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Discussion / Branching out to othe Roguelikes 2.0
« on: June 24, 2015, 08:09 »
Not sure how active this forum is but I was poking around and saw this thread's original incarnation. And more specficially, mention of an old rogueliuke known as Ragnarok.
And how some of you wanted to play it again but couldn't locate it.
So I did a little internet legwork ad managed to find a working copy for you! If you guys are stll around anyway. It kind of looks like the forum died, what with all the threads being locked. Moderator on a warpath?

I had to do some searching first from Rogue Basin to find their site link, which was of course dead, then I used the internet wayback machine to pull up a working copy. but the download links don't work here unfortunately.
But following links the creator of THAT page put up (As Ragnarok's creator had bailed on the game well before that websites closure.) I found the original download link for the game and it actually works via the wayback machine. Behold.
But do note you need Dosbox to run the game. Its pretty old and hasn't aged well. But it IS interesting.
I just wish the character wouldn't pick p every item he walked over. Heheh.

Anyway, Hope that helps you guys out if you are still alive.

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