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Off Topic / Music + Berserk
« on: July 15, 2021, 19:09 »
Zavali Ebalo

Kornel is not the only creator to be inspired by Berserk...

If you didn't appreciate my previous topic on Death Core music, this may not be for you, but I would be remiss not to post it here.

Off Topic / New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted
« on: March 26, 2020, 18:14 »

4 APR 2020 - Version [a.2.0]:
  -Text screens no longer attempt to redraw themselves unless a meaningful change has taken place.
  -User profile now remembers last session's display settings (e.g. fullscreen and graphical modes)
  -Player now moves before all monsters.
  -Messages now display with the player message on top, and only attempt to display since last player action.
  -Message overflow indicates that more messages are available, which appear as before in Message Recall.
  -Floor bosses may no longer spawn on floor 1 of the Dark Grove.
  -Improved player HP and Soul at all levels.
  -Library now supports basic upgrades.
  -Text items may now be found in the dungeon and researched in the player estate(with required upgrade).
  -Languages added and tracked across games.

Hello again everyone,

After quite a long time, I've finally got a new roguelike game ready for play testing. This is the third project I've started since Viridian Abyss, and the first since then to reach a state where I felt ready to release it to a wider audience than just myself(the other two had a lot of good features but not the overall quality I was working towards, and much of their content and code ended up in the current project).

I've developed a completely new display scheme from the one I used in VA, and I'm interested to see how well that ends up working on other computers, resolutions, monitors, and graphical environments than the ones I have immediately available for testing.

The game itself takes place in the same world as Viridian Abyss, although the time setting is significantly earlier - for those of you who played VA and remember the nations of Atlantis and Lemuria, this setting takes place in the very distant past of those nations - which were themselves very ancient history in the setting of Viridian Abyss.

My goal from a storytelling perspective is to expand on the world and lore I started to reveal in VA, while my goal from a game development perspective is to improve on the experience of VA. As far as that goes, the engine execution, event flow, display layout, etc., of the new project are already superior to what I had in VA. There's currently a *lot* less content - I only have a rudimentary implementation of items, and the dungeon itself is smaller and probably much easier to complete than the one in VA. However, the potential for expansion is far greater because the underlying systems are much better, and I have a lot of content I want to add in future releases, including some of the stuff from VA that's missing in the current release, such as languages and magic, a post mortem autopsy system, and more interesting dungeon generation.

As before, I welcome any feedback on any aspect of the game, whether it be gameplay, design, storytelling, or any other feature you feel could be improved.  Prospective alpha testers can find the zipped folder here. It contains a graphics folder(which currently only serves the purpose of supplying the icon for windowed mode - my display scheme does support tile based graphics, and my implementation requires paths for such tiles, but I don't make use of them at this time), a document folder containing a manual text file(which is currently empty, although all currently available commands can be found in the ingame help menu, accessible via '?') and a changelog text file(which is also currently empty, since this is the first release), and the executable jar, which as before requires an installed Java Runtime Environment to run.

I do have error logging implemented, and in the event of a fatal crash, a debug log *should* be written inside the main directory. If this happens, please send me the log at the provided e-mail address. If it does not happen, I'd also like to know about it, as well as all the information about what you were doing and the state of the game when the crash occurred as you're able to gather.

Thanks for reading, thanks again to those of you who play tested Viridian Abyss for me, and thanks in advance to any who will help me out that way with this new project.

Off Topic / Working on a roguelike...
« on: February 02, 2019, 21:59 »
<Latest version: Demo @ 03APR2019 21:15 CST>

I've been inactive here for quite a long time due to RL commitments, although I have been occasionally (quietly) observing the progress of Jupiter Hell - from what I have seen, it's looking good and I hope to have some time to get into it in depth in the near future.

That said, part of my RL commitments have involved learning to code, and I've been working on a roguelike of my own. I have a very small group of friends I've shared it with, but I'd like to put it out to a slightly larger audience for a better range of feedback, and since it's, at least to some extent, inspired by DRL, I thought this would be a suitable place to make it available.

I've primarily been working with Java, so I distribute it as a .jar. If anyone would like to help me test it, here is a download link - I'm currently hosting it out of my google drive since I don't have any sort of website or anything else at this point.

For anyone playing on a smaller monitor, I recommend enabling the Maximize Screen option - I don't currently support dynamic resizing, so this is my solution to legibility issues on smaller screens for now.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is an extremely early alpha release, and the gameplay is incomplete(although winning is possible), unbalanced, and very unpolished - there are also probably most definitely bugs lurking that I haven't detected during my own testing.  Edit: Already found one! Link updated with a bugfix.

If there is any objection by the Godhand or the Inquisition to my releasing a personal project unrelated to the Forge on this forum, do please feel free to remove the link.

Thanks for reading,


Edit: As of 03 APR 2019, I have iterated from Alpha to Demo. At this point, I had planned to move into a Beta, but due to other projects, I am indefinitely suspending active development on Viridian Abyss. I will, however, continue to support it with balance updates and bugfixes based on player feedback.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with testing the Alpha, especially Tormuse and mihey1993, my most prolific players. Your feedback was essential to getting the game to its current state - I greatly appreciate your participation, and I welcome continued feedback on balance issues and bugs - there are definitely a lot of these still out there, which I'd love to get cleaned up.

I'll also probably bring my other projects here in the future, but that may be a long way out - I intend to spend much more time on design and quality assurance so I can avoid the massive amount of bugs I experienced with Viridian Abyss, and keep the code cleaner and more conducive to continued development.

Off Topic / Warframe?
« on: December 10, 2017, 18:58 »
I seem to recall from the Discord channel that Chaosforge has its own Warframe clan. What's it called and how do I join it? (I'm very rusty and Warframe - used to be in a clan but since my last login they seem to have stopped existing - I don't remember the process for joining =P)

Century Lounge / [M|100%|ArchAo666|YAAM] Double Promotion
« on: September 26, 2017, 21:09 »
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Another dull AAo666 grind, only notable because I promoted not only in experience rank from Arch Vile to Cyberdemon, thanks to all of those wandering around, but also in skill rank from Chaos Lt. Colonel to Chaos Colonel with the completion of my technician diamond badge.

Also, yes, those are Biggest Fucking Nuclear Guns(N1) that I am dual-wielding, and yes, they are sick as fuck for clearing levels, thanks for asking.

Edit: I've also learned that I cannot use spoiler tags inside of mortems, so you'll just have to scroll through all the level messages. Typical 666 stuff I guess.

This seemed like the easiest Diamond remaining, other then Technician, which I was saving for an easy 15th for my next rank. I'm sure I've seen this done before, melee stairdive Ao100 and hope for good items and good monster spawns.

After quite a few attempts, that's what I got - tactical boots, phaseshift armors, onyx mod, stuff for a chainsword, etc. Once the trait build got going, it got even easier - massive melee damage, Int 2 to see invulnerability globes and monster clusters, and I always had stair vision as a scout. Most of the dive after this point was spent invulnerable and/or berserk, and what little wasn't went berserk easily. There were a few close shaves(enough to make me suspect this would make for a really dodgy Centurial Angelic attempt) where I burned through medkits, but I always managed to find enough to avoid being in any serious danger. I was also holding a few HPDs in case of emergency, but never really had to use them that way, so I ended up using a couple to preserve invulnerability durations when stairs were far from my spawn.

Nothing too special, but it still locks up one more Diamond and one more unique Medal for me.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Tried to do the N! 90% thing, but got to hell 7 and it was too scary to camp to boost kill rate, so I just went and killed the spider.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Edit: Fun fact. My win count in each difficulty level is inversely proportional to that level.

ITYTD: 2 Wins
HNTR: 4 Wins
HMP: 5 Wins
UV: 7 Wins
N!: 12 Wins

I suspect this is because I only care about badges, and it's difficult to get them by winning lower difficulties anymore, but still... didn't know it had gotten to that point until I looked out of idle curiosity.

Post Mortem / [U|99%|AoI|YASD] In the interest of completeness...
« on: September 17, 2017, 23:05 »
Eagerness Bronze because my attention was called to the fact that I was missing it. I also took the opportunity to collect a Chessmaster's Token, which I had not yet earned. I am not a fan of playing without portable healing - especially against bosses.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

This run could not possibly have gone any better - and if it had gone any worse I could not have succeeded:

Level 1 Malek's Armor
Level 2 Laptop Boots, and just in time for the Mastermind...
Level 7 Trigun.

I think this might be about the only way to complete this challenge, as the conditions remove every possible aid to completing it. AoP blocks all powerups(which are HUGE in an AoOC game - trust me, I know - and probably even more important in a full 21 level Nightmare game). This means no invulnerability, no berserk, no computer maps, and your only way to even heal is with medkits. Marine means no Scout for stair location, and since you also can't see them from computer maps, you have to get extremely lucky with stair placement to even have a chance at this, as your best bet is to stairdive as fast as possible. It also removes the passive class speed bonus, which is immensely helpful in a stairdive. As one final fuck you, the major advantage of the Marine class, the increased powerup duration, is rendered useless because as an AoP you can't use powerups.

I did at least get the extra HP from Marine, and decided to go for HR as my first trait to try to make it to the stairs at least slightly faster. On level one I found Malek's armor equipped on a Former Sergeant who took his sweet time dying, but eventually gave me the first piece of the solution to probably one of the most difficult Diamond badges. Level 2 gave me another artifact message, and to my utter disbelief(not to mention sheer joy), it was the second piece of the Inquisitor's set. What are the odds? That level was heavy on Viles, so I was able to make the most of the Fire Immunity right away, clear the area around the stairs, and farm up some extra shotgun ammo. I continued to dive, getting extremely lucky with stair placement, and had no real dangerous moments between being able to lavawalk, ignore most enemies, and move really fast. I still had no idea how I was going to handle the Mastermind with N! level HP and no intuition(did I mention not being able to do this as a Scout really sucks?). Then I found my third(really? almost earned an Aurora Medallion in an AoOC game?) artifact in only 7 floors - and it's Trigun, giving me a final solution for the Mastermind if combat proved ineffective.

It did - I went a few rounds, and probably could have stuck it out and tried to chip its health down, but with no real way of knowing where it was until it had the chance to return fire, it was a dangerous proposition. Rather then continue to do that, not knowing if I even could eventually kill it that way, I decided not to risk a stupid death by misplay, and activated the Angel Arm to secure the partial win.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Special thanks to Icy for his ongoing thread, which helped motivate this run. Thanks also to LuckyDee and his run, further helping inspire me to pick the game back up.

Edit: After a quick look around, this also appears to be the only successful completion of this Badge on the forums(excepting papilio, who apparently has done it twice, both times without AoOC - that dude is *nuts* - and unless I overlooked one by Tormuse somewhere) so that's a first for me. Usually I only manage to copy stuff other people have done, especially for high end badges like this - I guess I ran out of stuff I could do that way =P

Off Topic / Shadow of Intent
« on: June 25, 2017, 21:20 »
Disclaimer: This band features extremely harsh vocals. If that's not for you, don't follow the links =P

For any you who are fans of metal(and given the soundtrack of Jupiter Hell and the general themes of Doom, I can't be alone here), check out the band Shadow of Intent.

Their lyrics are heavily inspired by the Halo mythos - not quite Doom, but probably the next closest game prominently featuring a lone space marine battling the forces of darkness.

I was contemplating what to try for my final Diamond Badge for Chaos Lt. Colonel, without grabbing the guaranteed Armorer and Technician(which I am saving for Chaos Colonel), and decided to try Berserker. At first I was going to do my usual AoOC combination, but as I thought about it, I realized it couldn't really be too much harder then a regular N! speedrun - might even be easier, since AoB starts with blue armor and large medkits and gets a guaranteed combat knife at the start of Phobos.

So I did that, and... this was actually the very first attempt. Obviously luck was with me(edit: after reviewing the video... holy crap was luck ever with me), but it wasn't as difficult as I expected. I went and grabbed the chainsaw, then stairdived as usual. Solved the Anomaly with a Phase device, which didn't take me all the way, but got me past the ambush, so I killed the Bruisers while berserking for the XP, then went through the portal.

After that I dived down to the City of Skulls, wherein I copied Tormuse's Angel of Lost Soul punching, albeit with the convenient advantage of having a chainsaw. I didn't need quite the killcount he did for that run, but I figured while I was in there with MVm, I might as well grab Iron Skull. Holy crap did that take forever, but I finished it and continued on. Babel was uneventful, just ran up and sawed away.

I had wanted to stop at the Unholy Cathedral, but I pulled a Tracking Map on Hell 1, and the approach was nasty, so I went for the regular stairs instead. I then continued to dive, and found myself in a bad spot on Hell 4, and had to duck into the Mortuary to escape. This turned out to be beneficial, because of the supercharge globes and extra armors, and the phase device I was carrying took me close enough to one of the corners that I was able to escape safely. I also had to enter Erebus on Hell 6, but that is much easier to escape. Hell 7 was enjoyable, as I got the Extermination level event, and spent the entire floor berserking around looking for the stairs while Barons, Viles, and Revenants teleported in and took shots at me. Luckily I was fairly safe between Berserk, TaN2, and the armors I acquired in the Mortuary, so I was able to make it to the stairs without serious incident. Mastermind was handled easily, as always with a melee build.

I will link the video when it becomes available, and I'll do everyone a favor and provide a link within the video to the end of the City of Skulls so no one has to sit through 2 hours of Pain Elemental farming.

Edit: Video. As promised there's a link to skip the City of Skulls, which in fact took 2 hours and 40 minutes. The entire rest of the run clocks in at something like 28, 29 minutes, for comparison.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Post Mortem / [U|97%|17|YASD] Gatekeeper Diamond (with Video)
« on: March 01, 2017, 13:33 »
That took a little *a lot* longer then it should have...

Video. Run starts at ~13:14, and not all of it is available yet. Will update again later.

Went for UC after Cyberdemon, realized I didn't have any melee traits, said screw it I'll do it anyway, the win isn't relevant - and I died because I was trying to save medkits for the AoD. Doesn't really matter, of course - I've ragequit enough potential winning runs after failing either Anomaly or Babel damageless, because the Gatekeeper badge was really all I was after.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Nightmare! / [N!|15%|YAVP] 8:07 Speedrun
« on: February 24, 2017, 22:48 »
Got tired of Gatekeeper Diamond attempts - had Anomaly once but screwed up Babel as I'm not used to playing the Cyberdemon fight tactically...

Anyway, I tried Speedrunner Angelic instead. I think I will have to play in ASCII mode(side question: does anyone remember how to turn that back on? been playing graphically for wayyyy too long now...) to get this to work, as I was being knocked around and otherwise delayed by animations the whole damn run, but I think this is pretty good for a start =P

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Why do I have a level of Ironman, you ask? Trying to play too quickly, missed a levelup screen.

No video as I wasn't streaming... thought I was finished for the night but decided to screw around a bit longer.

I had talked about doing this, and I seem to remember seeing it done and in fact doing it myself on my old profile, but I can't locate either my mortem, or the one that inspired it - all I could find was throwing knives or (surprise!) legit badges without AoOC.

The strategy works with AoB+AoOC, early invulnerability(I had two chained globes which was immensely helpful), reaching level 3 before entering UC, and having enough XP to reach 4 once inside. A tech mod for my chainsaw was also incredibly helpful. Build is Fin2 HR2, so I attack and move faster then AoD. Previous attempts got me killed as AoD has somewhat unpredictable(at least to someone who doesn't entirely understand energy) movement, and I had neither the T Mod nor the second HR level.

This takes a hell of a long time, but does eventually work - I made one mistake and had to heal, but other then that there were no issues with unpredictability causing damage.

I will link the video when it becomes available, but be advised it's pretty boring.
Edit: Video

Spoiler (click to show/hide)


I got bored of trying hard Platinums and wasn't quite bothered to farm specials for Armorer, so I went and Sereg'd Inquisitor as my 15th Platinum, and now there's a video of my signature style. Due to already having 9 Diamonds, I skipped Marshal and promoted immediately to Chaos Major.

Nothing too special about this run, except that I found a spot where the Mastermind gets trapped and can be killed damageless without any particular skill or luck.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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