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Whoa, I'm surprised by how much replies this got.

Well, anyway, I understand your point perfectly, and it's not that big of a request anyway.

Would be it, I guess.

Requests For Features / Re: New unique items
« on: June 26, 2013, 13:55 »
+1 for the Flashlight idea. It's more or less useless but I like it anyway.

Well, one way or another, here's some ideas from me!

Code: [Select]
Name: Hammerfist
Class: Melee Weapon
Damage: 4d3x3 + 1d6
Alternate Fire: Single Fire
Alternate damage: 4d3 + 1d6
Ammo: Shotgun Shells
Special: 3 cell knockback, 1 cell for single fire.
Description: For the times when just smashing their faces is not nearly enough.

Also, we need more pistols because I <3 pistols. Also, there needs to be more early game weapons, especially on higher difficulty levels, though it'd be nice if they scaled to later game too.

Code: [Select]
Name: Double Pistol
Class: Pistol
Damage: 2d5x2
Ammo capacity: 10
Rarity: Found early to mid game, semi-rare.
Alternate Fire: Single Fire (obviously)
Description: Two pistols packed into one, almost.

Code: [Select]
Name: Utility Pistol / Utility Pistol (w/ knife)
Class: Special
Damage: 2d7, pistol perk bonuses apply
Melee Damage: 2d5 (with knife), melee bonuses apply
Reload time: 0.8s
Alternate Fire: Shoot knife
Alternate Fire damage: 2d10
Alternate Reload: Load knife
Alternate reload time: 2s
Special: Aside from normal ammo supply, increased damage, and decreased reload time, this pistol allows the user to attach a knife to it and use the Utility Pistol as a melee weapon, additionally, you can shoot them.
Description: The true survivalist's tool, comes with a knife attachment slot and doubles as a melee weapon. And you can shoot the knife as well!

Code: [Select]
Name: The Bloodletter
Class: Pistol
Damage: 1d8
Ammo: 60
Fire time: 0.4s
Reload time: 2s
Special: Uses 5 ammo per shot, reload by standing on corpses, each corpse yields 7-11 ammo
Description: A vile gun borne in hell, this small. nasty, syringe-shaped pistol fires frozen hellspawn blood imbued with evil sharp enough to pierce a man.

Pardon the format that isn't in line with what the wiki/game uses, but I can't be botheredddd.

EDIT: Increased the Bloodletter's fire time from 0.2s to 0.4s since I didn't notice how overpowered it was earlier.

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