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Title: Destroyer diamond
Post by: Sylph on December 23, 2013, 06:14
Hi folks!
I'm just wondering, has anyone managed to achieve destroyer diamond *without* sereging it?

I used to have this badge, back before it's requirements were changed (in fact it was my first ever diamond).. Nowadays, though, it's far more of a challenge, having basically had AoP and AoI added to it!
Now I'm, so far, 'clean' of using dual angels to cheat my way out of the challenge of tricky badges, but I'm unsure about this one - I really like AoMC, as far as game modes go, but acknowledge that it's easier than a normal game. This badge, though, seems completely our of reach. Some levels just start you in a situation where you have to take damage. Hell, it's hard to do level 1 without taking 10-20 damage. I'm tempted to just leave it alone and pick up some of the easier diamond badges (I've yet to do longinus diamond and scavenger diamond, but there's easy ways to do both of them outside of dual angel play)... I'm unsure though, whether it's even been done? If not, I'm unsure whether that will make me more or less eager to finish it!

So, has anyone managed to complete destroyer diamond without using dual-angels?
Title: Re: Destroyer diamond
Post by: IronBeer on December 23, 2013, 10:55
I don't suppose you've ever seen any mortems posted by a user known only as "2deviationsout". The guy was an absolute phenomenon- quite possibly the best DoomRL player I've ever seen. He did EVERYTHING, and did it in ridiculous times too. Go dig up some of his old mortems (you can do a member search and rifle through posts/threads there) and read some of the discussions surrounding them.
Title: Re: Destroyer diamond
Post by: Tormuse on December 23, 2013, 12:24
This thread sounds like a challenge!  :D  Maybe I'll give this badge another try next, but it'll have to wait 'til I'm sure I have a good stretch of time and I can be sure my power isn't going to suddenly go off.  Toronto just experienced one of its worst storms in history and according to the news, there may be thousands of people without power for as long as three days!  :o

Anyway, I have also only achieved this Diamond before the requirements changed. (,4211.0.html)  (Twice!)  :) (,4824.0.html)  And the closest I've ever come to achieving it since then is here. (,5334.msg43238.html#msg43238)  (which is also the only game I ever got the guaranteed DS and BA to appear)

As for 2Dev, I can't find the thread where he said it now, but as I recall, he claims to somehow anticipate where the enemies are going to be and is able to take them out without taking damage in return even without getting Intuition!  (I can't imagine how he does that; the behaviour of the enemies seems largely random to me)

Speaking of 2Dev, I just noticed something funny while looking through his posts; he's never achieved the Destroyer Diamond under the new requirements!  He achieved it under the previous requirements and then copied his player file into the new version!  That means that someone still has yet to actually, legitimately be the first to get it!  (Without Sereging)
Title: Re: Destroyer diamond
Post by: Sambojin on January 14, 2014, 09:56
Meh. There's plenty of damn good players of this game. Tormuse is actually probably one of them. But if we can't blame thelaptop for making it screwy, we blame 2dev for making it too hard.

Cheers. It wouldn't be half the game without yehs. Actually, it was pretty damn playable 10 versions ago, but cheers for upping the bar and giving us some people to blame.