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Title: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kamikaze14 on February 15, 2011, 09:58
As Brother Armitael, and Brother Verran go about their daily activities in Watch Fortress Erioch, they are each approached by a serf, who waits for them to complete whatever the task at hand happens to be before telling them. "Sir you are needed in the Briefing Room," and motioning to follow him.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on February 15, 2011, 16:21
Verran had been in the middle of mid-day prayer and weapon maintenance, seeing to the ceremonial blade he'd brought with him as a reminder of his home chapter. Once those tasks were finished, he quietly nodded, sheathing the sword and strapping it to his belt before following the serf to see what was required of him.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kashi on February 16, 2011, 04:40
Armitael was polishing his skills with the chainsword, his very weapon of choice as Space Marine. Maintaining the weapon was also one of his favorite tasks, as it involved with knowing the inner workings that allows him to cut down the heretical enemies that threaten the peace brought by the Emperor, blessed be he. As he was finishing, the serf came to communicate him that he was needed in the Briefing Room, so he followed it to know the reason why he was being called.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kamikaze14 on February 16, 2011, 07:24
The serfs lead you through the corridors of the watch fortress in silence.  The two Battle-Brothers' paths converged in the last corridor before reaching the briefing room.  The serfs each stopped before reaching the door and stood on either side of it, waiting for the Marines to enter before heading off to another task.  An armored form bearing the markings of a Watch Captain is standing on the other side of a table.  He motions for Verram and Armitael to come to the table.  Another form is standing beside him, a small woman clad in red carapace armor adorned with many purity seals.  She appears out of place until you notice the rosette, identifying her as an inquisitor.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on February 17, 2011, 00:35
Brother Verran wasn't warm and welcoming at the best of times... seeing the inqusitorial rosette, his expression alone probably caused the temperature to drop by a few degrees.

Rather than address the stranger, though, he turned to the Watch Captain, paying due respect to his commander. "The foes of the Emperor have raised their heads again?" he said, tone rather flat, more a statement than a question. He doubted he would have been called from his duties otherwise, after all...
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kamikaze14 on February 17, 2011, 08:53
The Watch Captain nods.  "Over six months ago, Inquisitor Kalistradi arrived on Avalos chasing rumours of Genestealer infestation and several reported sightings of a Space Hulk on the edge of the system. After months of secret investigation, she discovered that Genestealers had indeed taken residence on Avalos, concentrated in the world’s primary city—Lordsholm. Without the means to purge the infestation herself, and fearing the local authorities had already been compromised, she sent a coded astropathic communication to Watch Fortress Erioch issuing a formal request for aid from the Deathwatch in exterminating a Genestealer infestation on the world of Avalos. After reviewing the evidence and assessing the threat of a Tyranid presence in the Avalos system, I consider the danger serious enough to dispatch a Kill-team.  Your mission is simple: purge the infestation.  In addition, Inquisitor Sophia has requested to accompany you on your mission.  She has discussed her reasons with me, but whether she chooses to share them is up to her.  You will be given limited access to the armory and 30 requisition in addition to your standard wargear.  Any questions?"
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kashi on February 17, 2011, 09:41
Crossing his path with his Brother from the Dark Angels, Armitael just released a subtle sigh, now believing that the matters to treat are of dire importance... somehow. As he stepped toe-to-toe into the chamber with his companion, his first sight was that of a woman clad in red armor, whose greatest feature was the Inquisition rossette. He felt no love for those of the Inquisition, but he nonetheless had to remain calm and respectful of them, as it was part of his duties.

And he was right to suspect that, as the mission was to purge the scourge of the Genestealers from a world that could be prey to the Tyranids. "No questions shall be done by me, Brother-Captain. I only serve to reap apart the enemies of the Emperor."-Armitael said, nodding at his superior officer.-"Welcome to Deathwatch, Sister-Inquisitor. Now, if you excuse me, I'll prepare myself for the mission."

Issuing a simple salute, he walked out of the chamber, going directly to the armory in order to get his equipment. He was not one to delve into the use of bolter weapons, preferring the crude, savage method of dealing with his enemies using a  chainsword, his weapon of choice. Also, just in case, he chose to get also some grenades, as it would help him to better deal with the xenos.

(OFF: Requisition is: 1 Astartes Chainsword, 1 Photon Flash Grenade, 2 Astartes Stun Grenade)
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Gargulec on February 17, 2011, 12:19
As it was noted previously, Pistis Sophia looked almost ridiculously out of place here, on the Watch Fortress. She was a short one even as for an ordinary human, massively dwarfed by the Astrates around her. Added to it the fact that she looked barely out of her teens- probably a side effect of a well-performed rejuvenation process, and that - and that her hair had uncanny, light-pink colouration, the marines around her would likely believe that she is an hallucination if she was not properly introduced before.

She looked at marines with her head pulled highly up- the only way she could see into their faces- but with no fear or awe so common amongst the people of Imperium blessed to have the right to set their sight on the Emperor's Finest.

'It is my utmost honour to serve with you' she stated carefully, her voice definitely to high and sweet as for one from the Holy Ordos. You could see as she moved her eyes from your unpainted shoulder-pads, inspecting them. 'Scions of Sangiunius and Lion El'Jonson at my side' she commented. 'Truly, I am blessed by Him'

There was something in her voice that held you back from believing that exclamation was entirely sincere. 

Noticing the icy gaze of Brother Verran, her smile widened a tiny bit. 'I understand that you are not pleased with my presence, Scion of the Lion' she whispered to him. 'Worry not, my performance in combat will not endanger your operation in any way.'
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on February 18, 2011, 01:08
"Questions aplenty, Brother-Captain," Verran replied in turn. He had a habit of over-analysing situations, and would try to get as much data before making decisions where possible. "I will endeavor, however, to raise the most vital."

"So then: Avalos is what grade of world? Purging an agri-world and a hive world are somewhat different affairs, where battlefield terrain is concerned. I would surmise that the infestation is still small in relative scale, or the world itself is sparsely populated, to not warrant a full-scale military engagement... Further: should we expect the local military to actively intercede on the part of the xenos, and if so, what power might they have available? Further: will we be interacting with the inquisitor present on site for detailed mission intelligence?"

The questioning over, Verran leaned back, straightening up and turning to look at the unusual addition to the team. "I question not your prowess in battle or your devotion, Lady Inquisitor. What gives me cause for concern is your reason for taking up this task alongside the Deathwatch. Whatever your reasons, I can only pray you do not allow them to jeopardise the mission."

(OOC: I'm holding off on wargear requisition for the moment; unlike *some* space marines, I need to know what I'm getting into before I select the appropriate weapons.)
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Gargulec on February 18, 2011, 13:35
'It is an agri-world' spoke the Inquisitor. 'Small one, with only one bigger settlement, called Lordsholm'

She frowned.

'I must admit that I found the records on it in our archives most unsatisfactory. They did not list anything beside that one line. Not even the name of the planet's Governor nor the history of our investigation there- or the lack of thereof. It is highly unheard of- bordering on the impossible- for our intel to be so sparse, so I confess that I suspect that the records must have been crudely cleansed.'

She smiled again, nodding towards the Dark Angel.

'It is the answer to your worries- my 'hidden' she put a lot of stress on that word, smirking 'motive is to uncover the secret beneath that datapurge. Who knows what danger may it hold? My participation in the removing of the Genestealer tainted is caused by other reasons, however' she added after a moment, still smirking. 'Reasons as clear, transparent and glorious as the past of your chapter, Scion of the Calliban. My duty is to ensure Mankind's survival. Genestealers are a threat to it. So I will do all I can to remove it, one way or another.'
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kamikaze14 on February 18, 2011, 13:39
"Ah, my apologies, I often forget that many recently initiated into the Deathwatch are new to the Jericho Reach.  Avalos is an agri-world.  However, you should be prepared for an urban combat environment, as the infestation is centered on its capital, Lordsholm.  We are unsure to what degree the PDF is compromised, although those that remain loyal to the Emperor will assist you where possible.  I am afraid I know little else.  Inquisitor Kalistradi will have more information on the infestation when you arrive."

Meanwhile, the quartermaster retrieves Armitael's requested gear.  "Your transport awaits at Void Dock 6.  May the Emperor guide your blades."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on February 19, 2011, 07:27
"The data purge could have been performed by the xenos agents themselves in order to hide the infestation from less determined scrutiny," Verran pointed out, then turned to the Watch Captain again.

"We will have the site's inquisitor provide us with further information, then. Some special ammunition may be of use here... but I will leave these concerns for the quartermaster," he said, bowing briefly to the Watch Captain before leaving to prepare - collect and put on his armour, retrieve his weapons, requisition those hellfire rounds he had in mind...
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Gargulec on February 19, 2011, 07:35
'Unlikely, or more like impossible- the databanks of Tricorn Palace are available only to Inquisitors and chosen few from their retinues.'
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kashi on February 19, 2011, 12:00
As he was ready for the mission, he took the requisitioned equipment, nodding at the words of the quartermaster. "May the Emperor guides you as well, Brother-Quartermaster"-He just said, walking to the armory's door. He was feeling anxious of beginning the purge of xenos, to help bring peace to the Imperium, all in His name.

And because of that, he was going to the docks, where the transport that would take him and those who will be with him directly to the world where the Genestealers were running rampant.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kamikaze14 on February 23, 2011, 06:34
The quartermaster retrieves a backpack full of hellfire rounds for Verran.  "Your transport awaits at Void Dock 6.  May the Emperor guide your aim."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on February 23, 2011, 08:52
"The Emperor protects, brother quartermaster," Verran replied, taking the additional ammo and with it heading to the designated dock to get underway.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Malek Deneith on February 23, 2011, 10:25
As Armitael and Verran (and the inquisitor) reached Dock 6 they saw another space marine - one wearing an older looking suit of power armor with a robe strapped over it - approach them.

- "I am Zahariel and I was directed to aid you in your task on Avalos." - he introduced himself shortly - "I believe there will be one other joining us shortly."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: ZZ on February 23, 2011, 11:55
As Zahariel predicted, another figure in blue power armor approached the party.
"Greetings. I am Rezmiel" - that was all he said.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kamikaze14 on February 24, 2011, 05:35
The Watch Captain looks to Inquisitor Sophia.  "The transport to Avalos is docked at Void Dock 6."

(Whoops, forgot that I never told her IC where the ship is.)
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on February 24, 2011, 09:03
"Brother Librarian..." Verran said, respectfully nodding his head. The Consecrator also received a respectful nod. The Devastator then looked around at the gathered kill-team. "The company is good. The fact that such a gathering is necessary, however, is not," he observed. "Let us hope the Lady Inquisitor will be here soon... else the situation might deteriorate further by the time we get there."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Gargulec on February 24, 2011, 11:38
'Thank you, Brother Captain, I shall leave at once' the Inquisitor nodded, and did as she said, quickly passing though fortress's corridors until she reached said dock. She glanced at the newly arrived marines, and what could be a slightest grimace erupted briefly on her face.

'Greetings. I take it that is all of kill-team gathered here... or are we waiting for more of you?'

Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Malek Deneith on February 24, 2011, 12:08
- "None other are to accompany us as far as I was told. Just the four of us and you... Inquisitor." - Zahariel spoke again - "We should probably make haste and leave."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kamikaze14 on February 28, 2011, 08:15
Your journey to the Avalos system aboard the Imperial Sword Class Frigate Valiant was swift. During the voyage, you remained mostly apart from the rest of the crew, who in turn kept their distance, overawed to have not one, but several members of the legendary Adeptus Astartes aboard their ship. Your only real contact was with its commander, Captain Galrite Haltreme, as he gave you updates on the vessel’s progress and assurances that you would reach Avalos as quickly as his crew could manage.

After a week of travel, the ship's public address system comes on.  "We have entered the Avalos System.  Deathwatch Kill-Team, please report to the hangar and prepare for insertion."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on February 28, 2011, 08:38
"So it begins..." Verran muttered to himself, looking up at the voxcaster that pronounced their arrival.

With that, the Devastator finished his prayers and readied for their descent to the planet, his heavy bolter loaded with regular rounds in the event that forces on the planet would try to oppose their landing. The Dark Angel went over his equipment one final time himself - checking the seals on the grenades, tending to the machine spirits of his sidearm and his heavy bolter, testing the edge of the issue knife and his ceremonial sword, going over the feed system for the ammunition backpacks... and finally, seeing to the revered machine spirit of his power armour.

So prepared, he made his way to the vessel's hangar.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Malek Deneith on March 01, 2011, 13:52
- "Begins? More like never ends brother." - Zahariel finished putting magazines into his bolter's fire selector - one with hellfire rounds to scour flesh and bone, one with metal storm shells to cut through masses and one with regular shells - "Our duty that is. There always is another threat to deal with."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kashi on March 02, 2011, 12:39
"It never had a beginning point for starters." - Armitael said, glancing at the rest of the kill-team as they got ready for the purge. Just to be sure, he took a look at his grenades, making sure they were with their safe in place, as well as checking the mechanisms of the two chainswords, the physical embodiment of his very own soul. Satisfied, he followed his teammates to the ship's hangar.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Gargulec on March 02, 2011, 13:13
Sophia followed the Battle Brothers, clad in a simple, brown robe worn over her suit of carapace armror. A massive- at least for an ordinary human standard- boltgun was slung over her shoulder, and by the look of it, it could be assumed that this weapon served the Inquisitor for a long time. Another weapon, a simple, robust revolver was strapped to her hip. And then there was a sword.

For all you could see and, it was an ordinary blade, one among the untold numbers of weapons forged for Emperor's service. And yet, in the way Sophia displayed it, in the way she wore it was something that made you believe that this particular sword was something much, much more.

She seemed as calm as the Astrates were, relaxed and prepared to meet whatever the Enemy Beyond could throw at her.

'There will be an end to the duty' she stated firmly. 'There will come a day when all is done, for better or for worse.'
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on March 02, 2011, 15:01
"Our service to the Emperor begins when we are born... and only in death does duty end," Verran summed up with a shrug. "The task of slaying the Emperor's foes, however, comes and goes like the tides."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: ZZ on March 09, 2011, 07:35
Rezmiel followed the team, listening to their conversation, but not participating in it. He did not check his equipment, and it looks that he rarely does it, just by looking on his bolter.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kamikaze14 on March 09, 2011, 12:14
The hangar is empty, save for a lone Thunderhawk gunship and Captain Haltreme, who greets you when you enter.  "My lords, we are nearing Avalos.  I suggest you make any final mission preparations now."  He presses a finger to the micro-bead in his ear.  As he listens, his expression turns grim.  "I have been informed that we have entered vox range of the planet, but all attempts at contact have been met with silence.  I have a bad feeling about this."

(OOC: Now would be the time for selecting a squad leader and oath-taking.)
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Post by: Gargulec on March 15, 2011, 11:46
Sophia nodded. Her face stopped showing any emotions a while ago, she appeared concentrated and prepared. She approached the Thunderhwak's ramp and turned to face the marines.

'So it went that far already' she said in a low, decisive voice. 'Fine, then.'

She looked at each marine separately for a long while, her eyes as warm as they have always been.

'By the authority of the Inquisitorial Remit granted to me on the behalf of God Emperor of Mankind, of Father and our Saviour, I thereby take command of this kill-squad for the duration of this operation. Before you, Angels, I oath to bring salvation to the world below, to cleanse it and return to the Imperium pure. I swear to never surrender, never fear, never retreat. May my will be as strong as adamantine when I deliver the world from the enemies Within, Without and Beyond.'

She brushed aside a wayward strand of hair falling onto her eye, and finished the oath, her quiet voice echoing in the silent hangar.

'Allfather guide my hand.'

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Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Malek Deneith on March 16, 2011, 03:20
- "By the Emperor and the Lion so shall it be" - Zaharile nodded.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on March 17, 2011, 12:26
Verran calmly hooked up the feeder belt from his supply of regular bolter rounds as he heard the news. "Let the Emperor's hand guide our aim, brothers. We go to do his work," he said to the other marines with a brief nod of his head.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Kamikaze14 on March 21, 2011, 06:58
As Verran finished speaking, loud thump echoed through the hangar.  A voice came through on the public address system.  "Bio-plasma impact on the engines!  All personnel prepare to repel boarders."
The captain shouted into his micro-bead.  "Keep them out of the hangar at all costs!"  He turned to the kill-team.  "I'll open the hangar doors.  It's been an honor serving with you."  As he exits the hangar, the Thunderhawk's ramp closes behind you.  After a few moments, you hear metal groaning as the hangar door opens.  Almost immediately, the Thunderhawk's engines roar to life.  Panicked voices and screams come in over your vox systems.  Then, silence.  The Valiant was no more.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on March 21, 2011, 13:11
"Bio-plasma." Verran quietly shook his head as the Thunderhawk powered away from the ship. "I admit freely that my knowledge of the Tyranid is not infallible. However, I can state with a fair dose of certainty that bio-plasma is not a feature of Genestealer infestation, regardless of scale. Such would not be used by the xenos, or by their local supporters. Such is far more typical of an open Tyranid attack."

After some consideration, the devastator went on. "To further the point, an open Tyranid attack requires a launching point. A ship. What I recall of the xenos indicates that such a ship would be far more likely the controlling heart of the attack than anything on the ground."

The marine's helmeted head turned towards the inquisitor. "The question, then, is this: is proceeding to the planet's surface still the best option?"
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Malek Deneith on March 28, 2011, 05:03
- "You suggest we try to take on a tyranid hiveship?" - Zahariel looked at Verran - "No offense brother, but I don't believe this possible. We're fluing but a single Thunderhawk, they'll shoot us down long before we reach them. On ground we might at least find a way to to send an information of this... infestation."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on March 28, 2011, 12:07
"Given the choice between staving off a planetary invasion and launching a boarding action, I determine the boarding action to carry higher odds of success with our current resources. Though admittedly, the odds of either approach succeeding are extremely low. Lower than the chance of finding a Codex Astartes adherent among the sons of Russ."

The devastator summed up the overall bleak situation with a shrug.

"I will grant, however, that sending out a warning to local naval forces would benefit the Imperium far more - greater odds of success in the long run, certainly, but it would almost certainly be a suicide mission. Still... in the end, the choice now rests with our lady inquisitor," Verran said, looking to Sophia again. "Of course, if we do decide to warn the rest of the Imperium, we should try to have more information than "Tyranids here!", I believe... Perhaps we might delay out here enough to at least get some bearing at what is the scale of the danger here? A brief fly-around and observations from the pilot would be better than nothing."
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Gargulec on April 02, 2011, 07:15
Sophia was strangely silent from the moment the bio-plasm hit the ship. She listened to discussion closely.

'Indeed, fly-around is a good tactical choice, we need to have more intel before we decide on anything... and, Brothers, it would indeed appear that our first priority now is to warn the Imperial forces. The Great Devourer forces must be stopped. As for the boarding actions, Brothers, my experience with naval warfare is minimal, so I ask you for advice: is it it possible for boarding action to succeed? For indeed, against entire world being invaded by Tyranids, we stand no chance.'
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on April 02, 2011, 12:15
"Thunderhawks were not designed with boarding actions in mind. Actually getting aboard a hive ship would be close to a miracle," Verran replied after some consideration. "We would likely exhaust our ammunition before reaching any critical systems, and in close quarters we would be bogged down by enemy numbers."

"The odds of a successful boarding strike are minimal," the devastator summed up with a shrug.
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Post by: Kamikaze14 on April 06, 2011, 06:47
The pilot calls from the cockpit, "Entering atmosphere now.  Sensors are picking up an Astartes transponder in the city's chapel.  I recommend-"  The voice is cut off by an explosion.  The Thunderhawk begins to tilt forward.
Title: Re: Deathwatch IC
Post by: Xander Morhaime on April 06, 2011, 12:18
"I recommend we prepare for an emergency landing," Verran finished the interrupted statement. "Brace and hold on to something. So much for properly scouting out the threat in orbit..."
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Post by: Kamikaze14 on April 19, 2011, 05:25
Sophia spots four grav-chutes.
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Post by: ZZ on April 22, 2011, 07:42
Rezmiel notices where Sophia is looking and goes to grab grav-chutes. After he picks them up, he turns to the team, waiting for the response.