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  • April 16, 2021, 17:52
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Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: February 11, 2021, 20:58 »
Confidence/Overconfidence, I was thinking it should be a skill line that "takes off" quickly since there are fewer levels to gain. And not using a Pistol or Melee build (due to how those tend to have a weaker start and in the latter case I can't get the Chainsaw).

Melee build can work on AoOverconfidence. You start with Assault Shotty, Minigun, their respective ammo boxes, and a combat knife.
You level up like crazy on Hell 1, enough to at least get Berserker. After that, you can immediately go to Unholy Cathedral, and if you find at least one Red Armor, maybe one bulk or power mod, and can bring plenty of healing items, you can defeat the Angel of Death easily.
Of course you need tons of luck to get the perfect run going, but since this is AoOc, you don't lose much time if you die on Hell 1 or UC.

If you complete UC, you get the Longinus Spear, so you don't need the chainsaw anyways.

And I know that this is all possible, because just today I used AoOc to cheese getting Azrael's Spear (since getting 100% kills this way counts and is almost required anyway). This was done on HMP difficulty.

Hell, while writing this comment, I got a silly idea, one thing lead to another, and I've just completed AoB+AoOC on N!

My point is, Melee is a good choice as any other on AoOC.

Here's are my quick question: what's a good approach to complete Ao100/666 with a melee build?

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