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Discussion / Diablo RL?
« on: October 23, 2005, 20:14 »
It was decided that DiabloRL will be discontinued, but recently I had a change of heart and decided to ressurect the project. A new version can be reasonably expected before the end of the year.

Quoting: Igor Savin
What if someone hides in a corner, and spoils my Holy Quest for 100%? Maybe option for checking killrate for current level?

Many people already managed to do that, so it isn't as hard as it sounds.

Quoting: Igor Savin
You can limit special levels by rank - unless you have it high enough, you won't get them...

Yup. There might be additional special levels only available for those with the appropriate rank. They will be harder tough, and ususaly just for show and not for the reward ;-).

About the campaigns... who knows. But that's rather a post-1.0.0 feature ;-D.

Requests For Features / Proposed Feature - Challenge Modes
« on: October 23, 2005, 19:00 »
Quoting: Igor Savin
Poor memory - no level mapping.

Angel of Darkness :->

Quoting: Igor Savin
Antimechanic person - weapon tend to explode in you hands with 5% chance per shoot.

It would just be annoying and wouldn't add to the fun :-/

Quoting: Igor Savin
Bloodophoby - lose a bit of HP (of XP) whenever step on blood ;).

Sounds funny, but I don't know wether it would be fun to play.

Quoting: Igor Savin
Coward - start with "Coward" tactics and can't change.

Nah, too easy and undoomish :-D.

Quoting: Igor Savin
Purist - no levelling.

Hmm, this might be interesting...

Requests For Features / Proposed Feature - Difficulty Levels
« on: October 23, 2005, 18:55 »
Quoting: Igor Savin
Hm, there could be XP gain increase at more difficult levels.

XP gain will be naturaly higher because of the higher amount of monsters.

Quoting: Igor Savin
Nightmare can feature random monster generation during the game (this can replace respawn, as it's easier to implement).

Yup it will be so.

Quoting: Igor Savin
Will there be ASCII art for different Marine faces-difficulty levels in the beginning :)? Or was it Wolfenstein-only feature?

It was Wolfenstein ;-).

I don't like the progressive difficulty -- seems too... hmm... easy on the player ;-).

Discussion / New forum - Nice but slow
« on: October 23, 2005, 18:18 »
I'm quite proud of the color theme I assmebled :->

Discussion / New forum - Nice but slow
« on: October 23, 2005, 16:32 »
*Sigh* so it's decided. Till the end of the year I'm gonna buy a buisness-class server :-/

Requests For Features / Proposed Feature - Challenge Modes
« on: October 23, 2005, 05:52 »
Quoting: jake250
Angel of Fire - More lava is generated in the level, at many places. However, this alone make it easy (they will all kill themself) so all monsters should be immune from lava damage (or at least they should dodge it)

It won't be easier after I finally rewrite the AI... and this seems like a fun challenge ;-).

Quoting: jake250
Cyber Hunting - In each level, a "modified" cyberdemon (with reduce visibility and movement) spawn and try to hunt you. Maybe it could deal a bit less damage in lower level and have less health : the goal is not to kill the Cyberdemon (although you could still kill him but it wouldn't be easy.)

Hmm, seems pointless to me. And somehow "undoomish".

Quoting: jake250
BFG Fest - More weapons and ammunition are spawned = you can even get the BFG in the first or second level. Mostly rockets and cells should be spawned. However, there would be a lot more ennemies...

This will be in the form of a Angel of Haste challenge -- just 6-10 levels and more of everything.

Quoting: jake250
They are just idea I wanted to "throw away".

Keep'em comming ;-).

Discussion / New forum - Nice but slow
« on: October 23, 2005, 05:48 »
Unfortunately I'm afraid that as long as I won't find anyone else to host a database for me it will be slow. Connections are fast -- it's the MySQL requests that are slow :-(.

At least it loads each time...

Announcements / New Forum
« on: October 23, 2005, 01:22 »
I've changed the engine of the Forum to miniBB. It should be a lot more reliable now. Unfortunately I have no clue on how to import the messages from the old forum, so you will have to either repost them here again, or count them as "done".

The new Forum is based on MySQL at last (thanks to the courtesy of a friend of mine who gave me access to a MySQL database). It is a modified miniBB script with a completely custom-made Doomish skin :-D. Took a few hours to get all the visual elements right, but I think it was worth it.

Any comments or requests about this new forum please post them here.

This one is a little unroguelikeish. I'm playing with the idea to add a tracking system, that tracks all your games in general. As a player you would have a general "rank" common to all your DoomRL games. Let's say you first have the rank of "Former Human". If you manage to get a character to Level 10 you get the "Former Human Seregant" rank. If you manage to beat DoomRL you get the "Former Human Capitan" rank, or "Former Human Commander" if you beat it on at least "Hey, Not To Rough" level. Further ranks would need several things to be accomplished, like:

* finishing the game with 100% kills
* killing a total of 1000 Hell Barons
* beating the game on "Hurt Me Plenty"
* beating the game on "Ultra-Violence"
* finishing (or reaching a certain level) in a challenge game (see other post)

The final rank "Spider Mastermind" could be achieved by beating the game on the "Nightmare" level (which itself would be unlocked if you gain at least "Former Human Commander" rank.

What would ranks give (except for the obvious satisfaction :-P)? Well there are quite a few ideas:

* rank would be written in each mortem file (prestige!)
* rank could be shown in a future (maybe) ladder system
* rank would give an incentive to play DoomRL more

Ok, ok, these don't seem to useful... so how about:

* rank would unlock "Nightmare"
* rank would unlock "Challenge Games'
* rank would unlock additional Special Levels
* rank could unlock an additional weapon to be available (eg. Lightning Gun)

Moreover, a lot more statistical data about the players achievements would be stored by the game, so you could track your progress, with information about:

* global number of kills per monster
* maximum level on each skill level, or how many times you've beat it
* shortest completion time per skill level
* highest kill rate per skill level
* etc...

Well, what do you think?

Requests For Features / Proposed Feature - Challenge Modes
« on: October 23, 2005, 00:28 »
DoomRL 0.9.9 will have a set of Challenge modes. I wonder how to unlock them tough (see "Proposed Feature - General Player Info" thread), and I don't know what kind of challenges I want to include. I'm sure tough that I want the challenge game names to sound cool, so the current idea is that they will be named "Angel of...".

Understand tough that these are mainly aimed at people who find DoomRL easy, so don't be scared :D.

So the proposed Angel Challenge games are:

* Angel of Berserk - you don't have the gun at start and can't pick up neither ammo nor weapons except the Combat Knife and Chainsaw. (hard challenge)
* Angel of Marksmanship - you start with your pistol wielded and can't unwield it at all. (medium challenge)
* Angel of Carnage - you start with a chaingun, and cant't unwield it. (easy challenge)
* Angel of Impatience - you cannot carry medpacks -- they work instantly at pickup for you. (medium challenge)
* Angel of Masochism - neither medpacks, nor healing globes work on you - you heal to 200% at levelup tough. (probably impossible to complete)
* Angel of Purity - powerups don't work on you (easy challenge)
* Angel of Massacre - all monsters generated are former humans, there is 2*more of them. (easy challenge)

I want to add more to this list, probably with more interesting effects...

What do you think?

Requests For Features / Proposed Feature - Difficulty Levels
« on: October 23, 2005, 00:22 »
DoomRL version 0.9.9 will definitively feature Difficulty Levels akin to the original. How will they work I havn't decided yet, tough. There will be 5 difficulty levels following Doom:

* I'm Too Young To Die -- probably two times more ammo, and player will take half damage.
* Hey, Not Too Rough -- default level, as it is now, maybe a little less monsters
* Hurt Me Plenty -- more monsters
* Ultra-Violence -- even more monsters, little more ammo
* Nightmare -- (unlocked only if you manage to beat DoomRL on at least "Hurt Me Plenty" level) monsters as per Ultra-Violence, monster respawn, monsters attack more often

Difficulty Level will be noted in the highscore list and mortem.txt, also it will give a following modifier to overall score:

* I'm Too Young To Die -- *1/2
* Hey, Not Too Rough -- standard
* Hurt Me Plenty -- *2
* Ultra-Violence -- *4
* Nightmare -- *8

The Difficulty will be chosen at the beginning of the game.

What do you think?

Requests For Features / Call to Arms!
« on: October 22, 2005, 23:48 »
I started work on a new version of DoomRL. Currently I'm in the phase of gathering ideas what to add to the next version. I definitively count on your help! I have some ideas of my own, but yet that's not enough to make the new version as different as 0.9.8 was from 0.9.7... So please post here! It doesn't matter if it sounds stupid -- we may discuss it...

Bug Reports / Posting Guidelines
« on: October 22, 2005, 23:07 »
Please make sure that you include the following info when posting a bug report:
  • Version number of DoomRL (e.g., 0996)
  • Version type (G for graphical, C for console; include N for nosound)
  • Platform you were running on (e.g., Win,OSX,Linux)
Additionally, if you have any of the following, attach them to your post as well:
  • error.log file
  • log.txt file
  • screenshot showing the error or bug

Finally, please provide as much information as you can about the circumstance surrounding the bug you are reporting, particularly when it involves peculiar in-game behaviors. This will help the coders diagnose and fix the problem.

thelaptop: This may sound a little strange but if one observes some unexpected behaviour that does not trigger error messages and/or crashes, it would be a good idea to discuss it first in DoomRL-->Discussion.  This applies especially to new players of DoomRL.  Thanks for cooperating.

Announcements / Welcome to the DoomRL Discussion Forum!
« on: October 22, 2005, 18:28 »
Hello all!

I recently resumed work on DoomRL, and browsing the DoomRL-related e-mails I noted that there were quite a few requests for a Forum. Although I much prefer newsgroups, I guess not everybody does, or not everybody can use a newsreader . So here it is, the DoomRL Forum for you.

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