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Requests For Features / Re: New Ideas for Special Levels
« on: June 22, 2012, 16:20 »
Now, where can i find a complete tutorial on how to make custom enemy AI for my module?  (the Unique stair level thing)?
I take it you've already found the less-than-complete tutorial. I've always meant to come back to it, especially because I've been handling most of the AI updates and changes to the actual game for a couple of versions. If there's something small and specific you want to ask about, insomuch that you want to know if it's possible at all, then feel free to ask in the appropriate thread. (BTW the tutorial I linked in that thread earlier should be compatible with the current version by now. If it's not, just let me know what the errors are and I'll try to take care of them at the earliest convenience.)

So, two things.  Firstly, someone needs to test it on AoRA to see if the nuke that goes off then only clears wave 1 or everything.  Secondly, realise that it is almost impossible to get three nuke-like things going on Hell's Arena, which is dlev 2/3.
Technically we could change things up by checking the LF_NUKED flag: that is, if you nuke, regardless of wave, the level is "completed". Of course, it's literally impossible to survive a nuke at Hell's Arena (and, for that matter, The Chained Court) because of the lack of accessable invulnerability at that time, so it's a moot point.

Is there a distinction between nukes that were survived and nukes that weren't? Because it's easy enough to just add an exit text for each special level when said level was nuked (ignoring the fix for removing standard nuke text as necessary), but that wouldn't show up if the player died in the explosion. In general this isn't a bad idea: we could also include some broader sets of flavor text in entering/beating levels, dying to enemies, etc.

Modding / Re: Modding Tutorial (WIP)
« on: June 16, 2012, 13:59 »
Now, do I just go off of the modding tutorial on the wiki, because I want to do an episode, not a single level.
I created an tutorial on how to build episodes, which can be found here. The basic idea behind episodic modules is that you chain together a bunch of levels, either through the generator functions or specially-crafted by yourself. I would suggest looking at the single-level tutorials on how to build up the special levels.

I'm going to extend the deadline by a week, considering there have been no entries. (Note that if you do email me your entry, you still want to reply here in order for me to credit you properly.)

GH: When exactly is the deadline, regarding your timezone? I can try to get something done for #5 in the weekend, but I don't want to send it late ;).
Midnight GMT is 19:00 for me. In the past I took "midnight" to mean at the very beginning of the day, but I'm going to change things up to mean the very end of the day: thus someone living at GMT has all of Sunday, June 17, to submit their entry.

Can I get a headcount on people currently planning to participate in this contest? Overall I'm going to try and pump out contests during the summer, when certain groups of people have more time, but we can push the deadline back a week on this one if it's still crunch time for those groups.

Then there should be incentives to keep your butt moving - such as aliens spawning at an increasing rate...
This is more or less what happens, although I believe right now it's just difficulty of the enemy.  Early on you'll find hunters out of nowhere, but they'll change to warriors, stalkers and eventually praetorians. It's more of a balance issue if it's not significant enough.

While I'm here, though:
I can’t form stashes, so I have to leave many supplies lying all over the place, to be picked up later. I can’t keep track of them all! Plus you might have to swap weapons if you e.g. run out of .44 ammo, and after you gradually fill up on that ammo, the original weapon can be hard to find. This is not realism, this is just unpleasantness.
I'd argue that AliensRL, in its current state, isn't a game that is meant to induce heavy backtracking. Sometimes it IS necessary, although it's a gamble all by itself since it takes time, which makes the random spawns all the more dangerous. (This does become significant if you dawdle without making progress.) Oftentimes if you're handling each situation effectively, you only rarely worry about ammo issues past the beginning stages of the game. Granted, if you totally deck yourself out, you can easily wipe out even the nastiest random spawns, although it's only if you want to spend that much time.

A part of what I like about AliensRL is the apparent lack of piecewise objectives. Your mission is to kill the queen (which is vague at best) and it's up to you to explore until you understand what that actually entails. I imagine for a lot of people that this comes across as padding or unnecessary information-gathering, but it's the want to know that gets me going in the first place. Over time you'll figure out what you should do.

Welp, this was held off way too long. Donation money will be handed out shortly.

Arachnotron: IronBeer
BFG900: ZicherCZ
Juggler: shark20061
Former commando: ZicherCZ

And, just like that, contest #5 begins now. Two weeks (like compo #4) although the number of categories has been reduced to two, with better benefits! See OP for details and rules.

Requests For Features / Re: Where's the rest of the music?
« on: May 25, 2012, 14:34 »
what program/gear/whatnot did you use to compose this?
Try this post. It may have changed some since then, though.

Modding / Re: Modding wishlist
« on: May 22, 2012, 09:52 »
I know flamethrowers weren't present in Doom, but it's the only major weapon archetype that I can think of that isn't represented in DoomRL.
*cough*grenade launcher*cough*

That aside, the important part of this wishlist is to come up with new or modified components that must exist/change in order to accomodate what is desired. Specifically: how should this flamethrower work? Given the maximum efficacy of available parts, all that's really necessary is a weapon with the chainfire alternate and MF_EXACT/MF_RAY flags (in non-modding terms: rapid-fire weapon, attack lands exactly where aimed, and attack damages non-solid objects between it at the target), possibly with some splash damage. In this way, we already have all the pieces necessary to create a flamethrower, assuming that MF_RAY, MF_EXACT, and explosions (if splash damage is wanted) interact properly with each other. This is, however, not the only possibility of creating a flamethrower if we want to consider things not currently possible by the given API.

You should try to describe your concept of a flamethrower as precisely as possible, so that we know what kinds of things have to be included in order to make it work.

Requests For Features / Re: Where's the rest of the music?
« on: May 19, 2012, 09:10 »
First I'd need to find the music from somewhere, in nice clean mp3 forms, preferably in comparable remix quality.
Here's a link to Simon Volpert's DoomRL music. Search around for a place called Doom Depot and you'll stumble upon a site with all the official Doom music you'll ever need. (Dark Side of Phobos (from pacmanus's link) is a really great soundtrack that's also free, and I suggest looking into it as well.)

I just took a listen to all the TNT tracks and I didn't find anything significantly comparable to what Simon's released. At best, Map08 has the same kind of drive that a few of his do, but that's no more a comparison than stating that all heavy metal sounds the same.

I might add a switch removing the movement animation for this purpose.
Man, I should hope you do.  I've already promised it to like, ten different people.

Aiming for Compet-n Platinum is a lot easier, as a matter of principle, when done on Angel of Pacifism. This is simply because any thought of killing enemies is gone and your ONLY mode of thought is toward finding the stairs. Even without stair sense (indeed, before it even existed), I can't say I ever had that much trouble getting sub-10 times in a AoPc HNTR run. 'Course I'm sure the AI changes since then have made a big difference.

Given the current balance in a standard game, I'd probably do Scout with a Shottyhead build, starting toward Shottyman first. Melee (especially Berserker) is pretty golden but shotguns are almost as thoughtless AND work at a range. The only trouble might come from Mastermind, I'd wager.

Bug Reports / Re: [ Win] Game crash
« on: May 17, 2012, 07:37 »
Known bug.  Explanation and workaround here.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, since I may have some people's attention, the "known bugs" sticky has been updated to account for a number of additional bugs and non-bugs. Please make sure to read over the topic before posting.

Requests For Features / Re: Smoother liquid transition
« on: May 15, 2012, 12:47 »
I think that's doable. Currently the partial liquid tiles mesh with the floor tile they're adjacent to, so I imagine something similar can be done for liquid-to-liquid transitions. It might require some fine-tuning with regards to looks, but I agree that two liquids mixing is clunky and some degree of smoothness should be attempted. (It does sound a little complicated to ensure that one acts as the foreground and the other as the background, however, so this is really Kornel's call.)

Maybe even make the border tiles do damage, albeit a bit less, than full acid does?
This is a no, because the game is wholly tile-based: when you move onto a particular cell, you'll be affected by the cell regardless of neighboring positions. It would be easier to consider this from the perspective of a console player: as there are no partial visuals there, everything is all or nothing, and the same has to hold when it's displayed with more detailed graphics.

Modding / Re: Modding Tutorial (WIP)
« on: May 14, 2012, 13:04 »
Hey, I would like an overall tutorial on ALL of your DoomRL experience and tricks, so I can learn off of it.
Also, I would like some tuts on a couple of the challenges, especially AoB and AoSh.
This sounds like you want gameplay tutorials, not modding ones. Discussion of gameplay tutorials should be placed in this thread, specifically if you're looking for video tutorials. If you prefer such information in a readable format, you can find written advice all over this forum, especially in the Post Mortem area.

Forum / Re: Doom RL Trailer
« on: May 11, 2012, 10:54 »
holy shit

That's great! I think Kornel will definitely want to use this for some PR.

EDIT: Also you might want to mention that the music's from Simon Volpert: I believe it's the one called "Hell's Weapons".

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