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Title: Possible improvement of skills in Berserk[0.8]
Post by: Fingerzam on February 25, 2007, 13:58
Right now, I see some problems with a part of the skills in Berserk. Some of the skills are highly situational, some are only of minor use,  while others are all-around useful.


Sweep is an exellent skills, as it isn't too expensive and can be used all of the time, though you do need some points in dexterity to make it actually useful.


The problem with whirlwind is that it is worth using only in some desperate situations, which should be avoided. Some ways to make it better would be to have the energy cost be depended on the number of monsters you actually hit, so that it could be used as a larger sweep.


Running is again a good skill, as you can run out of tough situations. Perhaps another skill that would work like this, but would make basic attacks faster?


Well, I'm not a big friend of impale, but it might just be me not able to think outside of the box. The problem I see with this is that when it gets crowded and I would really like to kill something quickly, it's a bit hard to get exactly one step away from it to impale it. Might just be quicker to kill it normally.

Jumping Attack:

Jumping Attack helps a bit to the problem I see with impale, but I still need to have the free space, and this one has a list of requirements.

Because of this I just usually prefer to start with good old sweep and advance to whirlwind or running. And because I usually want to have as high dexterity as possible, I might just go without either of them and put my points to dexterity.

Do you have suggestions for possible new skills and improvements for the current ones?

And please prove me wrong in the case of Impale/Jumping Attack.
Title: Re: Possible improvement of skills in Berserk[0.8]
Post by: Zephyre Syx on March 05, 2007, 20:29
It's all part of the strategy.  Skills aren't manitory until you run into the situation that you will naturally, and are most effective to use them.  Impale is used if you want to attack and dispatch an enemy ahead of you without having to do additional moves.  As with Jump attack is more of attack/evade or attack/aggression tactic where you need to get away at tight situations or blow through your victom in a haste.

Think chess.

To further explain, open Berzerk! and pick Massacre, and then set Strenght 14, Endurance 12, and Dex 12.  Distribute the rest to whatever suits your play style, or all on willpower to effectively use the skills later.  Now put a point on Running, Impale, and JumpAttack...

While playing, think of your goals, and what you've put on your trusty strategy guide.  You want all your enemies in one direction so you don't get surrounded, or get away from a later threat when oppose by a bulldemon or multiple powerhouses.  This is where Impale, and JumpAttack comes to play.  Know that these skill consume a ton of E so plan wisely ahead of your uses.   When surrounded or two bulldemons are coming in your direction, use a jumpattack on the closer enemies that have a space behind it.  It's a great "getaway" tactic and luckily will dispatch your enemy in the process.  Impale is great for aggression when you score a knockback on one of your meat demon, or are at charging distance.

Play with this idea, and soon, you'll have even more strategy to add to your guide. =1
Title: Re: Possible improvement of skills in Berserk[0.8]
Post by: Nentator-H on March 10, 2007, 01:05
another skill...acrobatics would be exceptionally useful for getting out of crowded situations,but without an attack at the same same!