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Holy cow! %) Congratz!

The "wtf" portion is at 0:40-0:50.
and so what? You are standing at edge of visible range (accuracy fall with distance!). Formers do not gain accuracy bonus from equipped pistols (? not sure but seems so). It is Easy difficulty. You are lucky! :)

1: The player customization/specs seem kinda...well they seem less about picking a playstyle/strategy, and more about gambling on what weapons you are hoping to obtain
do not understand. You play the game. You have a favorite tactics. For example you DO NOT love pistols. But loves shotguns. You choose a shotgun build and just drop away all junk like blaster-combat pistol-Trigun etc :) And go with your lovely shotgun. If you find a Jackhammer - good. But you can win having only shotgun, why not? No, do not change tactics if you find something. No, do not hope to obtain special weapon - you can not obtain it if you are not lucky. Even guaranteed specials like missile launcher, chainsaw or BFG not guaranteed at all! Situations becomes hot, and you do not go to special level for that weapon. So, you choose what you will do - and DO! namely picking playstyle and do not worry about special/uniques that you may find.

I can't think of a single time I got a unique or artifact from a random-generated floor, they're ALWAYS from the special floors. Am I just unlucky or?
artifacts always on special floors. Uniques are rare and you can find 1 in 20 runs. Or 2 in one. Luck, random and nothing more. But some of special floors have a good chance for uniques generation.

PS sorry for my english :)

Discussion / Re: DoomRL Arsenal - Beta 6 out now
« on: February 19, 2014, 21:43 »
as for me random not bad... but need some rebalancing with depth (i.e. map number). When you find medical powerarmor and nuclear BFG on episode level 1 the game totally changed :)

try knifes ;) melee really fun, especially if you find/mod indestructible armor. For Ao100 best with OPA-modded phaseshifting armor + antigrav phaseshifting boots. You rush to anything. kill anything. And go away leaving blood behind. Speed and damage is all that you need. But be ready for keyboard control.

Ouch, you also try that %)

Only 4 choices:
rapid-fire (plasma rifle and specials like laser rifle/nuclear plasma looks best choice)

And if you plan destroy anything (and those ammoboxes, medikits and rare nano-mod too!):
Rocket launchers

The last group I don't use, usually.

Post Mortem / [M|AoMr|YAVP x3] All kinds of Marksman
« on: February 14, 2014, 04:37 »
For a long time playing .996, I never win as Marksman. Damn, how? How the man with only pistols can kill those mancubi - arch-viles - and so on?
.997 make things easy. Of course, I gain experience and understand gun kata - but .997 more favor to Marksman anyway.

Most easy way for Marksman -
Spoiler: GunKata Scout. (click to show/hide)
I finish that as 1st challenge as early as possible. Nice. But what about technician and marine? Some times I tried that but not succeded... About 50-70 dead soldiers in mortems. Well - each death give some player experience and now:


Spoiler: BulletDance Marine (click to show/hide)

For players who maybe start play and can't complete AoMr - can say the next (only for beginners! from one medium skilled):
  • do not enter all special levels. Arena is a good place only for Dualgunners and quick - that is for Scout. May be... sometime later... geting a Tormuse-like skills :) The same about Mortuary/Limbo. If you are not going Mortuary - you do not need CoS or Abyssal Plains. Firing to lost souls from pistols when surrounded is a best and quick way to die. Do not need melee weapons - do not enter UC. Leave Arena or CC - do not enter Vaults.
  • ammo. About 5 packs in inventory must be enough (500 10mm bullets).
  • medpacks. Only large and not more than 5. Actually about 3 are quite enough.
  • armor. I like armor! I re-equip that if have a chance - choose more suitable. One for plasma, one for fire and one for bullets. The same about boots. One tactical or any +speed, one for lava if lucky.
  • weapons. Standart pistols, modded to speedloaders are our best friends. Combat or GCB quite rare. Usually on HNTR we do not get level more than 10 - so no Wizkid. Assemble speedloaders as early as possible.
  • traits. Go to master trait ASAP. Well sometimes masterless build good. But not for nubie Marksman.

what pistol assembly best for Technician? If you plan storm the Wall and than die - energy pistol only way for that. If you want victory - stormbolter is a best thing you can do. Full compensation for blocked DG and good damage (MSs always do a max damage!)
BulletDance Marine really ammo-eating machine. 1 shot = 4 bullets. 3 shots, reload. If you choose TH2, 2 shots and reload. The game become "find a cover, reload and fire from corner". Usually you need about 100-150 ammo for clear 1 level.
About CatEye - good if you plan AoMr+Ao100 dual angel challenge. But for HNTR-HMP we do not gain enough experience for that. Nubie Marksman Scouts must have GunKata +Int2.

What special levels Marksman (not Tormuse ;)) CAN clear?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

don't know how you do that %) N!, AoC, and Cyberdemon's Head? and clear Vaults? and 98% kills?
Well, Hells Armory (on N!, past 1 level, player level not more then 3? damn!). Well, The Wall (RL, combat shotgun). Ok, CoS - no corpses. Spiders Lair? UC without Brute (and no piercing blade knife for throw)? It was a terrific run!

Requests For Features / Re: Career game mode
« on: February 07, 2014, 01:36 »
I wish something like that here:,6516.0.html
As a separate game mode, not standart. And you can't play this mode until get at least one victory and open at least one of special abilities from medals or badges.

winning and unlocking advanced and master traits in standart game in a such way makes game too hard

Releases / Re: Jailbreak 0.2
« on: January 31, 2014, 05:23 »
Cemetery on level 2. Angels of death. %) quick, touch and deadly... is it a joke?

Bug Reports / Re: Controls gone crazy
« on: January 19, 2014, 21:37 »
have a such problem too, but because of changing keyboard layout and language. No, if switch to windowed, language indicated as "EN", but after pressing switch language keys, all becomes right. So: do not press keys for switch your language in game. If suddenly game do not react as usual try swith languages if you have some.

Scan-codes have no meaning here, only "windows keys".

Keyboard -> scan codes -> windows translation -> game. If layout or input language changed the game got "invalid" keys

hmmm... Did you know that save file may be incompatible between 32- and 64- bit OS? between linux and windows?

Requests For Features / Re: Item Traps
« on: November 01, 2013, 01:24 »
IMO trapped items are only exotics/uniques. And 5% too low chance. If trapped=summoning on pickup.

But seems funny.
On every exotic/unigue first pickup, have a

10% chance lava/acid pool around
10% chance summon enemies
10% chance explosion
10% chance phase effect

and all can be combined together. How nice: you pickup a chainsaw, floor around converts to lava, some monsters appear on lava, you teleport away and all of summoned monsters die in lava+explosion :D

how I can load that in zdoom? download, unpack to gzdoom folder and have no this wad in select screen! :(

stop! what the problem? They say that Inquisitor Set overpowered? But it not guaranteed even at Ao100. Oh, at Arch666? well... in such not easy and long challenge why not?
Malek's armor not overpowered at all.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: June 24, 2013, 04:24 »
100% = 100 points of durability. 200%=200 points.
acid attack (hell knights-barons-bruisers) do 2x damage to armor

Requests For Features / Re: Add Darkness event
« on: June 18, 2013, 07:51 »
about YAAM - who worried about it past get all YAAM-badges? So, you need only 1 successful run, then no matter how many monsters stay alive. Random events quite rare, we can play 3-4 times and even not see lava flood level, or frozen one. The same true for any event ) Well, if you make attempt for Marksman Platinum - you fail. But can repeat and repeat, dark level not guarantied every run.

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