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Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.5d|U|AoLT|Ma|14|YAVP] I finally won! :D
« on: December 16, 2019, 16:30 »

What about posting videos of some of your performances ?
I'd have been curious to watch such an UV game, especially as AoLT.

General Discussion / Re: Best place for giving feedbacks ?
« on: December 16, 2019, 09:05 »
Thanks a LOT for your thorough answers (I factorize for 3 threads :p)

About the tracker, just wanted to spread the idea (& show a working example).
Posting here is fine for me then.
I could post (more) pages of feedbacks and open troll-prone debates with the community... but think waiting&see may be a better approach. (think of points like the addition of powerups)

I answer back to most points, but am perfectly aware all this takes time, and am not in a hurry (waiting years doesn't bother me, really).

Oh, Shift-G ?  Great !
Too bad it's not in the "Keyboard" infos.  Please think of a simple readme file with undocumented features like this, the ctrl-mousewheel zoom in/out, or command line switches (only discovered --gl atm, but had to ask for it).
All those are extremely useful.... providing one is aware they exist.

About the action log, I meant a "messages" view, like we have with p (or is it ctrl-p) ? in DoomRL (and Angband, and probably ToME, etc.).  On screen, I'd like only the last message in the upper left (which could be an option, in a .ini file if you don't want to burden the GUI)

Keeping the key pressed : just tried it again, but it doesn"t do what I need : I have to wait for the repeat to take effect, and even then, it is slower than repeatidly pressing the key.  I wish I could just instantly reach the destination, skipping any animation.

Targeting beeing look mode sounds ok (maybe call it selection mode then ?).  Adding the "view item/enemy/[ground] description" would definitely be a great addition.  I agree we quickly "get familiar with" most things, but beeing noob-friendlier and allow quick checking of some details would be a big step for ergonomy.
Note we currently can't "target" when bare-handed.
Also, I wonder if there's a way of knowing the colour of an advanced armor atm, since I think they all look cyan.

About "more drops", I'll just insist that they are what creates the level's uniqueness and helps having it feel "filled"... but can understand it's one of a zillion priorities.
Glad to know the graphic aspects won't interfere here.

I'll stay tuned, of course.  Both to your answers and new versions.
Keep up the good work.  I paid for your passion, not for the delivery :)

General Discussion / Re: Wiki / game info?
« on: December 16, 2019, 08:03 »
There's already a wiki set up, but we didn't even have time to skin it from the default MediaWiki skin. We're spread thin here, but I'll try to find time for that :/
Ouch :p
Maybe it could be opened as-is, then ?  Well, I guess you prefer "releasing" a polished wiki rather than an "early-access" one ?

Meh, I'm looking forward to it... but also (very) patient, so go at your pace.

Thinking about it, why it matters so much to me is essentially because "try&die" quickly becomes frustrating.
I love having to make decisions/sacrifices and fully assume my choices, but one can't take wise decisions without knowledge (reminds me of my first runs in UC x_+. If only some message did warn me...)
Having to gratuitously suffer for every piece of knowledge is tiresome, but as long as the games gives the player enough infos (i.e. transparency about damages/speed systems, items effects... and challenges to expect), dying quickly improves from painful to plain fun.

So, while a wiki is a good place to learn things and avoid having too much bad surprises, imo, facing the bad surprises is even sweeter... providing it gives more fun than frustrations.
Dying is fun when it's you fault (or just a rare bad RNG), but not when it's just because you have to grind & restart until you know every pitfall.

For this reason, after some runs reaching IO, and an absurd death vs a group of exalted velociraptors (had found no phase, btw), I quickly started to save scum a bit... and didn't stop until I reached & killed the summoner.
And because thats not the way I like to play, I'll risk giving you the truit to slap me, and will suggest to add some nerfed "scummable" save system to JH. (alias, saves not cleared when used).
Of course, this doesn't look much compatible with permadeath at first glance, but I think it actually is, if done properly.

The purpose is NOT to let one get any "achievement", but to explore and understand the game.

Some examples of cool systems enabling such exploration:

-Angband's "Allow player to avoid death" option lets you play in real conditions, just without having to redo everything if your Lvl45 char dies to some unknown threat
-Tourist difficulty, in "Serious Sam", gives you hp (& maybe ammo) regen.  A funny way to explore the game for one not wanting challenge.
(This reminds me DoomRL GOT his Tourist module !  Which was a great way to learn the backside of the game & levels, and gave me the idea to rocket-call the AM in CC)
-N64 Goldeneye / Perfect dark featured "cheat options", unlockable by beating some challenges (in their case, completing some level under some time)
-Also, Soldier of fortune's save system was interesting, compared to Doom or Quake: in easy, you had several saves per mission (level), and in hard, maybe one.  In what I'd call UV, you had none.

I know all this might look in opposition with our vision of permadeath, but I think permadath's goal is to have people assume their choices & mistakes (or life's bad luck).
I don't see any point in killing characters in a "try & die" way just because they were not aware of some trap, like in the current military base (where using a smoke before walking the ambush-step makes all the difference... providing you know what happens when you walk tile X)

In JH, loading without destroying the save could really be an option.
If it was me, I think I'd allow this at game start (call it military simulator :p), just disabling any achievement/victory onbtained for such a run (and probably advertising "What you could have got", instead).

In fact, this approach seems way better to me than having to check the wiki/forums, mainly because it needs the player to find his own way with his own perceptions, rather than copying the way other people play.
For me, wiki/debug modules are mainly useful once you know most of the game aspects, so that you can discover things you didn't notice yet. (I didn't open any binding of Isaac wiki before I beat the game a *lot* of times)

Requests For Features / Re: Crazy ideas thread
« on: December 16, 2019, 03:41 »
Ok, so it's a full "design" mode", like in Master of Orion, Warzone 2100, etc.
I wonder how this would work (considering "mods" & unique stuff), but will just keep confident you'll come-up with something relevant.
(What I'd imagine is similar to the stuffing screen of a RPG, with green/red "+2dmg -1 max range" numbers if you replace that barrel)

Anyway, the most important here to me is that we don't always end-up with the same thing (Tac boots : never again !).
I'm sure all it needs is time and chaos-forging iterations, so I'll just wait & see.

@Mihey if you speak of character traits, I'd bet we can :)

General Discussion / Re: Wiki / game info?
« on: December 12, 2019, 05:31 »
So, no wiki atm ?
All I found was the "Fandom" one  (quite ugly and messy to me, I'm really not fan of those).

Would hosting one (more) wiki here on Chaosforge require much efforts or costs ?
I'd really love an equivalent of what we have for DoomRL.

General Discussion / Best place for giving feedbacks ?
« on: December 12, 2019, 04:30 »
I'd have thought it's the "Dev" forum, here on ChaosForge, but it looks a bit lethargic.
(I'd love an all-members-accessible tracker, like  Not hoping for it, but can't resist throwing the idea)

So, shall I post here, in the general ?  Or rather on <Erk> Steam </Erk> forums ?

Here are some appetizers "requestions" & suggestions, about little things I miss sooooooo much @v0.85 :

  • Can't use from the ground yet ?  You put a lot in improving the gameplay fluidity, but this one doesn't seem heavy to implement, and brings a lot. (Especially with current absence of inventory shortcuts or keybindings.lua to add custom binds, which needs many keypresses for basic things like using a medkit).
    One of the best improvement between DoomRL and imo, really)
  • An actions log, please !
    Even a raw one, with things like "R inflicted 18 impact to @" would be better than the current void.
    I'm often wondering what just happened, what did I kill, what did I just grab, etc...  this would really help. (and so would, having the last actions text-described in the upper left.)
  • Why no ability to "run" ? (read "move in a direction until something is encountered").  Playing slow bores me, but spamming move keys often turns in getting "ambushed" and reacting too late.  I can't think of any obstacle to implementing this.  Is there any ?
  • Why is there no "look" command ? We have a targeting cursor and a function to display infos about the item we stand on. Easy to add, wouldn't it ?
  • Add some more drops & powerups please !  I'm sure this is planned, of course, but such contents greatly contribute to the gameplay dynamic.
    Even simple things, like little health/armor bonuses, or ammo, would incite the player to priorize or skip areas, and influence the gameflow a lot.

Subsidiary question : are the absence of powerups or run command linked in any way with the 3D render ?

Requests For Features / Re: Crazy ideas thread
« on: December 12, 2019, 03:48 »
Trying the game again (0.85), I feel the current 3-weapons-restriction and mods don't fit very well together.
I wanted to propose A mods could be used for crafting a scope, or B mods for a clip extender, which one could remove from a weapon when abandoning it.
Is it what you mean by "modular ?  That'd be sweet.

I love the necessity to trash things, especially if it depends on things like ammo drops forcing you to deal with what you get, instead of what you'd want.
But if one trashes his weapons every other levels, mods would become utterly useless.

Discussion / Re: Worst master trait
« on: June 05, 2017, 07:02 »
Would agree with MBD.  The op forgot to mention the terrible blocks : Hellrunner, Eagle Eye, Brute.
In other words : you empty your magazine faster...but miss your targets a lot, and if you happen to get short of ammo, you are not even unable to zerk in, nor to run efficiently for your life.

Survivalist?  Well... it sucks, you're right.  But I actually used it to get my AoHu UV win.
I was astounded with the ammount of damages I could sustain.  It was really impressive, and ridiculous.
In fact, in this game, I did something I never did before : I tanked out the whole mortuary.  (Letting myself hit so that viles burn the corpses and so on... I was somehow playing "entrenchment-style", but with a 18 or 20 HP marine...).
Somehow close to the way a melee build character would have played... but with MSV replacing the berserk trait.
The reason I chose this crappy skill for that challenge was that my previous scout all died to boredom and/or lack of attention, which kills you very quickly when you visit hell.
I only remember two of them, but one died of a plasma burst while waiting, and the other... ahem, mistakenly walked over lava with his nice phaseshift suit and [A] modded tac boots.
My stupid survivalist probably made a few similar mistakes, but didn't care much about it, and just made it !

So, I'd say its a shitty skill, but I wouldn't rate it useless

Entrenchment and Shottyhead are quite terrible too but I doubt they are as bad as MBD.

MEn's problem is probably more the prerequisites and blocks than the skill itself).  I have to admit I only used this trait once or twice... so I could say I did.
TH is, from my POV, a negative pick; but only one level is required.
I don't see much interest in picking Bad(ass), but it's not a useless skill.
If I'm right, the Fin(esse) block isn't that dramatic either, since you have a direct access to WK, which lets you craft decent toys.
The Rel(oader) block is probably the worse problem, since crafting a nanomachic weapon is a good solution, but can be quite hard to reach, and rapid fire weapons reload time are too high.

Of course, another drawback of this skill is that it does work ONLY if you're using chainfire.
Usually, I sometimes use chainfire to kill big enemies faster, but more often, I just use the 1st step, to save some ammo.

Shottyhead... well, the concept is funny, but blocking SOB on shotguns makes them pretty useless imo.
Unless you craft an elephant gun, you can't rely enough on knockback.  Also, you'll waste your shells too fast.  And what for, dodge ?  Cornershooting is (alas), way more efficient.  Btw, elephant gun is BAD at cornershooting, which means you have to choose a drawback, while you wouldn't without this trait and his blocks.
With a regular shotgun and SOB2, you are roughly unreacheable if hidden behind a simple corner, so why block this perfection with a useless master trait ?

Of course, later, you can "replace" SOB with P-mods, but you're always OP in mid/late game anyway.  Getting powerful enough at level 2 is better than at level 10.  And stacking P-mods AND SoB remains better than choosing only one :)

At last, I would say Scavenger.
I love its concept, but IIRC, un-crafting assemblies just gives you one mod back, which is completely useless.
Disassembling trigun or BFG10K is a blasphemy, of course, but is probably the only real potential use of this trait in a normal game.
Aside from that, its cool... for people which started a new savefile and need to quickly uncover most assemblies so that their Hell's Armory doesn't get screwed with stupid schematics.

The great thing with this trait is that the prerequisites are actually useful, and it doesn't block useful traits outside of Berserker. (You can even get Brute if necessary !) This, is pretty cool, really.

For the rest...I doubt Gun Kata is very useful either (MSs is probably a zillion times more powerful), but I doubt it's a bad skill.  It can probably be played the way it was designed to be, and might be good if MSs wasn't better.
All the other seem to have a use.  I hate gunrunner, but it seems usable in a way.  MFA is quite weird too, but has a really freaking potential, and most other skills are probably actually good.

Discussion / Re: mortuary strategy
« on: May 25, 2017, 05:42 »
 I usually choose the endurance strategy :
- Use hatred skull
- Rocket jump to the upper right.  Take care of the nuclear BFG.  Don't let any monster explode it !.
- Kill everything on sight, priorizing viles.  Reach for them if really necessary, but try to stay in your safe place.
- Then, abuse the BFG.  You'll often want to put your B-mod(s) on it.  Radarshoot with it !  Kill all the corpses you can at every recharge.  When something is alive, just turn it to a corpse first, and repeat the steps.  If you play carefully, you can kill most enemies without even needing to see them, actually.
- You can use some ammo when needed (e.g. rocketting a stack of monsters+corpses), but try to stick with using the BFG if you can.  Ammo fade out very fast in the mortuary.  On the other hand, don't lose your hp to grab some ammo unless you need it.  If you have to shoot your BFG somewhere, forget about all those nice rockets and plasma charges.  Staying alive is more important than stockpiling.
- Finally, blast that stupid assault shotgun for showing up so late.

Notes :
- Don't be afraid of "wasting" a BFG shot to destroy only a few enemies or even corpses.  The recharge time quickly becomes a negligible problem anyway
- I don't care much about the supercharges.  I try not to destroy them, of course, but rarely really need them.  I think I mainly use them to spare some time, since they allow me to rambo, not bothering much about playing safe.  Once I depleted them, I start playing more carefully.  Sometimes, my first move is a rocket jump to the right.  Yep, destroying the starting bonuses & covers... time is precious :)

- When jumping to the right at start, I often spend a few rounds chainsawing or nanoplasming the viles I find.  I think it's wiser to just ignore them at that time. It's important to keep in mind that my objective is the BFG. More time spent => more monsters revived => more revenants & mancubi) => more chances to get it destroyed.  I think the only time one should afford to "waste" when going for the BFG should be for using 1 or 2 extra skulls. 
- The few walls can be very useful once you just grabbed the BFG.  They rarely last long, though.
- Starting straight with a homing phase device gives you 25% chances to get to the BFG immediately (50% to get the BFG or B-mod, which both are good results).  I don't advise this strategy, since it costs a HPD, is highly random, and also gives you 50% chance to get to the OPPOSITE side, but it can be interesting, especially if you don't care much about YAAM, and just want to try getting some loot before chickening.  More devices can mean more tries, btw.

- I probably make a few adjustments when playing N!.  But anyway, I don't often play N!. Takes too much time to Conquer+YAAM.

- Oh, and forgot Limbo.  Well, its way easier imo.  Just kill all the viles in the middle.  If you got unlimited ammo, radarshoot viles on right & left platforms, and finish the lesser monsters. Raising the bridges should bring you fights which are usually not that hard.  Consider rocketting enemies in lava.  Note that if you have a nano plasma gun, you can just kill everything without needing to take any risks.  Often, I don't even bother using the nuclear BFG on that level.  Few monsters, few risks...  well, it remains an alternative for clearing out all the left part.  Yet, I wouldn't try to rush for it as I do in the Mortuary, since lava hurts :).  On N!, try to kill the N! cacos over lava, and gib everything, since monsters respawn without viles.  Skulls, rockets and BFG should be enough for the middle, but reaching the nuke-BFG can be tricky.  Once you got it, abuse it.  N! deserves it !

Personally, I've never set foot in the Mortuary[...]
Coward :p
Who gave you the ticket to hell, anyway ? !

I'd go for the TacRL.
I often try to get one for the Armory, since it makes shambler's head easier (and getting it tends to give you a nano, which is neat).

It can never be guaranteed, but I don't see much use for those (great) B-mods anyway. My next ones usually go on a plasma gun (which I try to make nanomachic), then on BFGs (which barely ever use, but big BFGs are cool, and makes me comfortable)
You might also consider the gatling gun, which is great.  I stopped crafting it since I reserve my B for tacRL & my plasma gun, but it rocks.
The only sad thing is that it's a sort of plasma gun... with bullet type damages.  Which is a bit weak.  On the other hand, it's usually easier to find a bunch of bullets.
The other assemblies seem pointless to me, since a normal weapon with 5 mods will often be just better than a dubious assembly.

I don't remember well.  Was the movement penalty for bluk-modding armors removed in ?  If it wasn't, I wouldn't advise to do it.
Fireproof can probably be a good armor, but I forgot about it due to its lack of versality, since some (maybe too good) stuff exist, and don't have such drawbacks.

Putting B on chainsaw is cool, but I doubt it's as useful as it should be, since BRU/BER give you insane damage boosts already anyway, and the AoD basically requires either great speed, or crude melee power, which kinda both make the damage difference unnecessary.

Releases / Re: The Inferno Module
« on: March 06, 2017, 06:36 »
Looks like I had lost hope prematurely.

Glad to read that :)

Releases / Re: Vid's DoomRL Sound Pack
« on: February 25, 2017, 07:29 »
didn't have time to try it enough yet, but is sounds nice.

I'm a bit too much used to the standard sounds, so it felt a little Destabilizing for my first uses, but I'm sure I'll love it.

Thanks for sharing !

Discussion / Re: Quick question about intuition + berserk
« on: February 15, 2017, 17:32 »
Just in case I didn't growl against this somewhere already in the past, and because I don't want JH to retain this kind of "features"
im of the opinion that the color changes from invul/enviro suit/berserk are sacrificing too much

+42 !

It participates to make the game "doomish", which is one of its value... true.  But on the other hand, I never play berserk, and often don't use the radiation suits I find (outside of one for the Limbo pits, btw)... essentially because it makes the game ugly, and also quite often because the little protection it gives is rarely worth reducing your player's perception (even without INT).
Invulnerability doesn't bother me.  Its exactly as it was in the original game, and doesn't cripple your perceptions.  I'm even pretty persuaded this visual effect, in the original Doom, was also intended to give the player a little drawback (but honestly, dit it ?)

I'm sure a slighter filter would be OK.  As long as it remains doomish (or Jupitish xD), but Hell !  Not anything that ugly again.

Ah, forgot it blocks reloader too.  But is it really worth it ?  You were probably OP enough long before MCE, and I doubt it was really useful at that point.
Personally, I nearly always play masterless now, to avoid blocks, but... I guess it doesn't matter too much at that level, indeed.

And MCE remains a cool pick.

Nice Portal reference, though.  ;)
The misleading information was of course part of the reference.  My counter would be wayyyyyy higher, otherwise :)

But while it remains pretty hard, I find this difficulty interesting.  Kinda looks like "the game's highest challenge" to me, which is very subjective, with the ton of badges asking for ridiculous demonstrations of skill.

Yet, since we both seem to suck at avoiding damages, I have to remind you that removing max carnage gives you the possibility to dodge, which leaves you with way more strategies than "just cornershooting".  Thats one of the reasons why I never play this "challenge".  It does not only makes the game overall easier, but also puts you on rails, removing too much of the gameplay for me.  In fact, it may be like INT2 : at some stage, I've taken the habit to pick it everytime, but once the monsters behaviour was mastered, it was more productive to skip it, like I quickly skipped MCE.

Bah, I digress, I digress.  You know that already anyway, so why would I even try to argue ?
I'd better ask you what you think of replacing a few late levels (at least, those stupid SOB) with TaN or REL.  I doubt BER would be worth it, but TaN looks like a good late pick to me.  Is SOB picked for any precise reason here ?

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