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Forum / Re: Tactics problem
« on: May 26, 2008, 10:33 »
I only knew it existed from Blade's references to fighting the Cyberdemon by taking Hellrunner*3 and keeping moving--obviously keeping moving wouldn't help unless there was some kind of dodging bonus when you're in motion. So strafing/dodging seems to be a very secretive part of the game, in fact, this and the way to wield Dragonslayer are the only two things in DoomRL that are still really mysterious to me. Is dodging/strafing meant to be hard to find out about?

It requires some care and some particular tactics to survive long enough to reach the Chained Court on AoB, but even with that, I think you will still die before you get there far more often than not. It is still not that hard to beat AoB (it's easier than Angel of Masochism, for instance, and many of us have done it), with some practice, and patience (including patience with dying many times on the first five levels of the dungeon).

There are some more good tips and a discussion of AoB strategy here. You could also try watching Blade's recorded AoB game, which is linked to in that thread.

AoB on medium difficulty isn't something you need to cheat in order to win--it's very hard until you get the chainsaw but after that it's not at all. So you need to be very careful before you get the chainsaw, avoid fights and use "cowardly" tactics, until you reach the Chained Court.

About "cowardly" tactics: by this I mean that you need to find ways of getting your enemies near you without having to run at them and take damage as you charge them. For instance, carry extra pistols; if you drop one in a doorway and then duck behind the doorway, out of sight of an enemy, it will come to the door to pick up the pistol, at which point you can attack them and you will already be right next to them, instead of being far away and having to rush at them while they shoot you.

High-priority traits in an AoB game are Brute, Berserker, and Hellrunner (you should probably max these out), and it's very helpful to take a level of Eagle Eye, too, as your accuracy in melee is surprisingly poor without it.

Pre-0.9.9 / Re: [U|100%] VERY F*CKING HARD!
« on: May 13, 2008, 21:26 »
Something about your experience totals in that mortem doesn't add up.

    96 former humans = 2208 exp
    74 former sergeants = 2368 exp
    70 former captains = 3290 exp
    88 imps = 2816 exp
    140 demons = 9520 exp
    122 lost souls = 5734 exp
    42 cacodemons = 5376 exp
    28 barons of hell = 8960 exp
    1 Cyberdemon = 0 exp
    48 hell knights = 6144 exp
    28 arachnotrons = 7364 exp
    1 John Carmack = 0 exp
    16 former commandos = 2672 exp
    46 pain elemental = 5888 exp
    22 mancubi = 9944 exp
    34 revenants = 15368 exp

Total = 87652 exp, about triple what you have in your mortem. You should have been way over character level 8. I used the per-monster experience numbers in the DoomRL Wiki, so either those are out of date, or there's something else weird going on here.

Discussion / Re: Experience cap at level 19
« on: May 12, 2008, 13:21 »
Thanks for the information. Has anyone ever made it to character level 20?

Discussion / Experience cap at level 19
« on: May 11, 2008, 19:24 »
I was surprised, while playing Ao100 in, to find that after reaching character level 19, my experience readout seemed stuck at 19/0%, and I was then more surprised to find it eventually change, to 19/1% and then 19/2%. I only noticed it changing immediately after nuking levels, though.

Is it the case that experience is supposed to stop growing at character level 19, and there's a bug which allows you to gain more experience anyway by nuking levels? Or is this an intentional thing? Or is it the case that experience continues growing, but only very very slowly, so that it's possible (but very difficult) to reach level 20?

Pre-0.9.9 / Re: [U|100%] VERY F*CKING HARD!
« on: May 11, 2008, 19:02 »
I am confused by how you beat the game with 100% kills on Ultra-Violence, killed 862 hellspawn, but still only came out to character level 8 in the end. And you never saw a single Archvile in the whole game?

The relevant linedef flags used in Doom2 WADs are "Impassable," "Block Monster," and "Block Sound."

Requests For Features / Re: DeHackEd
« on: May 11, 2008, 11:04 »
Expanding levers (as 'terminals') to have more varied effects, such as unlocking doors, revealing level maps, or other more complicated effects might be interesting, especially if they incorporated the current levers/intuition system without breaking everything.  But that's hardly Doomish, is it? 

SW1SKULL and SW2SKULL were the textures in DOOM2.WAD which are a switch which appears to be a skull with a computer in its eyes (it was the exit switch in DOOM2's map "Circle of Destruction," for example); SW1BLUE and SW2BLUE were the switch textures for skull switches built into COMPBLUE-style computers. COMPSTA1, COMPSTA2, and SILVER3 were the non-switch computer terminal textures and they appeared frequently in Doom episode 1.

A few switch linedefs:
  • 41 (S1) and 43 (SR) lowered the ceiling to the floor, closing off an area
  • 103 (S1) and 112 (SR) fast-opened a door, possibly remotely, somewhere else in the map; there are variations for opening and staying open, and opening and then closing
  • 14 (S1) and 15 (S1) raised a floor by 32 and by 24 units, respectively, and then changed its texture to match its surroundings (for instance, taking on a lava texture, or a water texture)
  • 122 (S1) and 123 (SR) were the fast-lift switches which worked on remote lifts, which could be anywhere in the map (I wonder what lifts would look like in DoomRL)
  • 138 (SR) and 139 (SR) changed the lighting in the tagged sector to the brightest and the darkest possible settings, respectively; given that DoomRL already has "Angel of Darkness" this linedef isn't so far from something that could be easily implemented in DoomRL
What I'm saying is that levers with complicated effects, changing the level around you, is certainly Doomish, especially since in practice these levers (switch linedefs) were used with W1 and WR linedefs (ones you trigger by walking over) in clever ways to produce much more complicated effects in Doom maps.

About "the world could be inexplicably changed from the inside": the joke with DeHackEd here is that you are using the computers, which existed (as textures, sometimes as textures on switches) in Doom maps, to run a program to edit Doom itself--or, taken ever further, to "run" Doom or DoomRL inside of DoomRL.

Requests For Features / Re: DeHackEd
« on: May 08, 2008, 12:45 »
Reducing the spawn rate of Archviles is not broken in itself. Reducing the spawn rate of Archviles by 100%, i.e., making them never spawn, this is very broken (unless making this happen is a real feat and a quest in itself); reducing the spawn rate of Archviles by 0%, i.e., not reducing their spawning rate at all, this is clearly broken in the other direction, it's useless. Somewhere in between (reducing their rate of appearance by 5%? 10%? Depends on how difficult it is to actually use the "DeHackEd" thing in the game) is a serviceable number.

I mean, what's the point of being able to mod weapons, since you can just give your chaingun +100 to damage and blatantly *ruin the game*? The answer is that of course you can't do that, because modding weapons was written into the game in a reasonable and balanced way. I wouldn't suggest anything if I didn't think it could also be made in a reasonable and a balanced way within the game.

Also calling it 5UP4 L337 H4X0RZ makes me wonder if you know what DeHackEd actually is--have you written Doom patch WADs before? It's used with some patch WADs that require more changes to the game than what can be done in a PWAD, so DeHackEd lets you make some changes to the Doom executable. It was a big part of playing and modding Doom at one point--maybe there are more roguelike players on this board than people who played a lot of Doom, I don't know, but DeHackEd is as much a part of Doom as anything that didn't come bundled with the game on purchase from Id could be.

Pre-0.9.9 / Re: [M|AoB|93%|YAVP] AoB Video Guide
« on: May 07, 2008, 18:51 »
Is "Blade's edition" a custom version of

Requests For Features / Re: DeHackEd
« on: May 06, 2008, 12:26 »
Sort of "ingame cheat" it looks like to me... Hell no I say! Hell no!
* Malek Deneith sends JC after Titt

Nah, what I'm thinking of wouldn't affect the balance of the game very much--it should be something that is only possible to make work in a small proportion of games, say, games where you find both a rare object, the disk, and a rare lever, the computer terminal, and you use them together; and even then you only get a certain number of uses before the computer terminal shuts down, like any other lever. It's an "ingame cheat" in flavor, because DeHackEd was used to change the basic mechanics of Doom; but what I'm suggesting wouldn't change the way DoomRL plays in a very important way.

Other good disks the player could find: "a disk containing Doom," and "a disk containing DoomRL." I have no idea what should happen if the player runs these disks at a computer terminal, though.

Requests For Features / Re: DeHackEd
« on: May 06, 2008, 12:23 »
Assuming that such a terminal would be rare, and possibly have a chance of failure, and the stats wouldn't be affected too much (+1 bullet damage is fine, +10 is not. Same for -5% chance of Archvile generation versus -50%), this sounds like a great idea. It should offer a random selection of all the possible effects (like, ten out of the hundred possible ones), but it should word them in an ambiguous way. Similar to D&D players having to word 'wishes' from a genie very very carefully...

This sounds right.

If there are "computer terminals" in the game and DeHackEd had to be "run" by finding it on a disk and using the disk at a computer terminal, another disk to put in the game would be one of the old WAD editors that was really successful, probably DCK, although I think today DoomBuilder is more popular; anyway, good options on running a WAD editor in-game would be to let you destroy all walls in the level, to remove a certain portion of the enemies in the level (say, 50% of the enemies in that level?), remove all the archviles in the level, scatter some ammo throughout the level, etc. Obviously the player should only be able to choose one of these options for each time they use the computer terminal, and the terminal could be set up to function like a lever, where it only works 1-3 times.

Discussion / Re: Funny events?
« on: May 06, 2008, 11:00 »
Oh yeah!  It's been so long since I played Doom and I completely forgot that enemies would shoot back at whoever hit them.  They would start shooting at you, but if there were hit by a stray bullet they would turn around and fire at the shooter.  I used to use a level maker to make enemies fight each other for my own amusement.  Spider Mastermind vs. Cyberdemon was probably my fav, though I don't remember who won...

I remember that level too. It's Cybie who wins. Always.

I don't think this is actually true. The Cyberdemon won MOST of the time, but due to the "pain chance" mechanic in Doom and the fact that the Spider Mastermind had a continuous stream of fire, it would sometimes get lucky enough to trigger the Cyberdemon's pain response while it was firing, and interrupt its firing sequence, enough times that it would kill the Cyberdemon first. This didn't happen often, because the Cyberdemon had a very low pain chance, but the Spider Mastermind was one of the few things in the game that could pump out damage fast enough to see the Cyberdemon's pain response happening.

Requests For Features / DeHackEd
« on: May 04, 2008, 18:25 »
Remember DeHackEd, the program used to edit DOOM2.EXE, when even making a full IWAD wasn't enough? It let you change a lot of Doom's basic behavior; it was very easy, and quickly got boring, to give the Super Shotgun the same rate of fire as the Chaingun, and other overpowered things like that. Much more fun was making rockets have "partial invisibility" (like Specters) and have zero speed, so they acted as mines. I remember making a DeHackEd patch and a WAD once which were intended to be used together so you could play "BFG tennis" in Deathmatch--with the EXE patch, the BFG ball moved very slowly, and was "solid" and could be hit by weapons fire, which would push it around; the idea was that each player would get a BFG and a shotgun, and each would fire their BFG shot, and you would try to use your shotgun to get your BFG ball to hit a wall so you could use the weird area effect mechanics to kill the other player, while at the same time keeping the other guy's BFG ball from hitting anything and exploding. It wasn't actually very fun.

Anyway, DeHackEd was a pretty well-known part of playing Doom in those days (the mid-1990s), and it might be fun to see it show up somehow in DoomRL--maybe some vaults could contain an item called a "Computer Terminal" or something like this, which could act much like a lever (immovable, can be destroyed by explosions) but on using it you would have a few options--get a Computer Map for the level, or getting to take your choice of any the usual effects of a lever, etc.; but for players fitting the right requirements (a level of Whizkid? having found and kept an artifact "Disk of DeHackEd"?) you might get to choose to "Run DeHackEd" and edit some of the parameters of the game while you are IN the game. Obviously you shouldn't be able to give your Double Shotgun a firing time of 0.1 second, but it would be fun to be able to tweak other game parameters in a less abusive way:

  • making all bullet weapons do an extra +1 damage--both your pistols and chainguns, and also those of the former humans and former captains (or similar for all shotguns or all plasma guns);
  • making everything unable to fly--so cacodemons, lost souls, and pain elementals will be affected by acid and lava;
  • tweaking the rates of appearance of the various monsters, like a less powerful version of Nethack's Scroll of Genocide--you can't make Archviles disappear from the game, but you can make them appear less often;
  • tweaking some AI parameters, so some monsters are more likely to run from you, for instance;
  • making a certain kind of monster never leave a corpse, so it can't be resurrected by Archviles;
  • making a certain kind of monster drop a different kind of ammo when it dies--having Mancubuses drop plasma cells instead of rockets, for instance;
  • dropping the armor level by 1 on all monsters of a certain kind that have at least 1 level of armor by default--Revenants, or Mancubuses, or Archviles, etc.;
  • giving yourself a 10% (or whatever percent) boost to the experience gained from each kill;
  • changing the "natural" weapons of certain enemies, like downgrading Barons of Hell to have shotguns instead of their fireball attacks;
  • making yourself "big enough" to use the artifact weapons that the game says you are unable to use;
  • there are probably a lot of other possibilities.
Some of these things would be pretty good in an Ao100 game, where (for instance) a couple tweaks to make Archviles less of a threat would really improve your long-term chance of surviving.

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