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  • December 09, 2022, 02:59
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Yep. And the caceodemon was just offscreen, so when I opened up with my shotty, he joined in the fun. Dead.

Gotta love Rogue-likes, lol.

Wow... This run is starting off nicely. Just cleaned out the second floor, and I've already found 6 small medkits, a large medkit, 3 green armors, and a blue armor. Plus it had a berserk pack and 2 small health globes, so I'm going into the Arena ready to shred.


*expects to have all the demons in the Arena first wave spawn withing vision range*

Oh, and I forgot to ask sooner. Can somebody possibly point out a good build for each weapon class for me? I've just been pretty much getting a Mastery and then building tankiness (Ironman, Tough as Nails, etc). IDK if I should sub-specialize, go for a second Mastery (the general one for each class usually), or just build supporting skills.

Like last run, after I got Bullet Dance I started on Reloader so that I could keep my HP pistols full... I generally like to get at least one rank in Badass if playing as a Marine, since it can make a massive difference in HP (esp if you find a Supersphere).

LOL dead. Hit the Halls of Carnage and couldn't figure out how to open the doors, so I used my rocket launcher to make a few. Started to run out of room near the end, and got swarmed by 4 hell knights and 3 caceodemons. With no health packs.

Oh well, time to try Sharpshooter Techincian.

Wish I'd thought to check the wiki BEFORE I died. Didn't realize I could just pop the doors with my shotty. Oops.

Also, the Abbysal Plains is HARD with pistols. I prolly should have ran back and used my tactical shotgun more. I kept getting swarmed with lost souls (which is why I was out of medkits).


LOL Just did The Wall on my pistol run, and my indiscriminate use of rockets there blew up my backpack!

That said, Bullet Dance+ 2 HP Pistols really does a number on hell knights and barons of hell. Sucks having to reload so much, but I'm straight up killing everything.

Gonna miss that backpack tho :(

Sorry if I'm violating some sort of rule, but I always enjoy posting up stuff like this as I play a new game. I found DoomRL awhile back by accident, and the concept was enough to pique my curiousity and prompt a download. I played the original Rogue quite a bit back in HS (about 10 years ago) and really enjoyed it, so a Doom Rogue-like was definitely an interesting concept. The game had just been sitting in my backlog until last weekend, when I finally decided to dust it off and give it a try.

One week later, I'm still playing 3+ hours a day, kicking demons in the face and dying in the Arena xD

I started a playthru on ITYTD, because I figured it would be a good way to get a feel for the game. I went with a Marine (for the HP bonus mostly) and took Iron Man. I was immediately impressed with how polished and natural the game felt. It definately captures the feel of both Doom and Rogue, a combination I wouldn't normally believe is possible. I eventually opted to master in shotguns, since they seemed like a very reliable source of damage, and had little trouble blasting my way thru the game. Cyberdemon got a BFG to the face (repeatedly until dead), and Spider Mastermind got a face full of rockets from the Missile Launcher I scavenged from The Wall. GG, WP etc.

I really enjoyed the special levels. The Wall was very impressive. I wonder how many people missed the goodies on the other side the first time they got there?

All in all, I really enjoyed it. Since then I've been playing on HNTR, since I read in the wiki that many levels are disabled in ITYTD. I had still been playing Marine-with-Shotguns (usually a double shotgun), but have been unable to win again, until yesterday. I also did a few AoB runs to get the Melee Demon kills neccessary for Demon rank. Yesterday I finally found this board by accident, and spent 2 hours reading everything in the Beginners Guide. I understood much of it, but the lessons on Gift Dropping were invaluable. Also, the explanation on shotgun spreads helps me understand why I've been losing. I was EXCLUSIVELY using a double shotty, when I probably should have been carrying a Tactical shotty for radar shooting (since the double shotty is pretty much useless for that).

I've started doing pistol runs today, since I need to get a few caceodemon kills for that rank, and am really enjoying it. Currently alt-tabbed out of my game to type this. I managed to find a sweet Shielded Armor on level 3 from a vault, and found enough mod packs to make 2 High Powered pistols. I have to reload alot (ALOT), but the plus side is that it straight up kills everything so far. I just got Trigger Happy, and will pick up Bullet Dance on my next level.

I think I'll try a Technician pistol specialist next time tho. Seems like I'll prolly run in to ammo and reloading problems later with my current build, and the guaranteed max damage per shot on Sharpshooter sounds niiiiiiiiiccccceeee.

Funniest moment so far: On the second floor of a shotty run, doing good. Took Reloader and then Badass, preparing to go to the Arena (Badass so that the Supercharge there wouldn't decay as fast). I had found a Blue armor and a Double Shotgun (!) from a vault and was like "Yeah. I'm gonna stomp my way thru hell this time." I was just wrapping up a level, collecting powerups and messing with switches... One switch turned everything into lava... I facepalmed and laughed to myself. First time I'd gotten that effect. So much for that run.

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