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Discussion / Shiver me timbers, landlubber!!
« on: January 05, 2008, 09:58 »
Aargh!! Matey! How be a roguelike based on thar Pirates of the Caribbean, aye? That be playing to jolly sea music and a mug of grog!

But seriously, couldn't this be considered? You get to choose what type of sailor you start off as : High strength, High intelligence, High dex, high charisma (Cap'n sparrow, with the slurred speech and all, yes?). Then along the way, you decide whether to earn your own ship or  "borrow" one. There could be a main driving quest which you could choose to follow or commandeer other ships as you see fit.

Seems a worthy idea, eh?

"Aar, me hearty! Where's me eye-patch?"

Berserk! / Should/will there be sound in the final version?
« on: January 04, 2008, 06:18 »
The topic asks the question.

Off Topic / Poems for games
« on: December 23, 2007, 10:09 »
Could these poems be used in a game, by any chance:
1) Oblivion [inspired by "Ex Oblivione" by H.P. Lovecraft]

Real life is too dreadful to live peacefully.
I like to dream in silentime; I live in dreams only.
I once beheld in my dreams, a gate loom in sight.
Beyond it stood contrasting scapes,
Some dark and some light.
In the dark, I saw terror, horror and fear untold.
The sky was perverted in a shade of green and gold.
Then I looked to the other side: I saw nothing but bliss.
I tried to force my eyes away,
but it was too tempting to miss.
I felt the gate drawing me
And as I nearned my goal,
I saw inscriptions on the gate,
Which made my mind roll.
Some inscriptions on the gate said,
"Beyond lie blissful dreams."
Others said, "Do not cross!
For ahead lie pain and screams."
My reason was being put to the test.
I knew not what to do.
Little did I know that time,
What my mind could construe.

I made my mind to go beyond.
To see just what was there.
I pushed open the gate and strode...
To look in shock and stare.

For there is naught but nothing beyond the gate.
Nothing to love and nothing to hate.
What I find is not solace,
It is not solitude.
The only thing I see here
Is oblivion absolute.
I now realised what the blissful inscriptions
On the gate had meant.
The peace and the solitude from the pain of life
Would seem God-sent.
But then I knew the other messages,
What they had meant when they said,
"Go not beyond! For there only lie-
Fear and Horror, Terror and Dread."

I knew by then that here I'd be;
Here I'd be till the end.
To walk the void bereft of senses,
I thought I was condemned.

I feel I am now
At the threshold of Madness,
Without pain or bliss,
Euphoria or sadness.
I thought then of a strange supposition.
The real world had gone. I now dwell in oblivion.

How about George Bush RL? Though his antics may furnish the case for a new comic series. ;)
Anyway. I think a Mummy RL would be quite interesting. How about tying it up with a Cthulhu RL by way of Nyarlathotep, the crawling chaos. I mean NT was a pharoah in one of his forms, right?

Discussion / Blasting imps? Yeah! With... who?
« on: December 20, 2007, 23:28 »
Unleash thy musical menace....

BTW, anyone seen this site? of and by the Great John Romero!!  All hail!!!
And check this awesomne song
This is t3h song for dooming. Period.

Discussion / Is Ironman actually good?
« on: October 11, 2007, 07:16 »
After reading some posts, I experimented a lot with various traits (IM, TaN, EE, SoaG  mainly) and I found that Ironman got me the farthest - lvl 12, 21370 pts. I used IM(3) and SoaG(2).  The next bests, above 10k pts, also had IM(3). Can anyone help clarify this? Is the bonus to HP slightly more beneficial than other traits?

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