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  • August 19, 2022, 20:45
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0.0.2 is out. Fixes some obvious bugs and removes automated mode. Next release I hope to include damage caps for each class of weapon, to hopefully give the mod better balance.

Also, after following the tutorials, I'm finding that no matter what I get issues with DoomRL claiming I'm trying to access an uninitialized variable, "Levels". Can anyone clarify this, and what the current method for adding levels is?

0.0.2 is out early. Check out the changelog.

Hey. I am not sure if this actually belongs in the Mod Releases forum as it's such an early release based on existing work, I apologize.

I'm new to modding this game, but I've been a fanatical player of DoomRL for a couple of years now. With this topic I hope to establish my first mod of the game, and thanks to SPTX and his frankly awesome (though unbalanced as HELL) EvoluStuff mod, I have a starting point with which to build upon. Pretty much 99% of the credit goes to SPTX right now as basically all of the code is exactly his, but I hope to make iterative releases towards my ultimate goal with this project every week and change stuff out and have a truly unique mod by the time I'm ready to call it finished.

Download 0.0.2 as a ... WAD / .module folder
Download 0.0.1 as a ... WAD / .module folder

Next tentative release is on 29 May 2013.


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