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I have played DoomRL at ITYTD (just training run).
My goals were:
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And the main moment of this run. When I teleported to Deimos, I was in a strange situation.
I stood near big swarm of imps and DAT FRRRKING HELL KNIGHTS... *sigh*
I thought I can't run, I had to attack. I made a shot with RL. Ok, some imps died, but knights were still alive.
One more shot. They're just got 'scratched'. I even have no phase devices. I was going to die.
I was gone crazy and swapped to chaingun... But they started to attack.
0% health. You die!... Press <Enter>...

There's no anything interesting in my run, huh? But this run is just showing map generator's rare positions. It was my first play, when I experience these procedure-generating jokes.

There`s the full mortem:
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