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Title: Couple of bugs I have encountered (JH 0.9.5 Advance)
Post by: CaptainSublime on February 02, 2021, 06:09
Just a couple of bugs/thoughts I wanna share.

-When you gib imps with the 'unstable' perk, you still take damage from the explosion, even though there is no explosion animation. I would have thought that if you can gib them when one gets close, that would be a way to avoid the explosion. (If you know you can't avoid them, then pull out your biggest weapon and hope you can gib them as a last resort to avoid the exploding damage.)
-on Nightmare, respawned imps with the 'fire' perk never actually throw any fireballs.
-Sometimes if a zombie blows themselves up by punching a barrel, (as they do!) their weapon does not spawn, only their ammunition spawns. I have had this happen several times.
( (
Here is an example of this happening. This is level 1, and you can see some 44 ammo all on its own. The zombie carrying this ammo punched the barrels you can see exploded, blew them up, and spawned 44 ammo, but no revolver/hunting rifle to match.
-The game crashes for me if, as a technician I open up the 'broadcast' or 'hack' menu, (by hitting '7' on a previously hacked robot, or by walking into a hacked bot to bring up their options menu,) and then hit 'escape' while in menu, the game crashes for me.
-[edit] Forgot to mention that sometimes on nightmare, after you have activated the 'access recon' branch of the control panel, and activate the thing which shows you all enemies as red dots on your minimap, if a monster respawns after you have activated this, the spawned monster does not show as a red dot on the minimap. Is this intentional, or an oversight. I mention it for the sake of completeness.
-I am hopeful that the devs can make some of the weapons carried by the zombies more obvious as to what they are carrying. Please please please put a red dot sight on the hunting rifle or something. It really looks just like an auto rifle. And ideally I would like to be able to see what weapon a sombie is carrying before I get hit for 24 damage. Auto rifles you stay in cover and shoot back, but hunting rifles, you really want to lure them close where their hit percentage drops a lot, and shoot them point blank. (I know this is not a bug, but I really hope this happens. Hunting rifles regularly ruin my nightmare runs. Also the fact that it is impossible to tell whether a zombie is carrying a revolver or a regular pistol. Rocket launchers are also hard to tell sometimes.) I know this isn't a bug, but it really is something I would love to see changed to help players when they are making those tactically important decisions. Cheers!

Wonderful little game, don't wanna be critical, just bringing these to the relevant people's attention. Sorry if any/all of these have already been posted. Wishing the developers all the best with it.
Title: Re: Couple of bugs I have encountered (JH 0.9.5 Advance)
Post by: CrashGordon94 on February 10, 2021, 10:33
I think this might be an outdated version now.