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Discussion / Re: The little tips and tricks topic.
« on: December 11, 2009, 18:11 »
If the little advantageous shotgun quirks are being removed - will the disadvantageous ones be taken away as well? 

Among other things, it would be nice if we could consistently fire around corners in every direction.  Actually relying on shotgun tricks helps make up for the strange situations where they don't work like you expect.

I.e.  Did you nuke 8 + (2 * # of Ironman levels) times?
Each Angel Arm takes away 5 MaxHP.

Normally I'm pretty leery of scummed results - but I have to say this one is interesting.  Still, I'd hate to think of how many scumfree games one would have to play to get the same kind of luck in a single game.

Discussion / Re: Screenshots: ASCII and Graphics
« on: December 11, 2009, 12:05 »
Why don't you just use those barrels in sequence?  Although fuel barrels seem to fail at destroying walls more than half the time in version...

Graveyard / Re: Returns PBF - In Character
« on: December 10, 2009, 14:30 »
Fathima let her breath out slowly as the ship entered hyperspace.  This contract had definitely become much more than she bargained for.  And with the Canceron destroyed...she probably wouldn't even get paid.  It was so frustrating to be a passenger - having no ability to influence whether she lived or died.

She let the trooper help her up as she thought over what she had noticed on the sensor displays.  "Do the ship names 'Astral Queen' and 'Scar' mean anything to you?  Why would they, I mean, our own people attack us?  And those strange red colored TIE fighters - the power output of their lasers was much higher than usual.  What special task force could this be?"

She got up and followed the trooper until the pilot spoke angrily of the damage to the ship.  "Wait, the state of our ship's probably more important than our prisoners when it comes to our survival," she said to the trooper, then called out to the pilot, "We better check out the damage, then.  See if there's anything we can repair."

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Graveyard / Re: A new PBF in a galaxy far, far away...
« on: December 09, 2009, 23:13 »
Here's the NPC that our callous GM maneuvered Fathima into killing:

Name:  Colin Karr
Race: Human (Alderaanian)

Life Points:  14
Initiative: d4 + d8
Endurance: d4 + d10
Resistance: d4 + d4

Agility: d4
Strength: d4
Vitality: d4
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d12
Willpower: d10

Contacts d4
Head for Numbers d4
Higher Education d4
Intuitive Leaps d4
Natural Linguist d2
Photographic Memory d4
Quick Learner d4
Talented (analyst) d4

Dead Inside d4
Fragile d4
Impaired Communication (raspy/very soft voice) d2
Low Pain Threshold d6
Overconfident d4
Overweight d2
Prejudice (Alderaanians) d4
Toes the Line d4

Covert(Stealth) d8
Discipline(Interrogation) d8
Knowledge(Culture) d8
         (Law) d8
         (Politics) d8
Perception(Deduction) d10 (d12 + d2 with talented)
          (Intuition) d8
          (Investigation) d8 (d12 with talented)
Science(Economics) d8
       (Psychology) d8

Colin was born to a middle-class Alderaanian family.  He was smart but weak when young, and he grew to resent his peers, who viciously bullied him, the class nerd.  However, his excellent academic results led him to be offered a full scholarship to the Imperial University, which he gladly accepted to get away from his tormenters.  There he thrived in an environment that would allow him to learn everything he wished, although he greatly missed his parents back home (*).  His exceptional analytical skills caught the eye of Imperial Intelligence, and even Darth Vader, and he became a special analyst serving directly under Vader.  Colin delighted in his new power that came with his position, and took every chance he could to hurt Alderaanians, who he blamed for his tormented childhood.  With his widespread knowledge in many useful areas, he was soon chosen to support Vader's shadow agents.  His full range of skills allowed him to provide the agents a wealth of useful background information on whatever mission they were sent on, and he was also put in charge of monitoring their progress and guiding their actions.

Then one day his whole world came crashing to an end.  Fathima, one the agents under his control, was reported dead in a massive explosion while on a mission.  When Vader received Colin's report (in person, as usual), he immediately Force choked Colin for he saw as the analyst's failure.  With his life slipping away, Colin acted quickly and tapped his datapad to activate a program he had prepared for this eventuality:  all the screens in the room began to display the multitudes of successes that Colin had achieved for Vader.  Amazingly, when Vader saw the enormous list of deeds that Colin had achieved for the Sith Lord, he relented, releasing his grip.  Colin collapsed to the ground unconscious, perhaps the only person in history to ever win a reprieve from Vader.  He did not escape unscathed, however.  His windpipe was permanently damaged, affecting his breathing, and he was also left with an extremely soft, raspy voice.

When he awoke, he found himself a prisoner among several others.  They all kept to themselves, and he did nothing to change that.  He resolved to do his utmost to survive and overcome his predicament.  With a lot of time on his hands to think, he analyzed his situation.  It was easily a foregone conclusion that he would never work for Vader again, but he could not determine what his fate would be as a prisoner.  Deciding that further analysis on this issue would be futile until more information was available, he instead began to recall and mull over the events of the past few days.  Spending his lonely months going over every scrap of information from his incredible memory, he slowly identified various inconsistencies in the events surrounding Fathima's death.  Surprisingly, the prisoners were allowed access to a datapad, so he was able to log into the Imperial Intelligence network with the high level codes he knew, which hadn't been disabled.  This disturbed him greatly.  Why did leave a datapad for the prisoners?  And why were his codes still active?  Surely they couldn't have overlooked such a thing?  But his desire to find out more won out, and he proceeded to insert a arrest warrant for Fathima over a minor ficticious crime, just to see if if would lead to anything.  He was only able to include a holo of the one appearance she presented when she met him, as she was careful never to show him any of her other disguises.

Just days after he took this action, he was transferred to a prison ship.  He wondered if it was because they had detected his access.  But if they had, why was there no immediate punishment?  As there was little else for him to do, he continued to analyze in his mind Fathima's situation to see if he could understand more of it, and conclude if she really was dead.  Little did he know that fate would lead her to board the same ship in which he was held prisoner.  What would happen when their paths crossed?

Graveyard / Penumbra Squad (Star Wars Pilots/Agents!) PBF
« on: December 09, 2009, 23:10 »
A second Star Wars PBF based on the Cortex system will soon grace the forum.  You will all be part of a secret Rebel squad of starfighter pilots and agents operating in the time shortly after the Battle of Endor.  (Think Wraith Squadron, but far less lucky.)  General Cracken (not Starfighter Command!) will have many missions for you in the time to come, and perhaps other adventures will arise as well!  But things won't be easy.  The average lifespan of a starfighter pilot is rather short, and the risks for covert operatives is just as great.  However, those that succeed will find themselves accomplishing tasks that no others are capable of.  Will this group of people learn to work together to become a highly coordinated thorn in the Empire's side?  Or will they fragment and be crushed under the Empire's heel?

Rather than claiming spots, please simply post your character sheets and backgrounds, and I will select the most appropriate ones for the campaign.  Two spots are currently reserved, and I'm hoping for 4-6 players.  A significantly lower priority will be given to those who have been/are players in the other Star Wars PBF here.

Player Characters will start off as "Elites" under Cortex rules (54 attributes, 74 skill, and 8 asset):  please create a character that will be able to competently fly starfighters (one of X-wing, Y-wing, or A-wing), and also contribute to a covert operations team (running missions such as infiltration, sabotage, raiding, and information gathering).  If you take any of the strong, unusual assets (Talented, Force Sensitive, Cybernetic, etc.) or any non-military ability at high levels (d10+) your backstory needs to convincingly explain why they fit your character.  Keep in mind your GM isn't particularly fond of improbable coincidences or characters who are somehow better than the main characters of the Star Wars itself.

Interesting complications can lead to loads of plot points during the game.  And originality is valued highly, as long as it isn't ridiculous.  If you leave a gaping vulnerability in your character in order to pump up some other aspect of him/her, be prepared to suffer for it.  A cohesive set of stats, traits and skills along with a well written backstory will be looked upon more highly than a finely tuned, high powered character.

Some extras on top of the Cortex system specifically for Star Wars play:

Twi'lek race trait package:
Male (0): Ugly d4 (to non-twi'leks), Fragile d4, Enhanced Communication (lekku) d4, Fast On you Feet d2, Lighting Reflexes d2
Female (+4): Allure d4 (to non-twi'leks), Fragile d4, Enhanced Communication (lekku) d4, Fast On you Feet d2, Lighting Reflexes d2, Lightweight d4

Wookie race trait package (0):
All: Brawler d4, Formidable presence d4, Sure footed d2, Natural weapon d2 (claws), Tough d4, Anger issues d4, Impaired communication d8 (can't speak human languages), Gullible d6, Duty (can't use claws) d2

Feel free to play another species as well - put together a package that makes sense, as we haven't fleshed out trait packages for most species yet.

I'll bet you have: d4 - as long as you have a blaster holstered, you have the blaster drawn! Simply, if you are equipped with a weapon, drawing it takes you no time, unless GM deems otherwise.

Your mind powers will not work on me, boy: d6 - be it due to alien physiology, mental conditioning, or simply extraordinary will prowess, you gain +5 skill steps trying to resist Force enforced mind tricks

To be honest I wasn't going to have any Force using player characters - but if your backstory really dazzles me, here's how they fit in:

Force Sensitive (d2+): You were born with midichlorian count high enough to use the mysterious Force. You may buy Force Training skill as per normal rules. This asset has no direct influence on gameplay, but Force Training skill can not exceed it, so if you have Force Sensitive d8, you can not train yourself in Force usage above d8, until you improve your raw power, represented by this asset.

Force Training: It represents how well can you manipulate the Force, how much can you get of it, and how successfully you will be. Unspecialised, it allow for basic telekinesis, mind tricks etc. More complicated uses (Force Healing, Force Lighting and so on) require you to acquire a proper specialization for this skill. For the purposes of character creation, this asset is capped at d8, which is level of new knights.

Lightsaber Combat: specialization of melee weapon combat. Self-explanatory. Cannot exceed the level of Force Sensitive.

If you decide to have a loyal astromech companion, it will cost you only d6 in Assets for a Novice-level sidekick (rather than the usual d12), as everyone else will get a generic astromech for free.
A custom, modified starfighter will also be available for d6 in Assets, but how this works has not been fully decided yet.

This campaign will include new, experimental game mechanics on top of the Cortex system especially for space combat.  These will be detailed as they are finalized, and are subject to change if they suck.

PM for a link to the Cortex rulebook if you're interested but don't have access to it yet.

Bug Reports / Re: Stairs not generated in accessible location
« on: December 09, 2009, 22:00 »
Holy crap I'd hate to have that happen to me.  It's bad enough to have the stairs surrounded 3-thick by lava...

Forum / Re: Locked posts
« on: December 09, 2009, 21:59 »
Well we don't really have an endemic problem of inappropriately bumped old threads, and sometimes it's useful to bring an older discussion back to the forefront, so I would prefer if threads weren't automatically locked with time.

Graveyard / Re: Returns PBF - In Character
« on: December 08, 2009, 09:02 »
Fathima steadied herself as the ship shifted, then strapped herself into the co-pilot's seat.  "I can't help you fly, but I can handle everything else for you:  shields, sensors, power allocation and such, if you would prefer - just yell at me anytime what settings you'd like.  Oh, and is this ship armed?"  She turned to the trooper, "You look like you might have some experience with heavy weaponry, and it seems whatever's out there isn't friendly"

As she sat among the ship's controls - her mind flashed back to her old, now destroyed, ship - a droid Infiltrator that inserted and extracted her from many missions.  That ship was a beauty.  Fast, impossible to detect:  it never let me down.  She shook her thoughts away - now wasn't the time to be distracted.

She began to look at the sensor board while simultaneously reaching out with the Force, hoping to get some sense as to who the attackers were...

Graveyard / Re: Returns PBF - In Character
« on: December 06, 2009, 17:08 »
Fathima did as directed, putting the shackles on the rebel after strapping him into a seat, in case any excitement was in store for them.  She tried not to stare at the Jedi as she went about her business.  So a Jedi's Force presence is entirely different from Vader's.  What powers do they have?  And would it...would it be possible to get her to teach me?

With her task complete, Fathima ate a small portion of food, to restore some of her energy.  She then returned to the cockpit and asked the pilot, "So where are we headed?"

Graveyard / Re: Returns PBF - In Character
« on: December 06, 2009, 16:32 »
Fathima took the blaster rifle from the dazed rebel into her hands, keeping it pointed at the ground.  He seemed to be reliving some past traumatic incident.  Fathima shuddered inside and wondered if his flashbacks were anything like her own.  "C'mon.  Even if you plan to do something, rebel scum, now's not the time.  Let's join the trooper for the moment.  And don't go picking up one of the other blasters, please."

Turning to the trooper, she asked.  "There's room for us too, is there?  I have an astromech with me if that makes a difference."

Graveyard / Re: Returns PBF - In Character
« on: December 06, 2009, 15:47 »
Fathima almost flinched at the second round of blasts.  A repeating blaster rifle!  I know I'm pretty confident about my skills...but even then that's not something I want to test myself against.  She felt the presence of the guards fading from the Force as their life ebbed away from them.  All that was left, besides the rest of her rag-tag group, was one disciplined mind...and the Force user!  But the latter's presence was weak and tired - this disciplined one had to be the new shooter.

Then the rebel started to mouth off at her.  "Loss of one man in our present situation is a almost like a lethal blow to every other one..."  I'm starting to think I don't care to have him along...  Then he dived out the opening to take cover behind a crate.

Idiot! She thought as she watched him move.  Crossing open space is a deathwish against someone with a repeater!  But no blaster fire appeared to shoot the rebel down.  However, a harsh voice did speak out.

"So, are you going to come out nice and peaceful, or do I have to lob in a thermal detonator after you?"

Fathima looked back at the pilot and shrugged, sliding her holdout blasters back into their concealed holsters and raised her hands in the air.  The pair of them slowly emerged from around the corner to face whoever was there.

Graveyard / Re: MRS Morey - PBF
« on: December 06, 2009, 13:12 »
"Hey, I'm not sure what you're looking for but the manager's room is three doors down, in the middle of this level.  The manager kept a list of where most of the things are around this place and also had the relevant access keys; that might help you find what you need."

Graveyard / Re: Returns PBF - In Character
« on: December 06, 2009, 13:01 »
The instant Fathima heard the sound of blasters, her own blaster pistols were in her hands, held ready in front of her.  She crouched and hugged the wall, ready to fire on anyone that appeared around the corner.

"Who was that?" she whispered to the rebel.  "Oh, and stay down and away from us.  I won't have you grabbing our weapons while we're distracted."

She sent a coded message to Zal over her subcutaneous comlink.  Zal, tell me how many shooters and guns are around that corner.  Is there any cover as well?

She considered her options.  She didn't know who those shooters were, so trying to bluff her way through could leave her dead.  She could throw her datapad to create a distraction if she decided to charge, but that didn't seem wise, either, as she didn't know who they were.  But this definitely was one of those situations where she couldn't afford to hold back with any of her abilities.  So she reached out with the Force, to see if she could get a sense of the beings around the corner.

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