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Discussion / Re: Worst master trait
« on: June 24, 2017, 01:16 »
No way is entrenchment useless! The higher your resist already is the better it gets. 0 to 30% isn't great but 70 to 95% is, it cuts the damage by 6 times. And being a technician trait it's not that hard to get cerberus armor.

Requests For Features / Re: some challenge mode ideas
« on: May 30, 2017, 20:58 »
oops I meant repeat command when I said run! Idea being to make camping a bit more stressful and alertness-requiring like it would if you actually spent several hundred turns waiting at a corner.

With the 1st one you could maybe make monsters not pick items up at all, but be generated with them sometimes. Or tie them picking things up to a timer, so they have like 20 turns after the level starts to pick things up (or however little is necessarry)

Discussion / AoHumanity strategy/builds
« on: May 29, 2017, 11:45 »
Ballistic armor

Is it a good idea to go technician and make powered ballistic armor to avoid death by shotgun?

On the one hand, the sergeant is by far the the deadliest early game enemy, capable of doing 8 to 24 damage, which means 'up to 24 damage'.

On the other hand, you can get a ballistic vest in the arena, and with some levels in TaN, and 6 protection I you can get out of oneshot range without help from ballistic armor. (24-8*2=8). So considering the availability of fire and acid enemies to oneshot you as well, is it a waste of mods to construct that armor? (particularly for someone who doesn't want to minimise early game risk)

Then intuition is probably particularly good in this challenge, so that suggests scout rather than technician. As is extra maxHP when it's so low already. (do marines only get +2hp from ironman like everyone else?)


Is this a necessity to survive in lategame? -removes the possibility to get oneshot by a single enemy right?


Anyway, more generally how do you think an AoHumanity build should go?

(Does something like this sound good? Technician: TaN, TaN, bad, WK, WK, iro, brute, brute, berserker)

Discussion / Worst master trait
« on: May 29, 2017, 11:28 »
It's bullet dance, right?


bullets in gun is more of a bottleneck than fire speed. -not what you want

SoG5 gives you insane fast shots anyway. -redundant

the numerical boost isn't even that good: triggerhappy + bulletdance gives you 2 shots in 1.5 times the time. -33% faster shots. 2 levels of finesse gives you 30% faster shots on every single weapon type and access to juggler and whizkid. -outclassed. Next level is 3/2, 50% faster which isn't pulling away from finesse.

longer fire time with more shots fired is bad because of how dodging works. Later bullets in burst may be wasted with knockback. -hidden costs


It looks like the trait doesn't even become good if you use it only with appropriate gear, like nanomachic assembly in one hand and combat pistol in the other, or if you dedicated a bunch of inventory and take finesse + juggler to fight like neo in matrix 1.


After that one I can't see a comparably weak trait. maybe survivalist sits between this one and the rest?

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: May 27, 2017, 07:53 »
If the arena master staff targets two adjacent enemies, do they both get hit twice? (AoE)

I like the mod on combat pistol if you're dual wielding and your other pistol is a pistol because it aligns the amount of trigger pulls to deplete the weapon so the extra capacity doesn't go to waste anymore. -Normally to fire twice as many bullets you have to reload more often. it's not the case when your other pistol is a normal pistol. Though I have since found out that with SoG 4/5 fire speed becomes insane anyway.

Discussion / Re: mortuary strategy
« on: May 25, 2017, 11:25 »
@ZicherCZ The BFG9000 explodes where you aim like the revenant rocket launcher.

"Note that if you have a nano plasma gun, you can just kill everything without needing to take any risks." Whaaa? You mean everything not near an archvile?

In limbo you don't need to radarshoot the left platform, it's in range to clear blindly firing nuclear BFG from centre.

Anyway this is cool how the rocket launcher is useful even past the missile launcher!

would be good because:

1. after raiding the vaults, there's not enough time to play with your fancy toys.

2. the cathedral is a more epic place than the vaults, makes sense it would be deeper.

2 3. It's a minor nerf to lategame melee

Discussion / mortuary strategy
« on: May 23, 2017, 08:26 »
first of all am I right in thinking I think that if you want to clear the level, then the 2 health globes in the center are less important than getting going fast, seeing as there's another four in the corners?

If so, might it be a good idea to start the level with something like

move 1: shoot BFG to the left to clear corpses
move 2: shoot BFG to the right to clear corpses
move 3: switch to rocket launcher
move 4: rocket jump to the right
move 5: rocket jump to the right again, reload first if it's not a tactical rocket launcher
move 6: use skull

What do you think?

And what's your strategy for the mortuary? (or limbo)

Requests For Features / some challenge mode ideas
« on: May 23, 2017, 07:56 »
(I know it's not in active development, just for fun)

angel of alertness: no run command, no giftdropping, and 'gifts' dropped by monsters (that die within a certain proximity to you) disappear after some time. Basically forces you to camp & explore manually, and removes the option to giftdrop. -If you want to camp in the demon infested halls of hell you have to do so one moment at a time.

archangel of alertness: same as the above but with a realtime turn timer

angel of death: this one's more of a gimmick but, the grim reaper has returned to retrieve its scythe. enemy vision radius is reduced but you can't attack. Every level has many health globes, and if you collect 3/4 of these, you can use a super version of the scythe's altfire which kills everything and doesn't cost health. Once you get the scythe from the cathedral you gain 95% damage resist and can melee instakill enemies. (basically you become invincible for the purposes of the game). Might be too easy as stated and require some additional challenge. Could also be deliberately too easy what with it being the grim reaper and all.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: May 21, 2017, 21:20 »
thanks. Yes I meant protection by armor (flat minusdamage), and with the storm bolter pistol I suppose I expected more as 9 shots isn't exactly a lot when you're firing 2 at once at -2 accuracy. -Even on a gun kata build* it seemed like not enough shots. Might be better with some levels in son of a bitch as well as of a gun. I'm sure it's very strong on combat pistol.

* though in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have got whizkid at all, seeing as it requires 2 levels of finesse which is irrelevant when you use the kata attack, and doesn't help with the ammo-in-gun bottleneck.

edit: and double thanks for source diving!

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: May 21, 2017, 14:41 »

about juggler, I'm still curious what the intention hypothetically would be.


I edited in some questions that I thought of after posting but before I saw your reply.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: May 21, 2017, 14:27 »

is shrapnel damage effected 2 or 3 times by armor?

How does rounding work with resistances?

Does berserk give armor in addition to the resistances?


Is shotgun spread or falloff affected by sniper or agility mods?

Is storm bolter a bad mod for a standard 6 shot pistol? I thought the ammo capacity would increase but I guess it's more for things like the combat pistol?

future plans/patches:

Is juggler keybinding planned to remain?

Is feature of reloading from the ground planned?

thanks for the all the info.

more questions

could bulk mod on shottyman build be good with shottyhead on a focused double shotgun?

on the topic of the cathedral, is there any hp threshold where actually beneficial to use azrael's scythe ability to get berserked more often?

how does tactical rocket launcher help clear that level without taking damage? (also is there other achievment-reward pairs like that which I should know about? I know there's a special one on nightmare, but in other difficulties?)

iirc bulk mod takes off 10% speed in my version

First, welcome to the forums!

Now, you confused me a bit, mentioning a shotgun build in the post title and then listing a lot of weapon assemblies that are not shotgun (IIRC, shotgun do not benefit from bulk mods directly, assemblies or otherwise - they do decrease reloading times for them, but taking Reloader trait is always a better choice, and Shottyman makes this use completely obsolete)

thanks, hi

Well that's exactly my problem, if I go shottyman etc, my primary weapon can't be a dump for bulk mods, like (-I'm guessing-) it can with other primaries, so in consequence I have trouble finding uses for them when a lot of them drop. Nanomanufacture isn't a shotgun mod but it seems like a strong use for bulk mods on a shotgun build, where you can't use them for a shotgun assembly. (Infinite rockets!)

Or wait did "shotgun build" mean 'angel of shotgunnery' build? I just meant getting shotgun traits and focusing on it in a normal game.

about armor, it seems good with red armor for eventual fireproof, but otherwise I'm not running out of armors to wear, and the speed penalty hurts a lot before I get hellrunner or speed boots. Maybe armor health will be more tight on higher difficulty settings. The red armor mod does seem solid.

About the chainsaw, is it worthwhile when you don't get brute? Seems like I take a lot of hp damage when I use it to save ammo. I've been carrying it only to make outspeeding the cathedral angel easier. Also I'm glad to hear the BFG is a good use, though unsurprised. The weapon capacity to inventory slot ratio is really high.

And if you're not happy with these uses, you can simply leave the bulks on the floor.

I wouldn't be asking if I knew how happy I should be w/ them!

It never occured to me that the best use for a mod might be to forego a permanentish power up. That's, like, blasphemy. Well maybe a less RPG mindset is in order, the inventory in this game is the tightest I've ever seen. (Or it seems that way anyway. Maybe it's inexperience seeing as there's a challenge to beat the game with even much less lots.)

Later on on I'm very happy to throw them on a BFG to save inventory space. Or if I get a nano mod I'm assuming that nanomanufacture is great.

if I get them early I can't think of uses, and I'm not too sure about the ones I have.


1. fireproof armor or onyx shield. How useful is it if I get cerberus? I suppose a spare high quality armor is good so maybe pretty good.

2. I could throw one on the chainsaw? It's not necessarry for the cathedral, which is why I'm carrying it, but maybe I could throw an agility mod on it as well to use it without brute, or just let the bulk mods tell me to get melee skills instead.

Beyond those two, i'm not sure if any of the rest are useful when you haven't invested in accuracy:

Burst cannon looks cool but low accuracy. Maybe with a sniper or agility mod?

Environmental boots look good on paper but seem like a waste to assemble from steel rather than plasteel, and the only reason I would want them anyway is lava pits, which is way later, and carrying an extra envirosuit around might anyway be just as good anyway as carrying plasteel boots and spending 3 mods on it.

tactical rocket launcher seems like its for when you're not getting the missile launcher, which I always aim to.

Storm bolter pistol looks cool but I have no accuracy and i usually find an artifact pistol anyway.

So should I just lug them around until nano or bfg and use one on red armor and maybe one on chainsaw?

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