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Play-By-Forum / Re: Hunter's Moon - Exploring Ashburn, MI [OOC]
« on: October 20, 2017, 11:27 »
Guys, I'm out. There just isn't enough happening for me to keep it interesting. The speed of posting, and thus the story is way to slow for me to keep me motivated enough to play.
LuckyDee, if you ever want to play a game in real life, just let me know. 

"So Betty, what do you say? Will you let us help you?" James stares at Betty.

Betty, there must be an explanation for this and I'm sure Desmond and I will get to the bottom of this. Won't we Desmond? James' gaze shifts between Betty and Desmond and he stammers; "I mean, we can't just let this happen to poor Betty am I right?"

"O Betty, that is terrible!" James exclaims before giving her an awkward hug. He takes a step back and asks: "But how.. I mean, why.. why would he write that letter at the office? And who's Mary? has he ever talked about her? Mentioned her name?"

James looks at Betty, Desmond and finally his gaze settles on Saul. He shifts his balance and gestures awkwardly to the hallway. "Saul, it looks like we have an early close to our little get together. I hope you don't mind... Desmond, would you mind opening up your office even though it is late. Betty you can stay the night at my place. That is, if you don't have anywhere else to stay?" 

"Right you are Desmond!"James gratefully looks at Desmond and slowly walks Betty to the chair. "Take a seat Betty, how about I'll get you a glass of water and then you tell Desmond and me about Jack." James walks to the kitchen and fills a glass with tap water. He hands Betty the glass of water and then looks at Saul and start apologetically: "I'm sorry Sir... I mean, Saul! I hope we don't inconvenience you too much. You see, this is Betty, my cousin and she would be here if it wasn't important..."

James startles. "Betty? Is that really you? Why... I haven't seen you in years. How's the married life suiting you?" He takes a step forward, crowding the doorway. He sees his cousin standing in front of  Desmonds office and then realisation hits him. "You weren't looking for me at all were you? We're you looking for Desmond? Are you in some kind of trouble? I'm sure Desmond can help you though." James is switching glances from Betty to Desmond and back.   

"It's probably not for me." James thinks while he curiously peers over Desmonds shoulder into the hallway.

James didn't share that thought. He'd be quite happy to let Saul chat away this warm evening. He took one more sip of whisky and said in a quiet voice. "Well sir, I've been keeping myself busy mostly. I've fixed Mrs Robinson's radio and I'm trying to find a steady job. But you know how it is..." The sentence trails off and for a few moments the quiet tones of Jazz fill the room. James stares at his feet. "But if any of you knows something I can help out with, I'm willing to give it a try. And Desmond, what have you been up to?" He asks, finally diverting attention away from him.    

While it used to be merely a hobby. Currently he is trying to make some money with fixing people's stuff. As mentioned he is in between jobs so he clings to any opportunity for work. Last week he repaired old Mrs Robinson's her radio for a couple of bucks and the broken parts he had to replace. (you never know when you need some old pieces of electrical wire and magnetic coils.) The week before that he replaced a piston in Jefferson's car so he could pay this month's rent.

(BTW I'm going on a trip tomorrow so I wont have time to post until the end of next week probably) 

I've had a look at our slick PI and decided to go for the tinkerer.

James is a CUNNING 22 year old who is currently between jobs. His love for all things technical might have to do with his knack for OPERATIONS. He is pretty smart and is known as quite a PERCEPTIVE man. People tend to overlook him though. It isn't that he is actively avoiding people. He just doesn't like to be the center of attention and thus he tends to be a bit STEALTHY. He could have been a well off architect or something but James was always more interested in toying with machines than with worldly gains. He has recently fallen on harder times and while not homeless he has had to steal some supplies from the local radio shop to be able to keep working on his latest project. He's building his own Amplitude Modulating Radio.

His tricks are:

Electrical systems
German (the scientific language before WW2)
Recognizing songs/Tunes

If you have any comments just let me know.


Sure thing,

So 2 ideas I've been toying with are:

1. A tinkerer, someone who loves to toy around and experiment with all the wonders of this age, Radio, Automobile. It's almost like magic and I've got just the knack for it.
2. The university professor. He's a bit dated and wishes times were simpler. Nowadays everybody is always rushing of to somewhere and nobody has time for common courtesies anymore.

So do you guys have a preference for one or the other?

ps, is there a way to switch of the CAPTCHA confirmation needed everytime I want to post, it is really annoying.

Hi from the company :)
I'm looking forward to trying this out. For now I'm pondering on what character I wish to play :)

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