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Bug Reports / Re: DRL won't compile with default settings
« on: June 23, 2023, 09:14 »
I had an idea! Could someone else with access to 32-bit Windows compile makewad.exe for me, using the instructions on the github? That's all I need, really. If I had that, I might be able to do the rest myself and start seeing what I can do! Maybe even start adding some content. Been dying to try.

What a game!

This game was meant to be a theorycrafting game for Survivalist, but like a dippy, I forgot to actually plan out the levels to make sure I'd have enough to get it, so I opened with my favorite traits and then realized I was going to miss Son of a Gun 5 if I did literally anything else, so I ended up going Masterless Marine Dualgunner. Honestly, though, my fave! Even got a combat pistol and a nano pack in Deimos Lab! Made myself a Powered Red Armor so I could get rid of a power mod and dump the rest of my armor and make room in my inventory. Ended up being the only armor I needed from there on out!

What I'm getting out of this game is that Survivalist is better in Angel of 100, because the power level of the gunplay was solid, it seriously felt like I was playing HMP, it just couldn't actually finish itself without more level-ups.

Agility mods would not stop dropping. I swear I found like 10 of them. Never got the right combo to finish Cerberus Boots, but hell, a win's a win.

I wanted to save a homing phase device in case Halls of Carnage showed up (it did) but the level prior, my one phase device ended up sending me straight into the two mancubi and baron I was trying to run from, so I had to pop the homer to survive. In spite of not having one, though, I snagged the BFG by the skin of my teeth and cleaned house! The very next turn after picking it up, lava washed over the tile it was on.

Had a crazy idea that I was going to try clearing Limbo even though I had no more ammo for my pistols and barely any for my shotgun because I had a homing phase device and the BFG and plenty of cells and a cell pack. Lucky for me, the opening went well and I gibbed all the corpses in the center while killing the viles, and the homing phase device took me straight to the Nuclear BFG, so now I had the infinite ammo weapon I'd need to fully clear the level. I killed the viles on the east side with the last few bullets in my combat pistol then wiped the rest out with my Nuclear BFG, working my way over slowly.

It was honestly routine at that point. I've cleared Limbo before.

I almost lost the game going through the Lava Pits with only one envirosuit. I tried to run through and medpack spam with my tactical boots once my protective boots got close to melted, but that was a hilariously bad idea as expected, so I homing phase device'd it right out of there, only for the next level to start me in a tiny hellhouse with about 20+ X marks outside the only door. I tried waiting to see if any would leave, but instead they all came right in immediately and I had 30% health. There were mancubi, viles, knights, barons, the works. Lucky for me I had SoG 5 and some heavily modded pistols by then, because I needed all of that firepower just to not die. Eventually the viles showed their faces and I could finally thin the herd until I had an opening to get out with 20% life remaining. But there, just a few tiles away across the street to the north, was a large health globe. Saved! There was even an invulnerability right next to the stairs as well as a nuke. Great! I could get a full win after all!

Could've nuked JC with how much invuln time I had left, but I didn't want to chance it, so I just attacked him normally and won that way. Almost didn't make it though! I still had no healing items, so any damage I took was permanent, and he summoned huge squads of knights.

I'm proud of this win for one thing: it's become abundantly clear to me that I'm casually fully-winning on Ultra-Violence now, even doing silly things like diving into superior Chained Court just for funsies and mods and feeling pretty comfortable with the whole thing. I think that means I'm finally a good player!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Discussion / Theorycrafting Survivalist
« on: June 22, 2023, 17:19 »
Survivalist is often panned by many for not being very good, and I can understand the reasons why, but I also think it's got potential that people aren't seeing, because I've definitely had games with it where it worked great, good enough that I even said it felt like the best one, so what gives?

Well, the things you're blocked from taking are a bit painful. No SoB means no rapids, and it also has no Hellrunner or Berserker, so it can't use its tankiness for melee either, and it'll always be slow and unable to dodge.

However, it does have great options open to it, and if Berserker was allowed, I'm positive it would be OP. You can still take Brute, so it isn't barred from melee, it's just not as good as Vampyre, which it shouldn't be. Keep a Hatred Skull on hand in case you find Dragonslayer and use your other options for the rest of the game.

Notably, Eagle Eye and Intuition are allowed, as are Finesse/Whizkid/Juggler, Reloader/Shottyman, and Son of a Gun/Dualgunner.

The most obvious way forward to me is a Pistol build that caps off with Tough as Nails2/Ironman3/Badass and becomes unkillable. Get your Whizkid as needed, make a really nice armor, and you're golden.

Something I've noticed is people really underrate TaN, but having opened with it before, it is really noticeable and even makes green and blue armors feel like red armor. I wouldn't open with it instead of SoG > Dualgunner, but it makes a big difference, and people kinda act like it does nothing.

Ironman is of course not really something you open with, it's something you take after your build is finished so you can make it to the end, so that's what we'll do with it here. Just like Scavenger, this isn't really meant to be the thing that launches you into the midgame, it's meant to seal up your victory after you had fun being creative with your other options.

Badass is the weakest trait in the build, but it also makes large medpacks great once you get it, so we'll take it last.

I'm gonna run through some UV games with it and come back with my findings.

It's kinda no secret that Bullet Dance is terrible. I tried to make it work on UV, being the pistol fiend that I am, and my God, I really couldn't. It was worse than nothing. The only time I've seen someone make it work on HMP is when they found a GCB and a CP back to back in the same game. Yeah if you find two high capacity pistols, you have what you need to make it work, but with basic pistols only, you NEED to bulk mod them to the moon before you take the mastery or you spend more time reloading than firing your guns, and worse yet, it makes firing take longer and is annoying to play, which strips your nice pistol build of all its pistol upsides.

But that out of the way, I found that it becomes actually pretty usable on Angel of Max Carnage. Yeah you're still blocked from taking All That Good Shit, and many other builds are still better, but at least now its DPS is there and worth the trade-offs. You do still need to bulk mod your Pistols before you take the finisher, but at least it's actually good once you do.

Really though, I think both Sharpshooter and Bullet Dance highlight the need for more basic pistols the way the combat shotgun and double shotgun exist. Even rapids have the plasma rifle, pistols just get the one pistol and the specials and mods, which makes them uniquely loot luck dependent. Sharpshooter either needs to have less requirements and level 6, or something powerful but inaccurate to justify its overkill accuracy, like a revolver that needs to cock every shot unless it fans the hammer, like a reverse Aimed Shot, and Bullet Dance needs SMGs, or something with higher capacity mags, or just let it take Eagle Eye. Please just let it take Eagle Eye.

Discussion / Everyone sleeps on Scavenger
« on: June 22, 2023, 06:07 »
Even me! Yes I am still playing this game! I took one look at those mastery and went "that does nothing without luck," but tbh, after winning so many UV games with it, I feel that Scavenger is less of a Mastery and more of a Masterless build or Pistol/Rapid hybrid build that can actually get some use out of the useless uniques it finds.

What makes it so strong is what it doesn't block and what it encourages you to get. Intuition is probably one of the best things to go for, you really want Whizkid 2 anyway, and right as you'd reach Deimos Lab or Hell's Armory on UV, you can see if you'd want to use it and then either level up and take it, or delay it until you need it and get another level of SoB or SoG or Hellrunner or something.

You can get benefit out of old assemblies and modded weapons you're not going to use anymore. You can carry single early game mods in weapons where they're useful and then get those mods back later.

In my opinion, it's a better rapid mastery and pistol mastery than the Technician's own two masteries in those categories. In short games where you can't max out both SoB and SoG, Sharpshooter does pull ahead, but the difference is actually not very big, and Scavenger has the advantage of being able to ramp up into roughly the same power level while getting the things that Sharpshooter needs anyway, rather than being forced to plateau while it gets those things, and in Angel of 100, Scavenger is just straight up better even before you factor in the whole disassembly thing. Once you max out SoB and SoG, Scavenger does comparable to outright better DPS on average with single pistols. Yes, all of them. They fire at the same speed so let's just look at the damage numbers.

Basic pistol & Blaster: 2d4, average 5.
Sharpshooter: 5 + 8 =12.
Scavenger: 10 + 5 = 15.

P3 pistol: 2d7, average 8.
Sharpshooter: 14 + 5 = 19 vs
Scavenger: 8 + 10 = 18

Combat Pistol: 3d3, average 6.
Sharpshooter: 9 + 5 = 14.
Scavenger: 6 + 10 = 16.

P3 Combat Pistol & Trigun: 3d6, average 10.5
Sharpshooter: 18 + 5 = 23
Scavenger: 10.5 + 10 = 20.5

Grammaton Cleric Beretta:
2d6, average 7, or 1d8 avg 4.5 x3, or 1d7 avg 4 x6
Sharpshooter: 12 + 5 = (17) / 8 + 5 = 13 x3 = (39) / 7 + 5 = 12 x6 = (72)
Scavenger: 7 + 10 = (17) / 4.5 + 10 = 14.5 x3 = (43.5) / 4 + 10 = 14 x6 = (84)

Anti Freak Jackal: 5d3 average 10
Sharpshooter: 15+5 = 20
Scavenger:10+10 = 20

This is on top of Scavenger being able to use rapid weapons effectively and disassemble things. The only advantages Sharpshooter has is better Trigun numbers and being able to use melee with Berserker, and I don't think anybody's been doing that.

Don't forget that in normal games, you can go to The Wall/Containment Area and get a guaranteed missile launcher to disassemble, then go to City of Skulls and get another one. One time I got two Sniper Packs in Deimos Lab and made myself a S2B3 pistol and won the game easy.

There's things you can do with Scavenger even in normal games and it's more reliable than Sharpshooter. One of the best things is being able to open with Rapid weapons when they're stronger and then either close the game out with Rapids if you can make a nanomachic, or pivot into pistols if you find a good one. I would say Scavenger is the most slept on of all the masteries. Some people see its potential, but most just look at what it gives you and go "eh" without realizing what its lack of overly harsh blocks enables you to do while forcing you to get things you want anyway, and if you end up never needing it... then don't take it! Just skip the mastery and grab Dualgunner and profit! It can pivot into a Masterless build in an instant if it's not coming in handy!

Bug Reports / DRL won't compile with default settings
« on: May 27, 2023, 21:12 »
I'm interested in keeping this game alive and adding some features to my own personal version of the game, but while I've got Lua experience, I've got no experience programming in Pascal, so first I decided to try compiling a fresh batch of DoomRL Source Code to make sure I knew that was working.

I followed the instructions on the GitHub exactly:

I installed the latest 32-bit version of Lazarus, as instructed. I managed to put the Valkyrie libraries in the right place, and the program found them, so that was promising.

The problem is, when I clicked Build after opening src/makewad.lpi, it gave me an error, and I suspect this is why the instructions tell you to use 32-bit Lazarus:

vconui.pas(411,20) Error: Can't determine which overloaded function to call

A google search told me that this is related to the compiler trying to build it in 64-bit and having two options for which data type to use and not being able to decide. However, the search results also stated it does compile in 32-bit Lazarus...

4 years ago.

Unfortunately, I triple-checked that I am in fact using 32-bit Lazarus, I even tried using an older version dated to Jan 5 2022, and when that also failed, I used many options in the menus to try and get it to compile a 32-bit program. None of them worked. Unfortunately, I am using 64-bit Windows, so maybe that's the issue...

Unfortunately, this means the instructions are incomplete, and I can't create makewad.exe. Without these files, any changes or updates I try to make to the source code would be pointless, so I'm afraid I can't continue unless somebody knows a workaround.

Can somebody help me?

EDIT: I may have figured it out. Cross-compiler instructions may be needed.

I'll try this and update later.

EDIT 2: NOPE. That did not work. Exact same problem.

Post Mortem / Re: [M|AoB|92%|YAFW] First win
« on: December 17, 2017, 05:39 »
My first win was AoB too, but I took the easy path and went Marine. I've never won with Malicious Blades on AoB, so feel proud of that feat!

Releases / Re: Vid's DoomRL Sound Pack
« on: March 03, 2017, 02:20 »
I don't remember that one being an mp3. I'll double check that one.

I fixed all the crashes on Windows long ago though, so imagine my confusion...


Releases / Re: Vid's DoomRL Sound Pack
« on: March 02, 2017, 05:11 »
That is fucking weird.

Thanks a ton, though! I'll put them in as separate LUAs for Linux, since I can't be sure everyone has the HQ sound pack for windows, and I want mod installation to be as painless as possible. This way, I can be sure everything works. I credited you in the readme.

Releases / Re: Vid's DoomRL Sound Pack
« on: February 27, 2017, 23:49 »
Several crashes on Linux due to a fair few case sensitive names being wrong (dsclaw64.wav instead of DSCLAW64.wav) and also no special level music seem to work on linux. I haven't figured out why yet, but I'm working on it. Other than that, I like the soundpack. The Anti-Freak Jackal was tons of fun using with this soundpack, useless as it was. ^^

If you get it all figured out, post the lua files so I can merge it with the mod and we'll have a nice debugged sound pack that works for all versions. I can't debug for Linux, so any bug squashing you manage to do will help a ton.

That special level music bug is a weird bug, because I didn't change any of the special level music except, like, one. The only one I changed was Phobos Lab. I included all the music that came with the game in its own folder, just so I could be sure nobody would be missing it, and all the music points to the new folder. Besides that, I didn't change the music for levels 1-8, and those use default files too, so if it's only the special levels missing music, I have no idea.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though! It's an initial release, so there's bound to be bumps that need smoothing out. I might consider swapping the Combat Knife sound with the Subtle Knife sound, so that the Wolf3D stab sound becomes a neat little easter egg rather than what you're forced to listen to if you use a knife build. Then again, I kinda like that sound.

Releases / Vid's DoomRL Sound Pack
« on: February 20, 2017, 19:43 »
One day I got fed up with the fact that the sounds in this game never progress. Everything sounds the same! Plus, we only have like 8 songs! Drives me nuts. To hell with that! Over the years, I've shamelessly stolen gathered a bunch of sounds and music and packed them into this sound pack, which I've been greedily enjoying by myself for quite a while. I am now releasing to the internet so that you, too, may enjoy it!

UPDATE: Now works with Linux if you use Moonshine Fox's Linux files, included in the latest installation.

What this does:

* Every level up to level 25 now has its own music, properly matched to its place in Classic Doom. If any level in the game re-used a track, I put in a different remix so that you don't have to listen to the same music twice. Decided against putting more tracks in past level 25 so that Ao100 players can have the whole thing on shuffle past that. Credits are in the Readme, and most of the files themselves say who wrote them in the filename (if they don't, it's probably by Per Kristan Risvik because I swiped borrowed it from DoomMetalVol4). All the DoomRL original compositions were left alone because they're great.

* Every item in the game now has its own sounds. Basic items retain their old (HQ) firing sounds, and I even found a HQ version of the Plasma Rifle firing sound that wasn't there before, but everything else is new -- the Double/Super Shotgun now have their proper reload sound, and items without reload sounds now have unique reload sounds. (Unfortunately, I couldn't separate the Shotgun's firing sound from its pump sound without making them sound worse, so I just gave it a generic shell reload sound so that it doesn't sound like you're pumping twice). Uniques and Exotics all have completely new sounds.

* Many things with incorrect sounds (i.e. rocket launcher explosions) have had their sounds corrected. Cyberdemon's hoof now has the metal hoof sound in addition to its old sound. Anything with a footstep sound in the classic game now has it. Shamblers now have their Quake sounds, ripped straight from Quake. Wolfenstein/Spear of Destiny weapons and enemies now have their respective sounds. I had to splice a few sounds to get them to sound right, but it wasn't hard work.

* Elite/Nightmare Enemies and Bosses all have their own sounds (except the Arena Master, because I just didn't feel like giving him anything). Some are Doom 3 and Doom 64 sounds, but some, like the Nightmare Vile... are unique.

* [Forgot to Mention] All levers and switches in the game have sounds now.

This sound pack includes the default HQ sound pack, otherwise there would be crash bugs if you're not using it. Installation instructions are in the included Readme. Let me know if any problems arise, or if I missed anything. I only tested it on Windows, so if it doesn't work on your platform... oops?

Very nice YAAAM.  ;)  (Almost!)

Eagle Eye 5?  O_o  I would've thought that EE3 was already overkill.  (I sometimes wonder why EE can even go up to 5)

And that's pretty funny that your pistol was consistently gibbing the formers!  :D  Almost makes me want to try it myself.  :)

EE5 was overkill. I thought it would make me miss less while shooting things I couldn't see, but nope. Didn't even make my Grammaton miss less in full auto. I guess there's a hard cap on accuracy, and distance/sight penalty is factored in afterwards.

It was hilarious fun to just click and splat. Even lost souls "gibbed", but that does nothing except make funny noses. I just wish more of my runs had this kind of luck with drops early on. Combat Pistol is so good I wish there was one in Armory or Deimos Lab.

Good story. I assume you ran into the lava flood before you had your Inquisitor's set?

And I'm surprised at how little ammo you're carrying. Is this your standard kit, so to say?

I finished the inquisitor set on level 83, and the flood that ruined YAAM was the very first one I got at level 42. I didn't even find Malek's until 2 levels later, but I held onto it just in case. After that blunder, I made a concerted effort to build a Cerberus Boots to ensure I had a backup plan.

This is indeed my standard build, I love Sharpshooter because it's like AoMC, but only for you, and besides that, I love pistols and hate dual wielding.

I'm carrying so little ammo because it was the last level and I splurged. I normally do single shots, but I switched to full auto on my Grammaton and unleashed since I had 6 stacks of bullets. Grammaton full auto with SoG5 does up to 72 damage every .1 seconds for a whopping 720 DPS. You can one-shot Barons if all shots hit, but it eats ammo fast. The levels before, I tried to keep at least 4 stacks of bullets, and some levels had more of one ammo than others, so I'd sometimes go into a new level with 7 stacks of cells and just a bullet ammo chain, or no cells and 7 bullet stacks, or an even mix of both. I rarely kept spare rockets once I finished my Tactical Launcher, since Mancubus and Revenants drop rockets and those are everywhere, but I had space in my inventory as I went through the stairs, so I grabbed a bunch. By the time I got Grammaton, I basically stopped using shotgun shells, even though I found the Super Shotgun and decked it out gradually. It used Shells so quickly and never did nearly enough DPS compared to my pistols, so I considered dropping it. Glad I didn't, since it helps clean up after Agony Elementals die. Still, it felt like my ECP could stunlock them to death and kill them in a single clip before they summon anything (I was killing them so cleanly, I actually wondered if they summoned anything outside of a standard game for a bit), so my pistols still do all the heavy lifting even when I do take out the SSG.

I probably do carry too many medkits though. I hoard every one I see, and my ammo always suffers as a result. I just hate throwing them away.

The thing I do that changes from game to game is what level I get WK, because I always get WK2. If I suddenly stumble upon a lot of mods, I'll get WK after EE1, and then I'll finish WK before moving on. This time, I didn't get any mods in the first few levels, so I delayed WK until after MSs, and then mods started dropping.

I don't even make an assembly out of my main pistol most of the time, I find decked out normal guns better. 3P Combat Pistol is fucking disgusting, and a 3P1B1T normal pistol is a good-enough substitute until SoG5. I only made the energy combat pistol because I found the Grammaton, and I had the mods on hand. Turned out to be the best move I made in the run, since I was drowning in cells, and the plasma damage helps a TON with Revs and Souls. 2-shotting revenants with an attack time of 0.1s and instagibbing formers at will is hilarious. Sometimes I'd have to stop using the thing on formers so I could get them to drop ammo! You can also shoot holes in walls with the energy combat pistol +P, which helps if you knock something back too far. I think I'm going to make that Energy Pistol assembly officially part of my strategy from here on out.

Of course, I hesitate to do so with my ONLY pistol, because some runs, you don't find an upgraded pistol at all, and you need to not be reliant on one ammo type. Part of me wishes the Combat Pistol wasn't so rare, but another part of me knows that the Combat Pistol is so powerful that you basically win the game if you find it during a pistol run. MSs gives it guaranteed knockback with no mods at all, and its magazine is ginormous. Each P mod increases its damage by 3. A SoG5 Energy Combat Pistol +P does 200 DPS of Plasma damage with incredible accuracy and no overkill, and you can spread it around on many targets as needed without fear of being attacked because of how fast you can knock something out of your LoS. Unfortunately, EE doesn't seem to do anything about the penalty to hit when you can't see something, so EE4 and EE5 did nothing of apparent value. If I end up finding two sniper packs though... another reason I like non-assembled guns.

 DoomRL ( roguelike post-mortem character dump

 Jay McGuile, level 24 Arch-Vile 1st Lieutenant Technician,
 completed 100 levels of torture on level 100 of Hell.
 He survived 362772 turns and scored 2432661 points.
 He played for 11 hours, 26 minutes and 47 seconds.
 He was a man of Ultra-Violence!

 He killed 4099 out of 4100 hellspawn. (99%)
 A natural born killer!
 He was an Angel of 100!

 He saved himself 3 times.

-- Special levels --------------------------------------------

  Levels generated : 0
  Levels visited   : 0
  Levels completed : 0

-- Awards ----------------------------------------------------

  UAC Star (gold cluster)
  Experience Medal
  Heroic Silver Badge
  Centurial Platinum Badge

-- Graveyard -------------------------------------------------


-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Health 123/70   Experience 859407/24
  ToHit Ranged +10  ToHit Melee +10  ToDmg Ranged +0  ToDmg Melee +0

-- Traits ----------------------------------------------------

  Class : Technician

    Ironman          (Level 2)
    Hellrunner       (Level 3)
    Son of a gun     (Level 5)
    Reloader         (Level 3)
    Eagle Eye        (Level 5)
    Dodgemaster      (Level 1)
    Intuition        (Level 2)
    Whizkid          (Level 2)
    Sharpshooter     (Level 1)


-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

    [a] [ Armor      ]   Malek's Armor [3/3] (100%)
    [b] [ Weapon     ]   energy combat pistol (3d5) [15/15] (P1)
    [c] [ Boots      ]   Nyarlaptotep's Boots [6/6] (100%)
    [d] [ Prepared   ]   Grammaton Cleric Beretta (1d7)x6 [18/18]

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

    [a] tactical rocket launcher (6d6) [5/5] (T1)
    [b] super shotgun (10d4)x2 [2/2] (P2T3)
    [c] BFG 9000 (10d6) [169/169] (B2)
    [d] cerberus onyx armor [2] (P)
    [e] 10mm ammo (x100)
    [f] 10mm ammo (x86)
    [g] shotgun shell (x42)
    [h] rocket (x10)
    [i] rocket (x10)
    [j] power cell (x10)
    [k] large med-pack
    [l] large med-pack
    [m] large med-pack
    [n] large med-pack
    [o] large med-pack
    [p] phase device
    [q] phase device
    [r] homing phase device
    [s] cerberus plasteel boots [0/0] (100%) (A)
    [t] shell box (x58)

-- Resistances -----------------------------------------------

    Acid       - internal 0%    torso 30%   feet 30% 
    Fire       - internal 0%    torso 100%  feet 100%
    Plasma     - internal 0%    torso 30%   feet 0%   

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

    194 former humans
    397 former sergeants
    447 former captains
    216 imps
    24 demons
    464 lost souls
    64 cacodemons
    166 hell knights
    548 barons of hell
    164 arachnotrons
    20 former commandos
    53 pain elementals
    255 revenants
    351 mancubi
    364 arch-viles
    56 nightmare imps
    53 nightmare cacodemons
    86 nightmare demons
    65 nightmare arachnotrons
    8 nightmare arch-viles
    9 elite former humans
    5 elite former sergeants
    3 elite former captains
    5 elite former commandos
    48 bruiser brothers
    9 shamblers
    4 lava elemental
    16 agony elementals
    5 Cyberdemons

-- History ---------------------------------------------------

  On level 13 he found the Cybernetic Armor!
  On level 15 he ran for his life from acid!
  On level 15 he assembled a tactical boots!
  On level 17 he stumbled into a complex full of revenants!
  On level 19 he found the Grammaton Cleric Beretta!
  On level 22, hell froze over!
  On level 25 he assembled a energy pistol!
  On level 26 he was targeted for extermination!
  On level 27 he found the Acid Spitter!
  He sounded the alarm on level 29!
  On level 30 he stumbled into a complex full of arch-viles!
  On level 30 he was targeted for extermination!
  On level 30 he found the Subtle Knife!
  On level 30 he assembled a fireproof armor!
  On level 33 he assembled a tactical rocket launcher!
  On level 35 he assembled a cerberus armor!
  On level 40 he assembled a cerberus armor!
  On level 42 he ran for his life from lava!
  On level 45 he found the Malek's Armor!
  On level 46 he ran for his life from acid!
  On level 47, hell froze over!
  On level 50 he was targeted for extermination!
  On level 52 he was targeted for extermination!
  On level 58 he assembled a cerberus boots!
  On level 58 he found the Jackhammer!
  On level 60 he found the Medical Powerarmor!
  On level 61 he stumbled into a complex full of revenants!
  Level 62 blasted him with an unholy atmosphere!
  On level 63 he stumbled into a complex full of arch-viles!
  On level 67 he stumbled into a nightmare arachnotron cave!
  He sounded the alarm on level 68!
  On level 70 he was targeted for extermination!
  On level 73 he was targeted for extermination!
  On level 74 he ran for his life from lava!
  On level 74 he found the BFG 10K!
  On level 79 he stumbled into a nightmare demon cave!
  Level 82 was a hard nut to crack!
  On level 83 he ran for his life from lava!
  On level 83 he found the Nyarlaptotep's Boots!
  Level 84 was a hard nut to crack!
  On level 87 he encountered an armed nuke!
  On level 93 he stumbled into a nightmare arachnotron cave!
  On level 94 he stumbled into a agony elemental cave!
  On level 97 he found the Lava Armor!
  On level 98 he stumbled into a complex full of mancubi!
  On level 100 he finally completed 100 levels of torture.

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 cacodemon. The missile hits the nightmare cacodemon. The missile hits the
 nightmare cacodemon. The missile hits the nightmare cacodemon. The missile
 hits the nightmare cacodemon.
 The missile hits the nightmare cacodemon. The missile hits the nightmare
 cacodemon. The nightmare cacodemon dies. You feel relatively safe now.
 You reload the Grammaton Cleric Beretta.
 There is a large med-pack lying here.
 You picked up a large med-pack.
 There is a homing phase device lying here.
 You picked up a homing phase device.
 You swap your weapons.
 There are stairs leading downward here.
 You did it! You completed 100 levels of DoomRL! You're the champion! Press

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 463 brave souls have ventured into Phobos:
 429 of those were killed.
 1 of those was killed by something unknown.
 2 didn't read the thermonuclear bomb manual.
 And 23 couldn't handle the stress and committed a stupid suicide.

 8 souls destroyed the Mastermind...
 2 sacrificed itself for the good of mankind.
 3 killed the bitch and survived.
 3 showed that it can outsmart Hell itself.


This is my first UV win, ever, and I basically have done nothing but attempt UV since I started playing. The reason it's taken me this long is because I've been attempting this particular build for a very long time, and today, I think the RNG gave me just enough good drops that I ran away with it. Plus, I finally mastered the art of being patient with my cornershooting.

The hard part of Sharpshooter is getting off the ground, but once I found the Combat Pistol on level 15, I basically declared aloud that I'd won the game, and, well, I was right. Got Whizkid to start modding all my gear with the good stuff, then I found the freaking Grammaton and I was set for life. Once I got Int2, I could corner-shoot with my pistols and find viles who were offscreen, so I rarely took damage, I rarely even saw what I was shooting, and I spent about 60 levels with 7 large medpacks just sitting there unused. I told myself I would not replace the ones I used past a certain point, since I needed more room for ammo.

I turned my CP into an Energy Pistol so I could use all the cells I kept finding, and it turned out to be even stronger than my GCP once I modded it out. I found a Duelist Armor and turned it into Cerberus armor, then I found an Onyx Armor and turned THAT into a Cerberus Armor +P that I used until I found the Inquisitor set, at which point I just rofl'd my way to the finish line as I realized even Cyberdemons and Nightmare Viles did 0 damage now. I could start in a corner next to two separate spawns of Viles, Barons, and Mancubus and I wouldn't even drop below 100% health. Pistols get "delete everything" powerful with SoG5. At that point, starting next to the viles just means you get to kill everything before it can move! Even started a Nightmare Demon cave surrounded, and didn't get hit because of how fast I could knock back everything, plus there was lava.

I should have made a Cerberus Boots instead of the second Cerb Armor, though... first of all, I modded the first one with a Nano pack I found, so it was effectively indestructible anyway, and not two levels after I made the Onyx, I had a very fast Lava Flood, and I heard an Arch-Vile get left behind in the corner somewhere as I ran from lava. The flow of lava was so fast I almost didn't make it to the stairs. Unfortunately, the Vile was too far away for me to hear it anymore, clear on the opposite side of the level, and nowhere near close enough for a shotgun to reach it. Since they don't take damage from fluids and refuse to move anywhere if they are surrounded by Lava, I would never even know if I was shooting it. I had no suit and no health, and I didn't want to use my medpacks to go lava diving, so I left it and continued on. If not for that one miss, this would have been YAAM. I was too far along, my farthest UV run yet at the time, to just give up and restart over such a nitpick.

Guess the RNG got even for giving me the godly Pistols I wanted after all.

The Super Shotgun was almost completely useless until the Agony Cave, but I had used it so infrequently and to such little effect that I had dropped all the Shells to pick up more Cells right as I went down the stairs for the Agony Cave, so I had to use my Energy Combat Pistol for the entire thing until I found a single Combat Shotgun on the floor and unloaded it for the 5 shells it had. I used up all my cells and shells and nearly all my bullets, and even unloaded my BFG to give my ECP more ammo. After that, I kept at least a shell box on hand.

You can totally tell I was holding out hope for that sweet sweet BBFF on my BFG, but alas, not even a single F.

If anyone's wondering, I pick up every unique I see because they seem to repeat themselves if you don't grab them, but if you grab them, then drop them, you'll never see them again in that run, and the next unique that drops might be more useful.

I spoiled it for myself by peeking in the source code anyway. It was shockingly simple!

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