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DiabloRL / Crash/bug topic
« on: November 24, 2010, 14:03 »
Don't know if this is th'right place for it, but the read me does ask that we submit bugs and doesn't mention where to, so I'm starting up a topic.


Game crashed on me when I hit the Skeleton King with a level 4 holy bolt. As requested, I've attached what files I had, though it's only the .ini and log files -- I hadn't saved and the error file apparently didn't generate. Hope it helps, somehow.

Sorcerer rocks the house, by th'by. Wickedly powerful.

Discussion / Re: Unwiki'd Unique Sighting
« on: October 25, 2009, 12:09 »
Registered to ask what the thing was, yes. Any other questions I've had were either answered in the forum or on the wiki... this one just happened not to be. The 'unwiki'd' wasn't intended in any way to be a critque of the wiki, just to identify that yes, I had tried to find information, but I didn't manage to.

Thank you for the answer, by the by. Curiousity sated, I can go along my merry way.

Discussion / Unwiki'd Unique Sighting
« on: October 25, 2009, 06:48 »
Right, so I'm cheating my way around Ao100 for the heck of it, seeing what's lurking around the depths, when I find a Sniper Mod Pack, or something along those lines, laying on the floor of level 56 (or maybe 57. One of those two.). The description blurb says something about advanced auto-hit functionality, or along those lines; should have took a screencap, but eh.

Anyway, I slap it on my advanced plasma, which now sports a delightful S1 on it's mod string. Thing is, I'm not really sure what the thing's doing, which is why I've come here; as near as I can tell, it's either given my plasma some sort of crit function (1d10 rifle took down an Arachnotron two shots into the round) or having it occasionally function like the rail rifle (I'm entirely not sure on that one, it's hard to tell via eyeballing it. That being said, I've had rounds hit walls on the other side of the target despite the target not being dead.).

Has anyone else found this thing or code dived enough to know what it's doing?

EDIT: Definately not pierce-through. Just noticed the doomrifle's bouncing around barons and such, so the times of it hitting the wall past the target were probably just cases of it knocking them out of the way early in the volley.

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