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Discussion / Re: Porting DoomRL to Android?
« on: March 17, 2014, 19:05 »
Still, it's a good thought for Jupiter Hell to eventually support Android compatibility. All the cool kids do stuff like that these days. There's a vague chance you could Dosbox a very old version of DoomRL (0.8 might have been the most recent Dos compatible version). It'll be a bugger to find though and won't have half the features we've come to know and love. It might also be rather annoying to play, even with Hackers Keyboard or another customizable software keyboard. Not undoable, just annoying. Possible/probable sound issues as well (assuming 0.8.x had sound. I started in 0.9.1). If you get it to work, let us know. I belligerently try stuff like this, just because I like to know if I can. Actually, if you find any old Dos versions of DoomRL, tell me and I'll get something working.

is the closest I can find on a quick search. The dl links don't work though.

On the possible rapidfire/shotty builds, the MAc or MAD runup is the easiest version of it. Shotty traits first, then make a choice after SM depending on what you find. Both guarantee a nice weapon with good ammo conservation and a fairly easy game (although you're more or less locked into shotties and rockets with MAD if you choose that route). Although tec or scout masterless builds are both possible and slightly more powerful and adaptable.

Juggler is *still* the best trait in the game though. Almost to the point that it needs a nerf (0.1 sec switching? Not a huge difference, but at least it has some cost).

I'll watch your run shortly Sylph. Youtube, DoomRL and a tiny phone screen really don't show the game well. It made me happy that it's more than just me that takes 2 1/2 hours to finish a run. Sometimes I go through mortems on here and wonder what I'm doing wrong.

It sounds like you're picking up the game really well Ghaleon, far faster than I did at any rate. Well done.

Discussion / Re: Destroyer diamond
« on: January 14, 2014, 09:56 »
Meh. There's plenty of damn good players of this game. Tormuse is actually probably one of them. But if we can't blame thelaptop for making it screwy, we blame 2dev for making it too hard.

Cheers. It wouldn't be half the game without yehs. Actually, it was pretty damn playable 10 versions ago, but cheers for upping the bar and giving us some people to blame.

Discussion / Re: Where did my game go? :O
« on: January 14, 2014, 09:39 »
It's in case there's a "horrible" crash. No player or score or anything .wad file.

Strangely enough, there's very little stopping you savescumming in drl, but you just don't do it or claim it unless it's really cool or there to help others. It looks pretty bad to post a scummed game on the forum, but drl is a game with a high skill cap (in it's way).

Meh, we need a save-scum post (in a good way, for the cool shit), and you my friend, need a less crashy computer. For the cool shit.

Discussion / Re: Nightmare Anomaly
« on: November 17, 2013, 00:30 »
Does running speed effect rocket jumps? I'm pretty sure anti-knockback does (so take off your boots/don't level into TaN/BA), and anti-grav boots should increase rocket jumping distance, but I'm not sure about running speed.

I'll have a fiddle with it after I've played a fair bit of prospectorRL (new release, so its bug-checking time).

Discussion / Re: Nightmare Anomaly
« on: November 14, 2013, 00:36 »
Sorry if I came across as "Now hear me n00b, this is the way." I tend to put advice down as a lowest-common-denominator style, rather than assuming any experience on the part of the poster. It sometimes helps others that read the forums that aren't as experienced at the game as the original poster, it's not meant to be an indictment against your abilities. Sorry if it came across that way.

Congrats on getting through the anomaly a few times as well :)

Discussion / Re: Nightmare Anomaly
« on: November 13, 2013, 15:05 »
I don't play on N! much, so you can take this advice with a grain of salt, but here's what works for me:

The aforementioned lucky phase. You can usually get about 2-3 of them by the anomaly, so phase and hope. Then either get out or rocket the hell out of the bruisers.

Zerk running from CC with a *marine or scout*. Honestly, it's heaps of zerk time with a marine or an Int(2) scout to power on down there and get a bit chainsaw happy on some daemons. It doesn't necessarily need a melee build to do it well, you can just do it with guns as soon as you spring the trap. Big guns preferably. The extra resistances are great regardless of what you do.
Double barrel shotguns. More chance of knockback, often more knockback when it does happen and a really good spread. If you're going to sit in the doorway and peek'n'blast, do it with a DB shotty, not a normal one. Throw a P, T or B mod on it if you can. Shell boxes, Rel, SM, Fin, SoaB or Jug are all your friends here, so it's not too build specific. Double knockback chance and a wider spread can make all the difference. Reload time isn't really a concern if you just shut the door to do it.

Shottyman. It works with shotguns, it works with rocket launchers, and it comes with Rel(2). Great for any difficulty level, but that step-reload can make all the difference. Be a moving DB shotty turret if the peek'n'shoot technique goes belly up. Handy vs the bruisers as well to rocket spam them to death with a bit of a dodge chance while running.

Juggler. Open door, Bam! Then a few more Bams! Then maybe a Kaboom! One of the best traits for any build, and works great for rapidfire anomaly N! runs. Fill them full of bullets/plasma, then at the last moment (ie: when they're 1-2 squares away) cycle through 2 DBs and a shotty or two. They *will* be knocked back. Whip out a RL if you feel like it. Close door, reload, repeat.

Rocket jump to the right or left, while *already running*.  It only saves 0.1 second, but that can be handy. Just hit run one space before the trap is sprung, spring trap, move 1 space right or left and rocket jump. It'll get you next to the door, then you can decide to rocket spam, peek'n'shoot, or rapidfire your way through.

I think your problem lies in relying soley on rapidfire weapons. Shotguns (especiall DB ones) and RLs work with any build, and are the best thing for this situation. Sure you'll get corpse respawns sometimes just because stacking is harder with knockback/spread weapons, but you'll probably get a few using rapidfire anyway. Try them out. N! limits the shotties a bit, but a DB with a P mod on it still has pretty good chances of knockback even after armour reduction (and gets two chances to get a decent damage roll, with plusses for whatever level of SoaB you have for your rapidfire build).

I've really liked change though. Before it was just an ammo restock for shotty-users and a free BFG, now there is definitely a "run-the-gauntlet" feel to the level.

For simplicity, just ignore the sergeants unless they're firing at you, the lava will take care of them. Shotty out the lost souls (you should have a combat shotgun/tactical by then) and then blow the other enemies away with whatever weapon you want. Or don't. The "wait on the stairs" technique works fine as well. As soon as the end-section walls start getting eaten by lava and opening up lines-of-sight, hit run for the higher dodging chance and lay some smack-down on the enemies to help the lava do its job. Shotties or rockets are great (you might knock them into the lava or out of LoS), but the BFG is good here as well. Think of it as a test firing, just to make sure it works. There'll be plenty of plasma to reload it later.

For builds, anything with hellrunner or shottyman is perfect, so are fast-firing builds (pistols or finess). With some ag-modded boots, some light armour and the Fireangel master-trait the level is actually ridiculously easy.

Oh, and run. Always run. Even burn off a small/large medikit if you really have to reset your running status. This goes for any part of the game you're having difficulty with. It's better than the life you'll lose if you don't (and debately better than the life you gain from using the medikit anyway).

Nice, I'll have a play around with it tomorrow. As mentioned in my post, I might make up a mega-thread for save files just so we  can put them all in one place. It's not really to show-off, but for training purposes (the RNG can still screw you happily) or for general coolness/uniqueness purposes (how many nano's? That many......) it should be fine.

I actually enjoy just jumping in on half completed runs sometimes, the more weirdness the better. I've finished the game plenty of times, so it's nice to just do a quick-play or quick-start every once in a while. Thanks.

Discussion / Re: Another melee base?
« on: November 02, 2013, 00:51 »
A few thoughts on all this. I like knuckledusters as a weapon, sounds great for a fists only run (and is very Doomish). Maybe a high-knockback special/unique variant as well (you punch them so hard that they go flying backwards. Powerfist perhaps?).

I'd love to have a polearm-style weapon in DoomRL as well, even as a unique. Heaven's Halberd perhaps, with an alt-fire with one extra squares range? (ie: 24 potential squares to hit, even corner-meleeing I guess). Who knows? Spears or halberds or any polearm really don't seem all that Doomish, but anime/romance of the three kingdoms/dynasty warriors references should be fine.

Also, just as a thought, could boot mods change around melee damage, even just punching damage? Thumping people properly takes good footwork as well as good hands and it could even be considered kicking/kneeing them. Maybe a +2 damage for bulks, +15% speed for techs and an extra side of damage for powers? Ag mods already help enough for melee. You could make it so that assemblies add no abilities to your melee, but basic modding does, therefore making it a real choice and trade-off. It would add a new aspect to modding and make your boots a far more important item slot for at least a few game-types and challenges. Plus, a PBT set of boots would be a pretty nice use of mods and traits, rather than the normal Ag, assembly or nothing options right now.

Anyway, just some ideas on it to consider......

Discussion / Re: Boots and you.
« on: November 02, 2013, 00:20 »
I tend to like the WK chain of traits, valuing it almost as highly as the mastertraits. It's nice on technicians as a pick-and-play trait if you end up with a few spare mod-packs, but it's also great for marines and scouts. Strangely enough, it's not for the assemblies (although they're great), it's just so I never leave a mod-pack behind. Fin(2), Jug and WK(2) isn't exactly a waste of traits for any build. Whilst it might not be as specifically "powerful" as some uses of those level-ups on a more focused build, you can get by as a fast-firing, quick-switching, modded-out-the-wazoo generalist, at about the exact same time that any mastertrait comes online. You can even slap EE,HR or SoB in for a bit of extra "power", or Int(1)/BA for utility. It's just all-round good for anything you find in your run, with anything you do get slowly being modded into something pretty awesome.

Back to the boots, you can't go wrong with tac boots. They are the best thing ever for useability, obtainability and lack of build necessities. Then just have another set of boots for mod-dumping if you're going to go the WK route. A set of AP pasteel boots aren't horrible, but boots are just a nice little mod-dump-slot for me. I'll even tech-mod them for some builds for the low knockback, even though conventional wisdom says that it's the worst thing you can do.

So, in a nutshell, go for tacs or fireproofs or antigrav, but don't be too concerned if you don't get them. Weapons are important, armour is important, boots are just a nice little bonus to dump mods into. Ag mods first, then consider an assembly or just slap them on willy-nilly. I've never used more than two pairs of boots a game anyway, so don't be too concerned about them. Even basic boots are great.

Oh, and I like the fact that it makes even the most useless armour shard do "something". Yay! My boots look like brand new! Totally worth it.

Honestly, considering the weird tangents I sometimes go off in and the incorrect information I sometimes post, I'm fine with it. It wasn't really a hijack or derail, simply an addition. Maybe we should just make up a saves mega-thread to keep the forum tidy. Some people hate the save-scumming aspect of it, but it's a good way of showing some of the cooler/rarer stuff that comes up in the game and giving people a go at it. If you're more experienced as a player it tends to fall into the "a bit of convenient fun" category rather than being a spoiler of any sort.

The lot's'o'nano save sounds fun. I'll try it out the next time I load up DoomRL.

Although, the mortuary is on one of those times when the BFG certainly isn't lack-lustre. Not so much for its damage, but for its corpse-squishing abilities.

It is also a very nice place to restock a lot of ammo later on in the game. Assuming you don't use more getting out alive than you gain by killing monsters. You can just grab stuff, teleport and run, but it's not even half as fun.

Discussion / Re: Do I still need my cerberus armor?
« on: October 05, 2013, 15:52 »
But the nuclear plasma does do it for free (more or less).

Actually, what's the minimum damage to destroy walls with plasma? I know boxes are a fair bit easier than walls, but with SoB(5) you might be getting close to wall destruction as well for the n.plasma rifle. Saving you both rockets and bullets. I might do a MAc run today and play around with it (or just a WK(2) run and mod up a nice n.plasma). Knockback might make it pointless, but it'll still be fun.

Edit: Never mind. It's 10 HP per wall tile, with 10 armour (halved to 5 due to it being shot with plasma). 15 HP for one plasma bullet isn't undoable. 1d7+5+d3 will do it, so a plasma rifle with 3 power mods and SoB(5) it is then. Why? Don't know. It might be fun. Then I'll just hope for a nano-mod. Incidently, crates are 5HP with 5 armour. I really should look up the wiki more before posting.

Welcome aboard. I was a long-time fan of roguelikes before I stumbled onto DoomRL myself, and like you found it to be an excellent blend of mechanics. Nothing too obscure, but enough "secrets" that it still has plenty of depth. The medals/badges/difficulty and challenges system also gives it plenty of replay value, with each one being different enough to not feel like a grind.

I'm more of an intermediate player these days (I should be by now), but it's always great to hear newer players thoughts and experiences of the game. The forum is always pretty helpful, as is the wiki. Just remember that if you ask for advice, expect to get it, but remember that it's all flavoured by people's opinions, favoured play-style, and their knowledge and experience of game.

Anyway, looking forward to your tales and experiences in DoomRL.

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