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Damn, Icy. Must have been a hell of a ride.
If memory serves me right, you are only the third person ever to achieve this victory (and report it here), and the first one in nearly a decade.

Discussion / Re: Icy's Guide to Weapons, Armor, and Assemblies
« on: November 05, 2022, 05:33 »
Thanks for the response, the feedback is much appreciated!

You're welcome, and thanks for your response too.

Sharpshooter helps with damage, but unlike Angel of Max Carnage, does not cover for accuracy.

While this sentence is technically true, Sharpshooter is in fact well covered for accuracy by it's prerequisite EE3 and generally high accuracy of pistol-type weapons.. In fact, this means that unless you are running, you have already reached the hit chance cap for any pistol with +2 accuracy or better at maximum range. The only pistol with lesser accuracy is GCB on full-auto and storm bolter blaster (both at+1), which has it's hit chance still capped at up to five tiles, and even at greater distances then the hit chance is 95% compared to 98%. In case of the storm bolter blaster, this effect can be negated by slapping an agility mod on it, but there are much better options.

Running imposes an accuracy penalty of -2. This means that with EE3, running and at 6+ tiles distance, even these worst-accuracy pistols stand at 84% hit chance, storm bolter pistol (+2) would be at 91% and storm bolter combat pistol and GCB on semi-auto (+3) would stand at 95% percent. Every pistol of +4 base accuracy is still capped.

It's anyone's call, whether they would consider taking EE4 or EE5 to alleviate these minor penalties. I personally would not consider them even on AAo666.

Technical Packs likely don't belong on end-game pistols, that's true, but depending on the base, I'm not entirely sure what would be best to go on. Blasters definitely should have Nano because it eliminates the recharge delay and restores ammo just as you fire (unless you're using Bullet Dance). For other weapons, Agility Packs might likewise be obsolete, depending on how much Eagle Eye is used, and Technical Packs are likely not improving speed due to the in-game cap as mentioned. However, for non-assemblies, a pair of Nano Packs would first allow for restoring 1 ammo at a 5 action delay, and the second would remove the delay, so Combat Pistol (PPPNN) must surely be better than (PPPBB), as it would not need to reload and it would free up lots of inventory space. It would be very expensive though, for sure. I'm really not sure what the optimal pistol is when also considering assemblies.

I agree with pretty much everything here. With SoG3, a technical mod would bring firing speed from 0.40s to 0.34s, and with SoG4 the decrease would be from 0.20s to 0.17s. Considering that as a Sharpshooter you probably want to have SoG5 by player level 14, the earliest possible, they are all but completely obsolete. The same goes for agility mods due to the breakdown above - their effects are marginal, and even then only for certain weapons and/or running.

Note that SoG5 also completely obsoletes Finesse (unless you want Fin1 for Juggler).

I also very much agree on P3N2 combat pistol being a straight upgrade over P3B2. In fact, this covers the only weak point of combat pistol, the 1.8s reloading time. However, this lengthy time can also be alleviated by picking Reloader (0.72s at Rel3), and good luck finding two nano mods in a normal game. Even in a full AAo666 playthrough, I believe I found only four or five of them.

Edit: As a Sharpshooter, you are unlikely to use pistols to the point of completely excluding other weapons, mostly for corpse disposal and dealing with very large groups. However, these other weapons benefit from EE3 as well, rocket launchers and BFGs are very accurate themselves (starting at +4 for the vanilla rocket launcher), and even in the worst case scenario I could find, you would still be at 62% hit chance. That worst case scenario would be firing a burst cannon minigun (-1 accuracy) at 6+ tiles while running.

Discussion / Re: Icy's Guide to Weapons, Armor, and Assemblies
« on: November 03, 2022, 04:16 »
Very solid guide again, great work.

I would have a little nitpick with the endgame sharpshooter build weapons, though. GCB is a solid weapon, of course, but it is utterly outmatched by a P3B2-combat pistol (White Death, as I call it). With single shots, GCB's 2d6 can't compare to White Death's 3d6, and you don't want to use GCB's semi-auto or auto modes due to automatic knockback on every shot, unless you can avoid it by precise positioning. It may be niche, but if you have Sharpshooter, SoG5 and White Death, and so happen to start a floor with a Cyberdemon in range, you can kill it in the 4s grace period without it being able to fire a single shot. Priceless.
Even a P3B2-vanilla pistol outdamages GCB with 2d7 damage.
The same goes for the Storm Bolter, firing two shots at once.
And finally, once you have SoG5, you have already reached the absolute firing speed cap of 0.1s, making technical mods on non-assemblies obsolete. The extra clip capacity from bulk mods is very useful here.

Discussion / Re: Icy's Guide to Ranks, Medals, and Badges
« on: October 19, 2022, 02:02 »
Impressive work you've done here, Icy. Might bring me back to start DRL again ...

One minor note about run-waiting: Waiting always takes 1.0s in game time, with no speed bonuses or penalties affecting that time. Quite a number of monsters have base speed higher than 100%, so they might move to get you into their fire line and still get an attack in, before that 1.0s of the wait command expires. Thus, using run-wait can be quite dangerous, especially in open areas.

Edit: Seeing that you did not achieve Marksman Platinum, I'll mention the strategy that worked for me: Play a pure AoMr (no dual challenges), play a Technician, and do your best to just camp at safe spots and let enemies come to you. If you take the easy version of Chained Court and Military Base / Phobos Lab, you should reach Sharpshooter just before Phobos Anomaly. The early game is quite difficult and may require several attempts, but once you have Sharpshooter up and running, the rest of the game is a breeze.
The mortem where it worked (damn, almost a decade old?) is here for reference.

He killed 614 out of 604 enemies.
102% kill rate? Damn, you're really good.
I do not question the legitimity of your win, just pointing out a possible bug.

Post Mortem / Re: [M|AoMc|97%|YAVP]
« on: March 26, 2021, 12:29 »
Being late to the party is a chance to liven it up a bit, so welcome! :)

Now that's an interesting build choice. One advantage of AoMC is the guaranteed 98% hit accuracy, which works at its best with rapid-fire weapons. With shotguns only, this advantage is entirely moot.

Don't get me wrong, this is a solid win. I would honestly like to see how this approach would work on higher difficulties. Might work pretty well, as long as you can find and keep cover for cornershooting, and stay there run-waiting until all the monsters come to you.

Discussion / Re: Anyway to change the resolution?
« on: November 05, 2020, 02:34 »
Eh, stupid me - wrong game (I was looking at Jupiter Hell). Sorry.

Check the config.lua file in your DRL installation folder, namely these settings (default values included):
Code: [Select]
-- Windows and GFX mode only:
-- Set to false to turn off the Fullscreen query at run time. If false you
-- can use StartFullscreen to control fullscreen at startup.
FullscreenQuery  = true

-- whether to start in fullscreen mode, use ALT-Enter to toggle, only
-- used when FullscreenQuery is set to false
StartFullscreen  = false

-- Windowed sizes
WindowedWidth       = 800
WindowedHeight      = 600

Change FullScreenQuery to false, keep StartFullScreen at false, and fill out whatever WindowedWidth and WindowedHeight suits you. This should allow DoomRL to start in a window of your preferred size.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

Discussion / Re: Anyway to change the resolution?
« on: November 04, 2020, 02:25 »
There is a Settings -> Display menu accessible from the title screen. That should help.

Hey that's a good point, I hadn't considered 666 - but idk about ever attempting it. 100 floors of DooMRL action is almost more than I can handle, 666 sounds monstrous.
Well, if it scares you that much, you can just head for the stairs without unnecessary delays. On UV Ao666, you reach level 25 not that long after the 100th floor (around 140-150, if memory serves me right).
And on the other side, there are Ao666 UV YAAM mortems. Two of them, as I know.

Century Lounge / Re: [U|Ao100|99%|YAVP] Centurial Platinum
« on: April 13, 2020, 02:24 »
For comparison, in the UV run I just finished I only saw 5 cyberdemons the whole game.  I am definitely too lazy to look through other UV Ao100 mortems to try to get an average count of cyberdemons with and without a cyberdemon complex, but I suspect that Radagast's "8 or 9" was actually an undercount of the total cyberdemons on that level :).  Maybe they were only estimating how many were actually visible at the same time?
Well, to provide you some data - in my AAo666 UV YAAM run I have scored 152 Cybie kills. papilio managed to do a AAo666 UV YAAM as well, with 164 kills. Neither of us found a Cybie complex, and the Cybie frequency would amount to slightly over one Cybie per four floors (counted from floor 74, where they can actually be generated first on UV). I recall meeting three Cybies on a single floor even with no complex.

Century Lounge / Re: [U|Ao100|99%|YAVP] Centurial Platinum
« on: April 08, 2020, 10:57 »
Just for the record - that ArchAo666 UV YAAM run of mine was also full of D***RL running idle, "real" playtime would amount to some 50 hours, give or take some. The run from start to end took me slightly over a month, usually playing no more than 20-ish levels per session. Sometimes only two or three.

But in the end it paid. Sharpshooters rock even in marathon runs! :)

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: April 06, 2020, 12:14 »
Just be careful - certain armor assemblies cannot be unequipped (cybernano armor springs to mind). Be sure to assemble them as the very last thing you do.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: April 02, 2020, 11:40 »
ASCII is easy. @ is you, letters are enemies, # is a wall, / is an open door (a closed door is a +, but I deliberately skipped it because a medkit is a plus sign as well, but colored red, and IIRC this forum doesn't support coloring in code blocks) and a dot is empty space. Each character position is one tile.
And the "h" letter is the former sergeant, destined to walk face-first into your knife.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: March 08, 2020, 00:20 »
Depends on your definition of "reliability". Quite a number of Platinum badges are not all that luck-reliant, if still very hard. Veteran and Marksman Platinum are quite doable, for example.

Post Mortem / Re: [U YAVP | 92%] UAC gold
« on: February 24, 2020, 04:33 »
Sharpshooter + SoG5 + Combat Pistol + P3B2 mods = 230 damage per second.
Tough to start, but unstoppable once you get rolling. On UV, the breaking point can happen before Phobos Anomaly.
Definitely worth a shot.

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