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Thereby, now it can be considered that the DevTeam opened all secrets to peoples-
so I say here conditions for wielding DS/BA:

I personally knew the conditions, but i think you should hide those under spoiler in case someone want to figure it out on their own.

Papilio probably have discovered conditions himself, but the DoomRL is opensource now so you can find out exact conditions any time if you really want.

I remember trying this (for like a hundred times) and having less that 50dmg before mortuary once and failing there. Why did you delay MCe that much? I remember that I was trying to get it ASAP and thinking it was worth it.

About phobos anomaly the way to go was always rocketjumping forward for me before the walls open. This way you can get out of sight not giving any chances to those N! monsters (just destroy the door beforehand) to damage you. You can also calculate the place where you will end up and either hide to the side of a doorway or move further, closer to bruiser brothers and with MCe you can see and shoot them at the door and they can't shoot at you.

Discussion / Re: The impossible bronze badge
« on: January 31, 2017, 09:41 »
And here I was fairly proud of myself for posting a sub-15 minute win on my first attempt.

Holy crap, you guys. One of you should see if you can't manage that absurd Angelic version of Speedrunner =P

Tried that during beta and wasn't even close. As far as I remember I could have got just under 10m on N! but died on one of a latest levels.

Discussion / Re: The impossible bronze badge
« on: January 31, 2017, 03:52 »
This old thread has two .dm2 replays of sub 3 minutes playthroughs. It is the old version of DoomRL but I don't think anything changed in respect to speedrunning the game.

I never had windows 8.1 but I think that it should be possible to make console window big by changing font there. Example: 1780x942 and It can still be made twice as bigger for that 4k displays (my apologies for russian language in properties -_-).

Discussion / Re: Nightmare advice?
« on: January 30, 2017, 04:24 »
Am I the only one with an unresistable urge to clear any of the special levels I encounter unless its is obviously impossible or i had a strategy beforehand that involved skipping specific levels?

if you're tough enough to complete Hell's Arena, you're definitely tough enough to deal with CC+, so that would be on my "Always Beneficial" list.

CC+ can really screw you up though if those barons decide to rush into your room together and also destroy all your berserk packs and chainsaw. Even if you survive the fight you will probably lose too much to make it worth.

- Unholy Cathedral. This is great for melee characters, and possible for most non-melee character, but certainly not worth it - you will be expending modpacks and maybe even traits specifically to get your character able to, and your reward is a melee weapon and some experience! For ranged characters with juggler I'd not-worth-it . Without juggler it's awful! For melee characters it's incredible.
It is indeed too unrewarding for non-melee builds. With all that melee theme of this special level I think that a couple of berserk packs can be added as a reward in the final room both to make the start of next level easier (and so adding incentive to visit UC even if you are not melee) and to give non-melees a chance to use the weapons they can find there!

- Spider's Lair - Absolute deathtrap. Nice reward (particularly the energy cell pack), but yeah, deathtrap.
I'd say that sometimes your build allows you to safely clear it and rewards are really good. I also don't think that it is even that dangerous if your build does not fit very well. You will burn some medpacks yes, but the rewards may be good enough to justify that. I see I forgot it is on depth 14 now.

Discussion / Re: Nightmare advice?
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:13 »
I haven't played for quite some time - you can see in my signature that I played a lot during version and almost didn't play version.

For a starting point, I'd recommend a quick read of the 'corpse disposal' section in my guide here:

     Thats quite a nice guide and covers pretty much everything. I want to add couple of little tips to it that I remember being important. First is that a lot of times you might want to use enemies aoe projectiles to get rid of corpses i.e. you want to get hit on purpose. For example this actually helps a lot in Hell Arena when the round spawn is bad and respawn chances are already high. So you just try to tank that cacodemon hit but destroy the corpse of two other cacodemons or even take a hit from that last baron of hell to stay 1 on 1 with him and stop worrying about other one respawning.

     The second tip is that when dealing with enemies with 100%+ speed on N! if you are trying to wait for them near the door then if you are waiting two tiles away (the closest tile where enemies can't see you from other side) due to speed penalties of N! the enemies will have a decent chance to walk into the doorway and immediately attack you since they can see you now. That can be really punishing in the long term so you often need to consider to stay 1 tile further from doorway(that way they can't attack you from the doorway itself). The downsides of it are of course damage/accuracy reduction due to distance but in many cases it can be quite benefitial (good enough shotgun to 1-shot those imps, good enough accuracy so you won't miss more and most important a chance to react to a situation)

Well you are one hell of a brave man! I was always too scared to say anything on the matter.
Personally I felt that the reason my interest in playing DoomRL faded because my dream of getting all badges died with and some of its ridiculous angelic badges. I felt that those ridiculous requirements were inspired by 2dev achievments.

Discussion / Re: Call for Uniques/Exotics
« on: June 01, 2016, 17:56 »
I have not played for quite some time, so I don't have useful ideas right now. But I remember that during donation campaign there was some kind of a form where if you donated enough you could offer design for items. I am sure I submitted several item ideas there and probably somebody else too. So if Kornel still has access to that form submissions he can check there.

heh 1 hour is not a long time. I recall keeping my computer on for three days only because i didn't want to leave DS behind. I gave up after 3 days though.
(these days I begin to think that I am the only one stupid enough to not manage to pick it up after thinking about it for a while)

Nightmare! / Re: [N!|YAAM|YAFW] First (and last ?) N! win
« on: April 20, 2013, 15:45 »
Wait..... WHAT?

First win on N! and YAAM and Conqueror?


Congratulations! I am a bit jealous :)

What I meant was the other benefit of juggler - you can swing with your prepared melee weapon without switching away from the ranged weapon you are holding. It gives you a bit of flexibility and often allows you to save ammo.

In fact it is even better. You may do nothing. If you have juggler trait and there is a melee weapon in your prepared slot you can just melee attack everyone and that melee weapon will be used. Of course this method is equal to yours in terms of ingame speed, you just don't neet to bother about remembering that you need to swap weapons.

added: Wow i can't believe I overlooked that you wrote exactly the same thing. Sorry for stupid reply :)

Post Mortem / Re: [H|AoMr|83%|YAVP]Quick Math Lesson: 9<10
« on: April 15, 2013, 18:16 »
9 turns, not 9 seconds. Just saying this to prevent yasd of  doomguy with >100% movespeed.

Thats really important to remember, I destroyed myself once when I used lava element i believe after the message about 3 second until explosion appeared. That was painful.

Since then I use it only when 2 seconds message appear. And also now I always use wait command, never moving or shooting until bomb goes off.

Hey, nobody mentioned here, and maybe everyone knows that viles take no damage from fluids, so no point in knocking them into the lava. In fact, while standing in lava and surrounded by lava they won't ever move, so they will spend every turn on attacking or reviving, so usually you should try to avoid this to happen.

If something from above was changed in please correct me.

Wow, those unlucky "wrong-killing-source-processing" events just keep pursuing you. I think Kornel should have this issue as #1 bugfix for the next version :)

Anyway great job. I managed to complete the same challenge in beta but I used standart "Get HR2+DM, and just run through everything until the mastermind using shotgun" tactic. You managed to pull it off the hard way though.

Heh.. I gave up on trying to figure out how to pick up dragonslayer and now i see that there are so many people knowing the secret and apparently thay didn't have much trouble finding the answer. I feel stupid now -_-.

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