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Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: October 08, 2011, 23:50 »
I  remember, way, way back when, the first time I beat the game was by abusing that on like level 2. I got to like level 5 or so on Formers and Imps.
This was back in like version .9.5 or so, tho. It was ... about 2005 or 2006.

Anyway. Actual question! What weapons *can* be modded by a technician? The wiki says all uniques... but I can't mod a Grammaton Cleric Beretta. What gives?

Huh. THat's... really neat. I wonder if that *was* in the config files when I last played or not. I've wanted that for awhile. Maybe I just missed it.

Discussion / Re: Sharpshooter: Worst feat in the game?
« on: October 08, 2011, 17:00 »
HMP - I've not done much playing of UV. I've never really found it that fun. I'll play a UV normal game, but I stick to either HMP or HNTR for challenges. The former for easier ones, the latter for things like Ao100 or AoMs. At least, at the moment.

Aaaha. Awesome. I'll add that to the wiki, then.

Discussion / Re: Sharpshooter: Worst feat in the game?
« on: October 08, 2011, 02:26 »
I do -- I just accounted for that. Until you take very highly modded or unique pistols into account, DG equals or betters Sharpshooter at armor 0-2. And only a handful of things have better than that.

Honestly, I think the better phrasing of the argument would be DPS per trait, where Sharpshooter would show sharp disadvantages.

Though. I do agree, it sounds like a cool trait idea, I just think the requirements are a bit too steep. Not requiring DG does make sense, given how strong that would be. I just honestly wonder if I could *get* to Sharpshooter, in an AoMR game, given the levels you wouldn't have your raised DPS from Sharpshooter would be about when you start encountering late game enemies for the first time. Your first few Revenants and Barons tend to be tough on AoMR as is -- With no second gun to bolster you... ow.

Discussion / Re: Sharpshooter: Worst feat in the game?
« on: October 08, 2011, 02:15 »
SoaG3 + DG is .48s per shot, not .6
1.2 * .4 = 0.48

Also, AVs only have 2 armor, not 4.

Discussion / Re: Oh. Cybernetic armor is no longer moddable.
« on: October 08, 2011, 01:34 »
Aaaah. Yeah, I just remember doing that at one point in the past, and figured it was still good.
Does look like the forum *has* changed a bit, since I last posted here frequently. Will note that, thanks.

Discussion / Oh. Cybernetic armor is no longer moddable.
« on: October 07, 2011, 20:01 »
That, uh. That sucks.
Yay for a ruined Ao100 on like level 50.
(Welp, at least I learned something for the sake of the wiki.)

You enter Phobos Hell, level 37. Khe, he, he, this will be a mess... As you enter, some weird alarm starts howling!

It's not on the wiki, and a quick search of the forums gives no results. o_o

I'm on HNTR Ao100.

I didn't notice anything odd. Maybe it was that all the barrels were lava? But given my depth, that's not weird.

On a fun note, I've now discovered I really like AoRA!
The things you learn because you fucked up.

(The truly troll thing about that game is that I was an Entrenchment Technician aiming to try out the Assault Rifle and Hyperblaster. I found about 10 of every other mod type. I only got the 2 guaranteed agility mods. I should have just made a Tac Armor... -_-. I did find the Laser Rifle, though, so that was a decent saving grace.)

y'know, I never encountered a gnome with a wand of death in Nethack. Now, fucking army ant nests... And fucking war ponies... and fucking named demons that can summon other named demons that all summon archliches that summon other monsters...

Also, I was under the impresion it was real time, for AoRA. Fuck. I ended up playing stupidly due to that, thinking it was real time. Shit.
given the nuke item is based on game time, I suppose that was a stupid assessment. Oh well. This is why you shouldn't play DoomRL when fucking tired.
Oh well! Fuck.

Angel of Red Alert is a fine idea. If you like playing it, more power to you.
Angel of Red Alert is something I would DETEST playing.
I do not appreciate my playstyle being told it is wrong in a mode that does not, 99.9% of the time, time me at what I do.
I had a win stolen from me because I play *a turn based game* too slowly. Fuck that. That is stupid.

ah, whoops. I suppose I just WTF'd at not getting my rocket launcher enough such that I didn't notice the blue armor and health pack. Hah.

Discussion / Re: Sharpshooter: Worst feat in the game?
« on: October 06, 2011, 15:22 »
Consistent knockback is a good point, yeah. By the time my build gets rolling, though, I'm getting pretty reliably knockback between the two rolls, but it isn't guaranteed, true.

And, yeah, I play a bit less calculated than you, based on watching your tutorials. I used to know every god damn thing about Nethack and how to price ID pretty much any common item and how to abuse every mechanic and blahblah. I just... can't play DoomRL like that, in game. Now, out of game, I do do the whole MAAATH thing.

And, yeah. I think AoMR is so fun for me because they have, IMO, the strongest early game of all builds. You out-dps a *chain gun* when you have SoaG3 and DG. Hell, I think SoaG2 + DG will. Then by endgame, you don't have AoE damage, but you can put one target down *fast*. 10 bullets per second at 2d4+5 damage each? Yeaaaaah. Armor be damned, I'm guaranteed at least 50 damage if all of those hit. On average, 80, with 2 armor foes. Aah, AoMR, so fun.

Finally: Yeah, I don't like MBd either. It seems like if you could find 2 blasters, you would be godking of DPS, but...
... you know, what, no, you wouldn't be. You'd have to take 2 levels of finesse, on top of your 2 levels in TH just to get to a roughly equal point to just dualgunner standard. Eesh. Maybe I just don't like *any* pistol master feat.

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