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Discussion / Re: The new Spider Mastermind...
« on: March 01, 2012, 17:31 »
Is that description it has going to be changed? Telling the player it has a chaingun and not plasma is really cheap when it does, in fact, do plasma damage.

As far as tips, I've had the luck to be able to nuke it so far on my encounters, but intuition 2 should let you corner shoot it to death, (and without that, remember you can use blind shots with a shotgun to listen for the sound of injury as a poorman's version) and berserk + a chainsaw with  a T,B, or P mod should let you win in melee pretty quickly. If both those options are out because of a challenge or whatever, I guess you'll need to hope for the plasma immune armor or plan to gather the guaranteed nuke + invlunv combo.

Discussion / Re: Shotgun knockback effects reduced in 0.996
« on: March 01, 2012, 17:22 »
I noticed this as well. Got pretty much destroyed trying to do the arena on HMP because my shotty wasn't knocking demons back nearly as much as it should have. Noticed it to a lesser extent later on in another run when I ended up using the missile launcher quite a bit. I know it's technically possible to roll low enough that you cause no knockback with a direct missile launcher hit on an arachnotron, but it's pretty damned unlikely, like, lottery ticket unlikely. 1 in 23328 chance I think?

Note that you can still see them on the minimap, however. Assuming the background allows it to be legible.


Just had the power go out. AoMC, with SoaG4, a Cleric Barretta, Longinus Spear AND Angel Armor, Lava Armor, an Envirosuit, and 4 nuclear bombs, 2 homing phases, and a pile of large medkits and ammo. On Hell 6. Cleared every special level up till then.

That didn't really just get stolen from me did it?

Requests For Features / AoE display for weapons.
« on: January 08, 2012, 14:00 »
This would be nice, especially with a tileset where we don't need to blot out what we're firing at to display things. Simply put, I would dearly love to know exactly what tiles my shotgun/rocketlauncher/bfg/hellwave pack is going to hit before using them. This is already implemented for line of fire for basic shots, I think adding the same functionality to the resulting explosions would make the interface a lot better. Maybe make it an optional thing for ASCII, since there it'll cover up things (unless you can do it with highlighting or something.)

As an additional note, adding the follow through trajectory for the normal line of fire would be nice too, for when you're going to blast though a monster/wall or miss shots.

Discussion / Re: Sharpshooter: Worst feat in the game?
« on: October 11, 2011, 12:44 »
Don't forget another enemy type that shws up with (way) more than 3 armor: Anything that picked up armor. A hell baron that lives about 3 times as long as it should because it had a red/blue armor and a medpack usually ends up burning through more of my healthpacks and armor than the previous 3 levels combined. And I seem to run into at least one such enemy per game.

I think Sharpshooter is the best of the traits honestly. The knockback is just that good, especially on a heavily modded pistol that can fire excessively fast. Putting aside the fact that you can easily bounce 2 enemies out of your line of sight endlessly, you can also drive enemies into lava or acid pools to kill them, stack corpses with certainty, and in some situations move enemies into eachother's line of fire. Also, as soon as you hit SoaG 4 (And of course it'll be your first trait when it's available) you can juggle nearly twice as many enemies out of sight. (Minus the reload time.)

Put another way, if Sharpshooter had the same DPS as Dualgunner, but also left you with:
An extra weapon slot (Different pistol, ammochain, whatever)
Guaranteed knockback
WAY better ammo efficiency, for damage per shot, accuracy, and never firing at a dead enemy (extra slots for phases/medkits/etc. effectively.)

It would be completely overpowered.

Another factor to consider is that technician seems like the only class where you wouldn't want your advanced trait right away. So you usually end up with your master trait a level or two earlier than a scout or marine would. Other tradeoffs go with that obviously, but just another reason why a pure dps race isn't a good way to look at this.

Well it is a diamond badge, so it's probably... get all the way to hellgate and beat it without taking damage the entire time.

I suggest a scout with many shotgun shells and perfect knowledge of corner shooting. Doing it on max carnage probably make it easier.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: September 28, 2011, 13:56 »
How secret are the Dragon Slayer and Berserk armor supposed to be? I get that nobody is sharing how to equip them, but what about what they actually do?

Has anyone tried a malicious blades build without really trying to focus on melee? I've been doing runthroughs of AoMax Carnage to pick up schematics from the armory quickly, and decided to try out malicious blades while taking out the UC too. Those resistances help out a ton when everything is hitting for so much damage. At least, when it's stuff you can resist. Arachnotron caves are evil. But revenants and mancubi are pretty much a joke, especially if you have even a blue armor to bring your fire resist up that extra bit to cut the damage in half. Melee is laughable too. Never mind if you get a berserk sphere or hatred skull to go with it. At any rate, shrugging off all that fire/melee damage while returning fire with a heavily modded plasma rifle is a pretty sweet deal. I'd imagine with an Onyx or Nano pack on some nice armor, it might be a good strat for Ao100.

Bug Reports / Re: LOS / bullet path issues
« on: March 20, 2011, 09:01 »
Would be nice to see the mechanics of the current system laid out as far as what you can hit from what positions. The assymetry is what always gets me, standing in a doorway with a shotgun and then remembering I cant hit anything in the hallway in whatever direction. IIRC this can also depend on which shotgun you use and whether you aim far down the hall or diagonally so the edge of the blast should go down the hallway.

Requests For Features / Re: New Basic Trait: Lifegiver
« on: March 19, 2011, 21:24 »
How powerful it is would have a lot to do with what the requisite traits are though. I kind of like the whizkid/badass master trait idea, since whizkid works for pretty much anything now with all the assemblies, and badass seems fairly lackluster compared to ironman generally. Although in this case, I don't think you'd really need to block intuition anymore, since you're not going to see intuition + a mastertrait outside of Ao100 in most cases anyways right?

As far as having int 1 and this... keep in mind that puts you one level away from having int 2 and this, and int 2 is probably the single best trait in the game. Knowing where all your enemies are in addition to know where and how many powerups are on the level COMBINED with increasing the effect of those powers is nothing to sneeze at. Unless you're trying for an ass kicking marine, it makes it really easy to skip by any levels that don't have the right array of powerups and just cash in on the right levels. I think it'd be picked up a lot more than Cateye, which is probably mostly ignored because if you have intuition 2, you don't really need extra vision anyways.

Regarding N!'s bonus (I don't think ITYTD's difficulty matters much anyways does it?), maybe make it stack additively instead of exponentially (So you get 50 turns +(100 + 75)% = 137 turns instead of 100 baseline or 175 if they multiplied (Or the 325 as originally suggested... that'd be way too much.)

Requests For Features / Re: New Basic Trait: Lifegiver
« on: March 19, 2011, 10:04 »
I'm kind of worried about this making a run through really luck based. It's a trait that amplifies the effect of any berserk/invuln globes you find more than anything else. For it to be strong enough to make a worthwhile effect on gameplay, won't it also make it possible to do runs where you spend almost the entire time berserked or invulnerable? Not to mention even mortuary becomes fairly trivial if you spend the first 110 turns of it invulnerable.

Would be more comfortable if it were a 2nd tier trait, like intuition. Possibly even a master trait. Making it exclusive with intuition would help matters too, so you're less likely to be able to beeline from globe to globe without being scratched for long periods of time.

Requests For Features / Re: Corner shooting cursor memory.
« on: March 17, 2011, 13:18 »
It's more like asking for an option to start next to the entrance on the first level instead of the wrong side of the map so you don't waste a bunch of time for neglible mechanical effect.

Having to manually re-aim while shooting into the darkness doesn't make the game more difficult, just more tedious. It'd be like making a triple confirmation "Are you sure you want to fire at the Cyberdemon? N/Y" whenever you fire at him just to make it more difficult to show how scary he is.

Requests For Features / Re: Corner shooting cursor memory.
« on: March 17, 2011, 10:50 »
Thanks, that's a much better description of what I'd like. Corner shooting just came to mind because it's where it's the biggest issue for me generally.

Requests For Features / Corner shooting cursor memory.
« on: March 17, 2011, 10:20 »
I'd like the cursor memory to apply to shots out of your field of vision as well. Corner shooting is a big part of the game, and the extra 7 keystrokes to target all the way down the hallway gets annoying after the 500th time you do it in the same run. Anyone else agree?

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