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Discussion / Thinking out loud
« on: March 19, 2009, 03:32 »
So, i've played DoomRL for a while now. Have something like 30 deaths.
In the normal game I've gotten to lvl 12. What is completely strange is that in AoMr I managed (on the first try) to get up to lvl 14 (banging my head on the wall that i couldn't make it up to 15 to get the Corporal requisite). Is AoMr actually easier with that beautiful adv pistol? At least on earlier levels?
I only play on HMP, don't ask why. I see no point in playing easier diff. Which is kind of annoying. HMP won't let me play (i am not that good yet) and my stupid conscience won't let me play any easier than that.
One last point. I heeded the Wiki's advice not to be spoiled, so i only read Unique entries after i have collected them (so far: Blaster, Butcher's Cleaver of course, Assault Shotgun, Phaseshift Armor and Gothic Boots) and the special stages only after i go into them (more risk, but boy, what fun). So i was granted two excellent gaming moments. AoMr, lvl 13 i hear quite close to me a new sound. I was actually very-very afraid for the life of my little @, before i realized this is a game. It was a Mancubus, i think. Second, i had gotten to the Wall. Materialize. Quiet. Move a couple of spaces. Nothing. Everything is quiet. You know the feeling if you have gotten to the Wall without reading up on it. Start blasting at the Wall. Won't spoil it for the people who haven't been there, but when i finally blasted through i stared at my screen for a long time before i made my next move :)
All in all an excellent game. Waiting for the new release so that i can really go to town with the player file and the unique list and everything else that KK is planning. Keep running.

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