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Discussion / Umm, so...
« on: July 27, 2013, 13:13 »
...I kind of suck at this game. I've managed to meet Sergeant/Cacodemon rank by presumably blind luck. The only 2 games I've managed to "finish" have been melee-based builds (One of them a Vampyre); I have had 0 luck on a ranged (i.e. pistol/shotgun) build. I've also delved into the recently-unlocked UV and N! modes, but have had absolutely no luck in even getting through even the Phobos 1 level (I know, pathetic!)  In any event, I've been browsing online, and have seen that what few UV builds I've studied start with
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And I'm just wondering: Is this the kosher way of getting ahead in this game?

Okay. I've been "trying" to play this game for a long time now (I think since came out). If I'm lucky, I can make it through Hell's Arena on ITYTD; I've actually made it to The Wall once or twice. On HNTR, I'd be fortunate if I could even make it through the second floor. I may have even made it to the third floor a couple of times. But for the life of me, I can't fathom how so many players are able to complete the game.  Over the course of several dozen games, I'd be lucky to find maybe one or two of those "packs" that let you make advanced weapons. Most of the time I never see them. I'm stuck facing hordes of overpowered enemies while only wielding a pistol, a shotgun and a small med-pack if I even have one left. I think I managed to assemble a speedloader pistol once.
I've tried the Shottyman strategy, the Son of a ___ to deal more damage, and the Dualgunner, but they all end the same with me getting my ass kicked after running out of med-kits... usually on one of the first few floors. Looking at my Hall of Fame, I see one instance of getting to level 8, but all the rest are level 1-3.
Maybe I'm just too stuck on the "running in with both guns blazing" strategy, but are there any other strategies that I should focus on instead? I do the side-step thing (especially with Shottyman) but I just can't seem to get the knack of this.
I love this game, but I am getting very frustrated with it and I'm doing everything I can to prevent myself from starting to save-scum, which seems like my next viable strategy.

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