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DiabloRL / About the sounds.
« on: January 14, 2012, 21:38 »
The most easiest thing to configure sounds are written today. (which took me 1 hour to solve... sorry XD).

First things have a copy of Bought copy of diablo 1.
Make a shortcut copy of mpqx.
then add the Cd driver Diabdat.mpq (My was E:\Diabdat.mpq since 2 drivers) file path, in your mpqx path (C:\Users\Kantola\Downloads\diablorl-0.4.5-sound\diablorl-0.4.5\sound\mpqx.exe E:\Diabdat.mpq (shortcut copy)).

thats how i got this working :P oh also im using Windows 7.

This can be taken and maken a clean to help to get sounds in game :P.

Oh also can you put belt items "Do you wanna use this item then (y/n)" i just happened to use 2 scrolls of identify for nothing when i tried to find healing scroll.
could be a little easier to use from belt oh and potions should be just insta use but the scrolls XD.

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