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Title: Hero - mini-class
Post by: tylor on March 11, 2013, 04:34
"Hero" is a class, that has no access to masteries, has three basic traits locked initially and one advanced trait unlocked (like other classes).
Also, he/she has some strong abilities from the start, and possibly free trait and some gear too.
Heroes are unlocked with medals and/or badges.



Starts with chainsaw (cursed) in off-slot and "boomstick" (exotic shotgun) in main slot. If he kills enemy with chainsaw, next shotgun shot take no time. If he kills enemy with shotgun, next chainsaw attack has no time. Free trait:Juggler. Locked traits: Finesse, Hellrunner, Eagle Eye. Unlock : Berserker Silver Badge


Starts with GCB and Grammaton Cleric Trenchcoat (unique equivalent of A-modded tactical armor). Reload or firing action after moving take no time.  Locked traits: SoG, Reloader, TaN. Unlock: Grammaton Cleric Cross


Starts with bow (exotic 3d6) ready and endless quiver in off-hand. Locked traits: SoB, SoG, Brute. Unlock: Marksman Silver Badge

Following are more sketchy:


Starts with Grim Reaper Scythe - 6d6 melee weapon that leaves no corpses and Hourglass - non-expendable usable, that teleports you to nearest monster on level with least hp, taking minus one seconds (i.e. giving you 5000 more energy) and making you tired.


Saves (turns into living people) formers with touch (fist melee attack). Saved people fight on His side. Melee attack on others have usual damage, but if kills, leaves no bodies. All damage He deals to formers (or people) is reflected back to Him.  All damage dealt to Him is reflected back to attackers. When He leaves level, he gains 3 hp per Saved human on level. Locked traits: SoB, Badass. Unlock: Pacifist Gold Badge


If he kills somebody with fist attack, target is instead converted to his side, up to three "alive" at the same time.


Monster's vision range is decreased by 2, knives damage doubled, all weapons except knives banned. Starts with 6 knives.


Can throw grenades  at any time (1s time) expending one rocket. If aimed at self, plants it as mine.
Title: Re: Hero - mini-class
Post by: MaiZure on March 11, 2013, 04:55
This idea sounds awkward to me - it basically introduces a whole new set of angel challenges. (demonic anyone?).
Title: Re: Hero - mini-class
Post by: tylor on March 11, 2013, 06:48
Lucifer can be unlocked for Arch-Vile rank, for example. And this list of heroes is just an example
Title: Re: Hero - mini-class
Post by: AlterAsc on March 11, 2013, 07:58
Seems like a lot of trouble for zero increase in normal DoomRL gameplay.
So i'm against it.
Title: Re: Hero - mini-class
Post by: emulord on March 11, 2013, 10:41
Its not "normal" doomRL play, its more of a casual "woo I get to be Ryu, how badass!" mode. Demonic challenges sounds reasonable. These probably shouldnt count for most badges and medals. Kill count and assembly count is fine.
Title: Re: Hero - mini-class
Post by: thelaptop on March 11, 2013, 11:32
I will file this under TC.  I'm sorry, but when you start bringing in things like bows, grenades, undead turning etc, it falls squarely in the Total Conversion territory.

"Regular" DoomRL can't support this without massive unnecessary balancing done.  Masterless builds are already quite overpowered, all things considered, so I'm not sure how this "hero" mini-class can contribute to that.
Title: Re: Hero - mini-class
Post by: tylor on March 16, 2013, 04:16
"Hero" locks skills just like mastery does. So it is more like a mastery, that does not cost a trait, and is given from the beginning.
Bow is just another gun (may be even with "bullet" damage type). Grenade is just a rocket that can be targeted at ground, like BFG, and not requiring equipped launcher.
Balancing can be done by just locking certain (or all) medals, badges and Angels for certain Heroes.

Point is to add variation, and therefore replayability. It does not, indeed , add anything to "core" gameplay. Bot so do Angels.
Title: Re: Hero - mini-class
Post by: Deathwind on March 20, 2013, 21:34
This just feels like it would be a mod, not part of the main game.