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Requests For Features / Polished product
« on: July 31, 2012, 19:15 »
Heres the thing, I play console mode and do the "small" download because I have a better experience that way.

The graphics are great, but you can only see a fraction of the map. Why not have the whole level map be visible? It'd be way better for finding the exit when the level's cleared, long term planning of powerup pickups, Computer map visibility, etc.
The "high quality" music loops badly and has way less mojo than the midi versions. Midi still fits with 90s style graphics, so its totally fine.

============EDIT: Ooops known bug. Sorry!
Still, should be fixed since it looks like you can crash-lose from winning! I had a chainsaw in my weapon slot.

Error log.
I died right after the bruiser brothers. Hurt me plenty difficulty. Console version
Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 7/10/2012 21:00:56
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnAction caught ELuaException!

Call path     : beings[revenant].OnAction
Call params   : ()
Error message : Get( failed!

Timestamp   : 7/10/2012 21:01:08
Message     : Fatal exception encountered

An unhandled exception occurred at $004624B9 :
ELuaException : LuaError: beings[revenant].OnAction -- Get( failed!
  $004624B9  TDOOMLUA__ONERROR,  line 608 of src/doomlua.pas
  $00450DE7  TLUASYSTEM__PROTECTEDRUNHOOK,  line 539 of e:/Projects/fpcvalkyrie/src/vluasystem.pas
  $004A719B  TTHING__CALLHOOK,  line 141 of src/dfthing.pas
  $0049E4D4  TBEING__ACTION,  line 1170 of src/dfbeing.pas
  $0049E5EB  TBEING__CALL,  line 1188 of src/dfbeing.pas
  $0041EFDA  TDOOM__RUN,  line 369 of src/doombase.pas
  $00401B15  main,  line 71 of src/doomrl.pas


Requests For Features / Allow old versions to be downloaded
« on: June 05, 2012, 13:45 »
I never got to try .91, even tho I've heard good things about it.
Probably .91, .94, .95, .96 should be available to download at least.

Even if you like the newer versions, there is stuff that was removed from the old versions, and I want to experience that content.
Plus I dont like the new graphics and music :/

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