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 on: January 05, 2024, 08:44 
Started by Kornel Kisielewicz - Last post by Kornel Kisielewicz
BUG #1 - can't reproduce this! Once BETA 2 drops please try again, and if it still doesn't work, we'll investigate!
BUG #2 - fixed in BETA 2
BUG #3 - I wasn't the author of the AI changes, so I'd need to more closely investigate what happens there, let's leave it as it is for the time being
BUG #4 - fixed in BETA 2
BUG #5 - fixed in BETA 2
BUG #6 - added a task for it
BUG #7/#8 - same bug actually - fixed in BETA 2
BUG #9 - I did some changes here, but I guess it's still slow (especially compared to JH). if the changes didn't help then please be patient - I'm planning a fully non-blocking animation system for the future

 on: October 10, 2023, 03:46 
Started by Michael512 - Last post by Michael512
Screen is weird, but game is completely functional. When I target a mob I can see white background behind * and X targeters. mostly everything else is black like without invul effect. Berserk and envirosuit are fine though. also im on omega old pc rn. One more tiny bug is that knockback-ing a mob on teleport doesn't trigger it.

 on: September 23, 2023, 11:35 
Started by Icy - Last post by Icy
I like all of these ideas, great suggestions!

 on: September 22, 2023, 18:10 
Started by Icy - Last post by Omega Tyrant
Related to sounds, I got three more small suggestions:

*Have a sound cue for when an Archvile initiates its attack

A simple suggestion; aside from making the game feel more lively, it can be confusing at times to know if an Archvile raising its arms is because it's initiating its attack or because it's reviving enemies. Having a sound cue would let you definitively know what it's doing, and will also better alert players who aren't fully paying attention to the game messages. The Archvile already has a fire attack sound set by default in the sound.lua file that goes unused (because the actual attack just uses the explosion sound), which uses the sound of the Archvile's flames when charging its attack; simply have its fire sound play when it initiates its attack. Not to mention that this would be more consistent with actual Doom.

*Have a sound cue for enemies reviving

There is similarly no sounds when an enemies revives, which again adds to the confusion to what an Archvile is actually doing, and just feels unpolished in general. So whether an enemy is revived by an Archvile, or because of Nightmare/Angel of Darkness, a sound should accompany it when the player is in close proximity to the reviving enemy. As for what sound to use, Doom has two different sounds for it depending on the method of revival; enemies revived by Archviles use the gibbing sound, while enemies reviving on Nightmare use the teleporting sound (as they are teleported back to their starting spawn point). Since DRL enemies revive on the spot of their corpse no matter the method with no teleportation involved, the gibbing sound would be more appropriate.

*Have a sound cue for spawned enemies

There is similarly no sounds for enemies being spawned, no matter the method. This one is more complicated, as there is no "one sound fits all" here. I think Pain Elementals summoning Lost Souls could simply use the Lost Souls' attacking sound, enemies spawned by traps (whether by levers, special level scripts, or the proposed trap rooms) can use the teleporting sound, enemies spawned by John Carmack could use the Icon of Sin's spawn cube sound (but if adding a new sound file to the default isn't doable for whatever reason, then they could just use the teleporting sound as well), and I don't know what sound to use for the Nightmare Demons spawned by the Berserker set, but I suppose they could just remain silent for the creepy factor (and hearing the teleporting sound or any other sound constantly from infinitely spawning demons would probably get annoying). As for Agony Elementals spawning Pain Elementals, I'm stumped; using the Lost Soul's attack sound doesn't fit, using the Pain Elemental's alert sound would get confusing, and the Pain Elemental has no attacking sound in Doom (as there it relies on the spat Lost Soul to make the sound).

 on: September 16, 2023, 17:25 
Started by Kornel Kisielewicz - Last post by Sereg
I've been gone awhile... nice to stop back in to see DoomRL in active development yet again!

Can't promise I'll have much time for beta testing, but I'll try to check it out.

 on: September 14, 2023, 17:21 
Started by Icy - Last post by Icy
Both suggestions are great ideas. Having mute enemies is definitely a design to make them stronger, but I can agree that the slight nerf to them with making sounds is a worthwhile trade-off for less "cheating" and more sensical, canonical gameplay.

 on: September 14, 2023, 04:59 
Started by Icy - Last post by Omega Tyrant
You're probably right about allowing any other build access to Vampyre would be too powerful, even if the weapon was very weak. My suggestion would be perhaps the Blood Sword could be given a nerfed form of Vampyre that doesn't work on enemies that give no EXP (so no being able to farm revived enemies nor spontaneously spawned enemies like Lost Souls from Pain Elementals), but I do not know if that would be easily programmable, and if not, then the idea would have to go.

As for Mother-In-Law, I would agree with changing its assembly to PPFN, unless a couple more assemblies are turned into five mod assemblies so it doesn't stick out (a couple other five mod candidates could be Biggest Fucking Gun becoming BBBFF or BBFFF, and Nano-Shrapnel becoming PPTTN or PPPTN).


Also for a couple new suggestions:

*Have the character info screen show the amount of remaining enemies on the floor

Currently you can already deduce this by subtracting the total enemies killed count from the total enemies encountered count, so this wouldn't be giving the player any new tactical information, it will only make information already accessible more convenient to immediately see without having to do any math, especially so if you haven't killed every enemy on all prior floors (where you then need to also keep track of how many enemies you failed to kill up to that point, or have to pay attention to how much the total enemies count increases when entering a new floor).

*Fix exotics, uniques, and artifacts not having sounds for all actions, as well as some enemies not having sounds

Currently most exotics/uniques/artifacts lack any sounds for picking them up and switching to them, while most of the melee weapons have no sounds for attacking with them. Players can easily fix this by giving them whatever sounds they desire through editing the sound.lua/soundhq.lua file, but your average player probably lacks the technical knowledge or willingness to do that, and regardless it comes off as unpolished for this to be the default without modding (it certainly was really dissonant for me when I finally picked up the Dragonslayer for the first time and then there was no sounds at all when hitting enemies with it).

I would extend this to mute enemies too (e.g. nightmare enemies, the Arena Master, the Agony Elemental, the Lava Elemental, and the Apostle); it is unclear if their muteness was an intentional design choice to make them "harder" to fight, but regardless of if it's intentional, I would argue it again comes off as the game being unpolished for some enemies to nonsensically be completely mute (the Arena Master even has spoken lines, so why is he mute when you fight him?), while it additionally indirectly gives Intuition a very unneeded buff (by it being necessary to know mute enemies are around without seeing them outright). You can also easily mod in sounds for these mute enemies in the aforementioned sound.lua files to "fix" this, which players such as myself have done just to make the game feel more lively and polished, creating a grey area issue where if doing basic aesthetic modding enabled by the devs is considered "cheating", as it does technically give you a slight gameplay advantage by allowing you to detect these enemies are around without Intuition. Having all enemies make sounds by default would get rid of that ethical greyness around modding these enemies' sounds, and ensures all players are on a more even playing field regardless of if they mod enemy sounds or not.

 on: September 12, 2023, 20:43 
Started by Icy - Last post by Icy
Regarding having enemies revealed, I agree in that it would need more opinions.

Regarding Power Armor, I like the idea. Having a set value is better when the prior value is lower, and it's a clever way to indirectly buff Green Armor and Blue Armor with the assembly.

Regarding your proposed assembly of Blood Sword, I agree that if you are using a melee build, giving up an Onyx Pack is a big cost. An Onyx Pack into a weapon is a bit of a wild idea, but I wouldn't be opposed to it. However, I do think easy access to Vampyre would be overpowered. Any build could use it, assuming they have at least an extra point or two across Brute or even Eagle Eye, or even just finishing it with an Agility Pack. With this, you could take a Cateye build for example, have this as a support weapon, and be able to farm a weak respawning enemy for free recovery, whether it's coming from an Archvile cut off from approaching, Lost Souls from a Pain Elemental, or basically anything on Nightmare. For melee builds, use of Vampyre is to help kill everything and exit the floor with full health. For non-melee builds wielding this, there are various ways to also kill everything and also exit the floor with full health, especially when only the killing blow is required to gain the health, such as weakening enemies, luring them in, and the finishing them off for free health. I think Vampyre is too powerful to be accessible to all.

One suggestion I have is to change Mother-In-Law from PPPFN to PPFN, but maintaining the same effects and everything, just for consistency among assemblies.

 on: September 11, 2023, 21:34 
Started by Icy - Last post by Omega Tyrant
Regarding having enemies revealed, it would have to restrict all bonus levels, all boss levels, and all dark levels, but even then I think it would impact too much. Having that level of intel in a game that is strategic and tactical is extremely powerful. On HNTR where you might get a single group of 6-8 enemies, that also lets you see where a good portion of them are as you clear them out through the floor. I don't think having a few stragglers be annoying to find is enough to justify such a fundamental change.

I don't think it's really that major of a fundamental change, floors are basically cleared once you reach the final three enemies on it, no matter how many were there before (and you could always just find a Tracking Map, or Computer Map with a Technician, rendering it moot). But we seem to be at a stalemate on this one, so this is something that others will need to comment on.

Just as a comment, I think Mother-In-Law would be pretty insane with Inquisitor Set.

It certainly could be, though that is going to be an exceptionally rate combo to obtain, especially if the proposed generation nerfs to the Inquisitor pieces go through.


A couple more suggestions I thought about:

*Have Power Armor give +20% movement speed to the base armor, instead of having a set 0% movement speed regardless of the armor used

This change would keep Powered Red Armor the same, but will give an additional bonus to making Powered Blue Armor or especially Powered Green Armor instead, as they'll now have a nice speed bonus over the Powered Red Armor, helping to balance them out having weaker protection (well Powered Red Armor probably still wins, but +10% movement speed with 60% plasma resistance from Powered Blue Armor is something you might want to make instead).

*New assembly: Blood Sword - Combat Knife + BPO = a 5d2 weapon that when used to kill an enemy, will have Vampyre's effect, restoring your health by 10% of the slain enemy's max HP

I mentioned in the Discord I was thinking of ways to use an onyx mod in a melee weapon assembly, but was having difficulty coming up with something that wasn't a boring "really strong weapon". But when thinking about how there is a melee weapon that inherently has the effect of Blademaster (the Butcher's Cleaver), I thought perhaps there should be a weapon with the effect of Vampyre too. Initially I was thinking of having it be a new unique, but then thought back to the lack of onyx weapon assemblies, and how this would be pretty fitting on a Combat Knife, while also giving Blademasters and any build side-arming melee a reason to keep a Combat Knife in their inventory after getting a Chainsaw, Cleaver, or artifact weapon. The power could maybe be buffed to 6d2 or 5d3, but the power is intentionally weak (being explicitly weaker than a Chainsword), as Vampyre is a very powerful effect (so strong it's widely considered one of the best masteries despite having some of the worst blocks among masteries), so the weapon itself needs to be weak to not be broken. The idea is this won't replace your primary stronger melee weapon, but when an enemy is near death and you're in melee range, you can whip this out (preferably by Juggler) to finish them off and get yourself HP back. Giving up the chance at an infinite durability armor is a big opportunity cost, but if I'm a non-Vampyre build utilizing melee and I haven't found a particularly good armor to use an onyx mod on, I would seriously consider making this, especially if I ended up finding more than one onyx mod.

 on: September 08, 2023, 20:40 
Started by Kornel Kisielewicz - Last post by Icy
BUG #9

While not truly a bug, I think the hindrance is significant enough to be considered one.

When you get Tracking Map, movement and general gameplay can be extremely slow when there are lots of enemies. I had one floor with a single Pain Elemental that stuttered my movement a lot and even firing was much slower. I've never experienced this in older versions.

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