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Discussion / Re: An Idea of mine.... the BPD....
« on: January 22, 2009, 18:04 »
srry i havent been on in a long time.... anyway the point is the gun is like a reactor. and as to leakage... it doesnt. and if u tried to cause a leak, it would immediately explode... nice sabotage attempt, Colonel Crispy! the hitting part isnt a big problem, its like handleing a lance... except that lances don't have a grip halfway down the weapon so u can lug it like a minigun. at the least, the needle will give the enemy something to worry about between firings... hey! make it a melee weapon, and its secondary fire is the insta-kill with recharging. also, you say they metabolize plasma.... so why does the BFG and the Plasma Rifle do a dam thing to em? (BFG uses plasma ammo, so it must fire some kind of plasma blast)... for that matter, their plasma is probably not the same kind of plasma that we use. and as to not being cellular... thats not the requirement. the plasmatter virus (it isnt really a living virus, its virally spreading Plasmatter... not alive, so it can't mutate) spreads along growth. even the slowest of growth forms will do. if a crystalline entity gets hit by this, it burns. because it grows. even a demon has to have some form of growth, just to be able to heal its wounds. (that growth is probably twisted to the point of breaking, but...) the virus is basically plasmatter that transfers along growth, it does NOT reproduce, if anything it dwindles down... when it cannot spread. in half of a second, the virus will burn through the target and dissipate into the energy it was born from. the only way to infect yourself really is to be touching when it injects. as for burning, its PLASMA not fire. not hellfire either. and if plasma cant hurt some demons, why do they go down at the touch of a plasma rifle? note, Cybie is prob resistant (though not immune...) to this stuff, considering how hes mostly robotic. as for arch viles, id LOVE to see the look on an arch viles face as the virus incinerated its way through his flaming blood! after all, i dont care if your the worst demon to walk out of hell just to pick a fight, unless your the Devil himself, you WON'T survive if you have a SUN flow through your entire body! as for non-gory, it takes a split moment for the targets body to vaporize when it gets hit by the virus. imagine blood boiling out just before it evaporated. it isnt unbalancing... sure u can kill 1 guy, but thats not much help when ur surronded by corpses and 2 archviles.

Discussion / Re: An Idea of mine.... the BPD....
« on: July 16, 2008, 00:30 »
ummm... no. overcharge inst-kill , maybe. overcharge destroyed, never.

i mean he didn't get to STAY the Supreme General by being a weakling in his youth! he may be older, but that's why he has the MECH!!! although the image of "I'm not a tree, I'm a Bush" in a mech is hilarious : his first shot would either hit the White House or the Pentagon, then he would declare a national emergency and run off to Texas to go golfing for a few weeks...................................... 'Nuff Said.

note, the idea of a military combat mech is NOT undoomish, it fits perfectly : combat mech is one step DOWN from the remote controlled plasma-cannon-toting spider-tank-things, i.e. what the demons turned into Arachnotrons..... at least they can't do that to a piloted mech!

on a side note, i have a whole character, story, world, and technology for a Mech with an awakened (and therefore unwanted) AI, name is GESTALT : Graviton Energized Suit ~ Total Assault Link ~ [traitorous]. yeah, the last part was added after she awakened (self-realized, becoming a true, sentient intelligence), and get this; only one gun! its called the Omni-Rifle, it can fire continuously, in a burst, single round with precision (sniper), and can fire via SPG Launcer. SPG = Super-Propelled Grenade. SPG is basically nothing more than an overcharged handheld grenade launcher. as such, it can go pretty far before the grenade starts to arc down, though not as far as an RPG, but it fires standard grenades, so no expensive rocket propulsion to outfit on each shot! also means less aiming needed... also, has booster jets on back, not designed for flight, though it can assist long jumps, its designed to accelerate the mech along the ground. also, the TotalAssaultLink, is just like it sounds : Direct Neural Interface between AI and Pilot (pilot is termed an "Operator". yeah, its awesome.

sorry i get sidetracked a lot....

Discussion / Re: I am SOO Screwed...
« on: July 07, 2008, 11:24 »
unfortunately, auto-correct won't give me any suggestions for that except "rape age"....... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............

Discussion / Re: An Idea of mine.... the BPD....
« on: July 07, 2008, 11:22 »
Titt..... your right on target with the "too much sci-fi" remark, but as to real science, ive been exposed to plenty... although, with your argument, obviously not enough in comparison. however, i do have a pretty good idea what im talking about, especially since in my stories, there is very little technology there that doesn't conform to real science after making a single exception (i.e. my hyper-plasmic elements.... came up with a long time ago, supposedly the result of matter in the plasma state going directly to the solid state, the idea is such a rapid reordering of an atom would disrupt atomic structures, leading to substances with highly unique properties, some of which seem to disregard other laws of physics!.... which, if you think about it, a double state-skip really would cause havoc, if it was possible. or take one of a large number of technologies that, theoretically, are SIMPLE.... they just consume unimaginable amounts of energy, like my Storm Breaker spaceship, with its reality-changing Breakpoint Manipulators [theoretically, altering reality on the local scale is merely a question of applying enough energy, i.e. more energy than is contained in the entire universe..... yeah. don't ask, that one's made possible by a wonderous unknown device that gives out exponentially more energy than you put in. impossibilities abound in my stories]....... i just realized how long this parentheses is.......... i think i better give someone else a chance to speak....)

A) if you have noticed, Hell's armies don't seem to be able to just "blow things up" on anything but the small scale. all they can do is blow up something that will cause a much bigger boom.
B) that's the point. and no, his fighting ability would be pretty good for him to be the Supreme General, but no, the reason for the Mech armor is specifically so that if anyone got to him with distasteful intentions, there would be hell to pay, and the General would be the Banker! plus, he would've been watching your rampage and would've figured out that without you, the forces of Hell could be repulsed, and therefore arrange to get you isolated from the rest of the army, at least for a time. and he WOULD send an army of soldiers to fight you out in the open; you just annihilate them with that BCBC of yours! after all, thats what a BFG, even a corrupted one, is designed to do: wipe out a room full of enemies!
C)before you could send it to hell, you would have to take it over first!!!! DUH!

Discussion / Re: I am SOO Screwed...
« on: July 05, 2008, 01:16 »
ooooook............................. i don't see how that helps....

Discussion / Re: An Idea of mine.... the BPD....
« on: July 05, 2008, 00:53 »
Xael. the BPD is to a machinegun as an ICBM is to a pistol. they have NOTHING to do with each other. the BPD has NO capability of fast fire.... unless your idea of "fast" is intergalactic snail mail....

1. there are 3 kinds of railguns. one is seen on Stargate: Altlantis ; ultra-fast firing weapon that shoots some kind of slug. this is the "real" Railgun, or at least this is what the military calls a railgun. 2nd, the kind used in Doom, and also in Quake 3 Arena, and a few other games i can't recall, which is basically a handheld particle accelerator that fires a blast of plasma at insane speeds, allowing the weapon to penetrate anything. i am reffering to the DoomRL version of this form. 3rd and finally, the most common science fiction Railgun, the magnetic accelerator. this is the one you are talking about, which uses electromagnetic "rails" to accelerate a metal slug when a current is passed through the rails, pulling the bullet with an intense magnetic force, accelerating it to such speeds as to allow the slug to punch through walls and other obstacles with ease. there is a 4th, extremely rare version of the railgun that is precisely what the name suggests ; it fires a heavy metal rail somehow, which can penetrate and stay stuck, with its length making it like trying to pull a metal pipe out of a person, if you have ever seen Terminator 2, you know what that looks like. as i said, this 4th one is very rare. i cant remember where i saw it, but i don't think i saw it more than that one time.

2. not plasma-based. neutron-based.... and yes, it DOES require that kind of temperature. which is EASILY found on a neutron star!! and yes, a neutron star is made up of neutrons only, as in no atoms. so the whole thing about life based on elements is pointless ; there are no elements on a neutron star, except those ultra-exotic ones that are nothing but scientific mumbo-jumbo for "we don't have a clue as to what we are talking about but we have to look good so we will make up some fancy names and hope we can impress you enough so that you don't ask us any hard questions"

AliensRL / Re: On some ideas etc.
« on: July 05, 2008, 00:30 »
bfg, i wasnt talking about a WW2 era RPG, i was talking about not even a modern, but a futuristic RPG, as the one in this game would be.

as to the Shredder, it seems to be not so much a shotgun as a mass driver, its just that the effect is similar to what you would think a "bullet shotgun" would do. and there is the fact that its not simply a mass driver, of course.

lol.... im saying that the leader of the entire earth's military, when you finally get to him, will probably be prepared to not only whup some ass, but also even the playing field, considering that Hell's Champion would be more than a match for the best human soldier, on a BAD day. a mech would give the leader the strength to take you on with a chance.

lol...... i know the feeling. i lose myself sometimes. just read it through, you will note it explains each category. basically each category is simply a number value except for color, symbol, and name.

AliensRL / Re: On some ideas etc.
« on: July 03, 2008, 05:26 »
Blade. if you are a tank and you get hit by anything explosive propelled by a rocket, your going to take noticiable damage from a direct hit. period. "piercing ability" has nothing to do with it.

AliensRL / Re: On some ideas etc.
« on: July 02, 2008, 01:29 »
actually it does. they have a minigun, a pulse rifle, a shotgun, a magnum, the Shredder isn't far off. its sorta a cross between an SMG and an Assault Shotgun.

Discussion / Re: An Idea of mine.... the BPD....
« on: July 02, 2008, 01:25 »
umm yeah, it has a LONG recharge time. and you're not carrying the power of the sun, thats just a phrase. though, taken litterally, the BFG, Plasma Rifle, and Railgun really DO, since they use "Plasma". it doesnt look like a syringe, it looks like a minigun-sized tube with high tech "doohickeys" all over, tapering sharply in the front with a semi-short needle about as thick around as a sewing needle is at the fat end, with handholds almost exactly the same as a minigun. in other words, one handhold at the back end, 1 slightly less than halfway down the barrel. as for limitations, its pretty heavy, so u could require 1 or 2 levels of Brute. you don't need special knowledge to operate... however the reactor and containment unit are pretty audible. i wouldnt say loud, but its a little louder than an old computer thats left fully on with noone using it for a while. its easily dismissable as background noise after a while. but, it is a weird sound..... the thing would easily alert monsters anywhere nearby! as for a virus made of plasma, i have a book called Dragon's Egg, where life had been born on the surface of a neutron star. and there was a shitload of science to prove it possible, if not likely. REAL science. the author talked to guys at Nasa and everything. Plasma is still a form of matter, and where there is matter, there is the possibility of some kind of life, and where there is life, there are eventually invasive lifeforms. and the technology sounds right in tune with "Doomish" plasma science... if you can fire a plasma blast, you can inject it.

AliensRL / Re: On some ideas etc.
« on: July 01, 2008, 16:02 »
2. thats not the point, i should be able to recognize it on sight pretty easily. there are plenty of unused colors.

3. true. and the version file says the current technical skill abilities are temporary anyway.

4. i dont care how heavy your armor is, you cant take a DIRECT HIT from an RPG and come out "UNHURT"!!! which happpend 75% of the time!!!! a freaking TANK cant take an rpg unscathed, a freaking alien is NOT as heavily armored as a TANK...

5. i know that, but scouts should have a lesser boost to tech instead of something else.... and i forgot what the scouts 2 lesser specialties were lol.....

6. LOL!!! well... uve never played Turok 2... JK! but no, i wasn't thinking of turok when i came up with this gun, its actually a direct take from my PS2 copy of Fallout : Brotherhood Of Steel. one of the last weapons you can find is the Shredder, it uses the bigger sized bullet, the ones that have fewer weapons for them, and it does HELLA damage, as well as firing hella fast. i.e. ammo pit weapon. but its more powerful overall than any weapon in the game except the Nuke, and thats a trap you have to place (or throw), and when i tred to place the nuke as a trap during final boss, it immediately blew up in my face. sending my body ragdolling to the other end of the room, and completely missing the boss. shit. and its damage is so one-time, Plasma Rifles are better..... but it's an age-old weapon, its just a big barreled gun that fires a lot of regular bullets, at once, making it a bullet shotgun.but bullets can peirce, so they do a lot more damage.

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