeping, isn't an eco-responsible behaviour, increases power bill, is subject to power failures, makes the "game length" stat irrelevant, and needs to keep the game running if you want to play something else for 1 hour, day or week... well, do I need to say more ?
  • About save scummers :
    I dont care. There is, and will always be, cheaters everywhere anyway. Also, currently, anyone can edit and post a fake mortem... why don't people care about this ?
  • Other ways of cheating :
    I don't know about you, but when I saw I couldn't save in N!, my second reflex (first was suiciding) was to think about ways of bypassing this. Several came to my mind :

    • I added a bind to crash the game, calling function "save_game_please". since the game crashes, I get my save ! Could have completed N! AoPC with a lvl 32 character using this... where is the cheat protection xD ?
      The problem, btw, is for legit users : either you crash while/after clearing a level, giving you more XP (and possibly, stuff), or when entering the next (ruining your stats with monsters let alive... something I can't do either). So, for non-cheaters, it doesn't solve the problem at all.
    • Using a VM... I'm sure most RL players are geeks, and could easily do it. Personnally, I don't currently have one running, and am to lazy to install a VM just for that... but true cheaters are often subject to make some efforts :)
    • Editing the game exe/saves, or playing with game's memory while it runs. Here, again, I'm too lazy for that, but if I wanted to cheat... for sure, I would.
Conclusion :
As usual, only legit users are really concerned. Cheaters will find their way to get around this limitation. So... WHY keep it ? while it bothers only fair players ?
I didn't won a single nightmare game yet, mostly because I dont play N!, since I can't save... Gimme some badges please, allow me to play nightmare!, I know it's one if() away... so, why not add it in ?

Bug Reports / Out of ammo formers going infinite loops
« on: December 01, 2012, 14:32 »
EDIT : Maybe, the sticky posts should suggest to broaden the search using the search bar ? I read the known bug topic and two pages of forum before posting, but after having the genius idea to use search, I still feel like a moron :p

Not the first time I get this, and seems fairly easy to reproduce.

In phobos base entry, I sometimes hide behind a tree, so that a former wastes all his ammo shooting at it.
Once out of bullets, he just runs away, and discovers the "There's no escape, just stand and fight like a man !" signs bordering the level.
At that point, sometimes, it enters an infinite loop (which the game already handles, but the error is here).

So, to reproduce, just start a new ITYTD game, wait for the first former to empty his gun on you, and let him run. (Just re-tested, and reproduced at first try)
Btw, here's the logged error :

Timestamp   : 01/12/2012 21:07:44
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnAction caught ELuaStateException!

Call path     : beings[former].OnAction
Call params   : ()
Error message : Lua error : lua\core.lua:960: AI : former_ai entered infinite loop!

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