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I thought about it. There are enough services out there that specialize on on-demand production of this sort of stuff. However, that's for physical media, which i can't produce in a quality high enough. With digital downloads, the situation is different. Why not just "steal" the tracks, then send me money directly, bypassing all the middle-men?

I second that.

Pity the album is missing one last track or two.

Discussion / Re: Tiles or ASCII?
« on: August 02, 2013, 01:37 »
Need i remind you that modding was much more accessible when you only had to replace a few letters instead of drawing a whole new spritesheet?

This pleases me. Where's it from?

I have built a newsletter system to keep all who are interested updated on new music releases. It is a fairly clever hack with some of the basic functionality of mailing lists - un/subscription, verification, recalling of subscription details, and GPG authentication for posting. Any notices on new releases will be posted there first and then cross-posted to this thread. The mailto link for subscribing can be found on the music page of my website ( The links for the other operations are properly advertised in the message headers.

Most of them did. Rounds of Hell, in particular, weren't included because the infrastructure for them wasn't finished in time. The HQ version, unfortunately, ships with the MP3 versions, which are known to not loop properly. As a workaround, you could grab the OGG files from their download page ( and search-and-replace the extensions of every one of them in music.lua or whatever. A bunch of scripts to do something like that are floating somewhere on the forums (,5254). Me, i have my own config file ( which i just drop in every time i get a new version.

Discussion / Re: DooMRL Comics
« on: March 21, 2013, 06:53 »
I, for one, would like to see more comics in the style PSYCHO MANTITS was making. They're perfect in every way, down to the title.

Not at the time, as far as i know. It's planned, though.

That's because quick_weapon doesn't return whether or not it works like use_item does.
That's no good! Will it do that?

A way to suppress the failed wield messages would also help, i suppose.

While I'm at it, is it possible to create a binding like the following ?
Code: [Select]
["3"] = function()
            if not command.quick_weapon('ashotgun') then
                if not command.quick_weapon('shotgun') then
                    ui.msg("No cool weapon :(");

Nope. I tried this with the new beta, and it doesn't work.
Code: [Select]
["1"] = function()
for i, item in pairs{"uscythe", "spear ", "ubutcher", "chainsaw", "knife"} do
if command.quick_weapon(item) then
return true
ui.msg("You don't have a melee weapon!")
return false
It just aborts after the first one in the list fails. Which is strange, because this works:
Code: [Select]
["SHIFT+M"] = function()
for i, item in pairs{"smed", "lmed"} do
if command.use_item(item) then
return true
ui.msg("No medpacks left!")
return false
["SHIFT+H"] = function()
for i, item in pairs{"hphase", "phase", "umodstaff"} do
if command.use_item(item) then
return true
ui.msg("No phases left!")
return false
I call bug. Pity, would've been fun.

Announcements / Re: ChaosForge Donation Drive - Stretch Goals!
« on: November 07, 2012, 00:42 »
You're going to make my life somewhat more difficult, you know that? :)

Well, i'm sorry i couldn't blow your mind!

Without the usual long preambles (see previous posts if you wish to see what they were like) and making great use of Kornel being busy with things that are not DoomRL, i present my misplaced attempt at the theme for The (Un)Chained Court, aptly named Rage! for some kind of peer review.

(More details are to be found in the first post).

With that, we're back to metal-like stuff, i guess.
The track name is pronounced similarly to "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!111111111~" or somesuch. I don't insist that you pronounce it like that specifically, though. A single exclamation mark will do just fine.

The forums claim that a plugin to do that is in development. Of course, there are always other programs, perhaps even more suitable for the job. (Rosegarden, maybe? Who knows. Didn't check it for years.)

AliensRL / Re: Map marks
« on: September 21, 2012, 05:57 »
Easy now, you don't want to rush God (Hand)'s work...

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