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Title: Barrel physics
Post by: Shoop da Whoop on August 17, 2010, 09:49
I remember that in original Doom barrels could move. So, we need to add knockback for barrels! If barrel get some damage (not enough to explode) it moves. Else it moves too and then explodes.
Barrels may also have different weight - fuel < acid < napalm.

Also, "All those crazy ideas". I have idea to pull barrels. For example, we have something like this:
To pull upper barrel to west we should press Ctrl + Num 6, and for lower one - Ctrl + Num 9. Everything is quite simple.
Title: Re: Barrel physics
Post by: Captain Trek on August 17, 2010, 10:15
I don't know about barrel knockback, but I'd certainly like to be able to pull the damn things out of corners and to where I need them to be, rather than where the RNG wants them to be...
Title: Re: Barrel physics
Post by: thelaptop on August 17, 2010, 18:21
The knockback of barrels was present in vanilla Doom, basically if a large enough force hits it (concussive or explosive), it will shift in that direction for a bit before blowing up.

About pulling barrels... those suckers are heavy.  Make DoomGuy pay for it by having to spend 5 seconds pulling it or something; as we know, pulling a heavy object is often much harder in terms of force exertion and control than pushing it because we lose this extra force called body weight.
Title: Re: Barrel physics
Post by: Tavana on August 17, 2010, 23:31
My main problem with barrel pulling, besides that it would make things a lot easier on certain Angels - what key do we code this to? One of the main appeals for DoomRL is the lack of excessive key commands like "[W]ipe your face".
Title: Re: Barrel physics
Post by: UltimateChaos on August 27, 2010, 02:05
Yeah, I agree that it's one of those "extra little commands that are only really useful in extremely specific instances that knowing will help you during specific event" that are common in more complex roguelikes.

That being said, being able to kick an item to move it into a different square would be such a blessing on melee challenges.