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Requests For Features / Graphs for DooM Roguelike
« on: February 05, 2006, 04:56 »
Hey, Kornel - good to hear from you!  Hope your studies are going well. ;)

I'm glad you enjoy the sprites and I'd be more than happy to do the tileset for 1.0.0!  The truth is that I'm a huge fan of both Doom and Roguelikes... what can I say, to work on Doom RL would be a joy.

I completely agree with you about keeping the graphics as Doom-ish as possible and having dark floor tiles.  The blue floor tiles I put in the mock-up were just placeholders.  In fact, all of the sprites I've posted could use some minor tweaking to make them look just right. :)

Regarding multi-directional sprites, if it's something you'd like to have in 1.0.0, then I can do it.  Wouldn't be a huge problem since the sprites are small and not animated.  One of the reasons why working with these tiles is so much fun.

No need to worry about scenery sprites, either.  I'd rather you had the time to spent coding the game and thinking of improvements!  We can give each type of level its own unique look... so that when you descend into Hell it really looks like Hell!

Anyway, there's lot to talk about but plenty of time to talk about it.  Good luck with the rest of your exams and contact me when you have some free time.  I'll keep checking the forums, as well.

P.S. I think a 4-tile Spider Mastermind would be pretty badass and a big surprise to the player!

Requests For Features / Graphs for DooM Roguelike
« on: February 04, 2006, 01:39 »
Wow, a lot of responses!  Thanks for the feedback, guys!

I knew there would be people who preferred ASCII... Roguelike purists, hehe!  I think that's great - ASCII is more compact and leaves more room for your imagination.  Tiles are just fun to look at, and a little more clear.

The best way to do it, of course, is to let people decide how they want to play - tiles or ASCII. :)

Quoting: jimmyj
Actually, it might be kinda neat....but the former human either has an ugly mustache or a runny nose....

Ha ha... well, look at the original sprite, and you'll see a few pixels of orange above his lip.  I think it's supposed to be blood or rotten flesh.

Quoting: jake250
BTW, the sprites need all 8 sides direction to make it look good in game, + firing position + a moving states.

Otherwise, its not even worth it : it would look really bad : worse than the ASCII.

Hmmm, you really think so?  There doesn't seem to be any practical reason to show the character facing 8 directions (other than for realism, perhaps).  That would also mean 8x the tiles and Kornel would also have to add some code to the engine to test for direction.

In my opinion, the idea behind tiles is just to give a different look to the game.  In the end, it's still a Roguelike and the tiles are still just icons to represent graphically what's being described by the text.

Quoting: Anonymous
the first link i said where more suitable, because where top down sprites. But alas, i dont know how to extract it.

IMO, those sprites were way too large (I think 32 x 32 is about as large as you can get before you can't see enough on the screen at once).  They were also all different sizes, which means that they either had to be scaled or Kornel would have to rewrite the engine to accomodate them.

Also, the problem with top-down sprites is that you can't see the faces of the characters very well.  There's not as much personality in top-down.  In the original Doom, you're used to seeing the monsters from the front, so imo you capture the spirit of the game better with front-facing sprites.

Quoting: Margo
Just let you know Derek, Kornel is very interested in your tiles:). But please, be patient, as he has a lot to do with studies now and has no time to take a part in this discussion.

That's awesome, thank you! :)

Yeah, in the end Kornel has the final say about what the tiles look like, IF he thinks they're a good idea.  I'll of course listen to him.

Alright, wow, I'm talking way too much.  Here's some graphics, thanks for listening!

Some demons:


And here's a mockup of what the game might look like with tiles... based on one of the screenshots from the front page.

The floor and wall tiles are temporary, so please don't get angry that they don't look perfect yet (actually everything's temporary right now). ;)

That will probably be it for now.  I'll wait for Kornel to finish up his studies before I make any more tiles.

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