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Bug Reports / Re: Crash report in Callisto
« on: February 27, 2020, 11:37 »
We have substantial issues with Vulkan drivers on this particular graphics card (Intel 620), we're investigating the issue, although it might take a bit of time (we don't have access to a 620 yet :/).

You might try playing on OpenGL in the meantime, chances are it will be more stable.

General Discussion / Jupiter Hell 0.8.9 - Protocol - RELEASED!
« on: February 24, 2020, 12:22 »
Introducing Jupiter Hell update 0.8.9 a.k.a. Protocol! You asked, and we listened, now you can command your hacked bots to do something else than just aimlessly stagger around! This is more of a "lots of small stuff" release, so there's a bit to go over!


Once you successfully hack a bot or a drone, now you can bump into it to change it's main protocol - be it to wait, follow you or actively hunt for enemies. Additionally you can swap places with it or repair it using multitools! If your dream was an army of robotic followers, Protocol got you covered!


New voice lines from Mark Meer have been added to the game! We mostly focused on adding more variety to the lines that repeat themselves and add more weapon-specific quips. We also added some rare level entry quips that you may find if playing on the higher difficulties :)


If you're a fan of Roland La Goy's JH soundtrack, you'll be happy to know that 4 new tracks have been added this release! The problematic part is that they're mostly placed on the later parts of the game, especially in Beyond, so hide your pride and lower the difficulty level for a few runs :P

Damage types

All "environmental" damage types have been buffed and most of them got a bit of an overhaul. Most of the status effects now do more damage. Smoke clears gas, gas clears smoke, and both clear fire. Fire now spreads! Fire and freeze cancel each other out. Bleed has a pain addition on tick against the player, and a flat accuracy debuff against enemies. EMP has been reworked so that even weaker EMP sources has slowing effect against the stronger EMP shielded enemies (looking at you CRI bots). Acid now damages armor a lot, but as long as you have armor, damage to health is significantly lower. Speaking of armor - it now degrades linearly, not in "jumps" as before.

Telegraphed attacks

Telegraphed attacks are now more obviously marked - this currently was just the charge attack. Now however being hit by a charge deals critical damage! The base melee damage of charging enemies has been reduced a bit to compensate. Additionally siege ravagers now telegraph their attack before shooting, but have been buffed a bit to compensate for that, and made less rare.


If you ever met a RESILENT REGEN exalted you know that it's simply not fair - well, this will no longer happen :P. There's a bit of control what keywords can spawn together, additionally we added three new keywords to the pool - HUNTER, JUGGERNAUT and UNSTABLE. Especially the last one can turn out to be quite fun! Exalted spawn a bit more often, and can come in groups of 2 or 4, depending on difficulty, and spawn further from level entry points.

Balance pass

Late game has been rebalanced a bit, should provide more consistent ammo, and definitely there's more boxes to be found in Beyond. CRI plasma pistols now shoot using 1 cell at a cost of a small range nerf.

Angel of Hubris

While this might seem like a rehash of Angel of Confidence (you start on Io) to make things more fun you start with an exotic of your choice :).

Other stuff

We added a bit of visual flair - fade-in and fade-out animations on level transitions, different look of every class (especially armor-less) and made the game work better with widescreen monitors (no more UI scaling).

Code: [Select]
Beta  0.8.9 - Protocol - February 24, 2020
NEW    #986 - reprogram, swap position and repair hack bots/drones!
NEW    #997 - Angel or Hubris! (with exotic choice!)
NEW    #989 - new voice-over lines for various events
NEW    #989 - 4 new music tracks for the late-game levels!
NEW    #982 - visual distinction between player classes
NEW    #987 - new exalted keywords - HUNTER, JUGGERNAUT, UNSTABLE
NEW    #991 - trait pick order in mortem
CHANGE #984 - health orb generated under player can be picked up
CHANGE #803 - added slight fade-in and fade-out on level transition
CHANGE #759 - better telegraphed attack indicators
CHANGE #759 - siege ravagers now have telegraphed attack
CHANGE #759 - siege rav's buffed and made more common to compensate
CHANGE #759 - charge deals critical damage! (x2 fiends, x1.5 rest)
CHANGE #988 - smoke and gas kill fire and themselves respectively
CHANGE #988 - ignite/fire has limited spreading capability
CHANGE #988 - ignite and freeze cancel each other out
CHANGE #988 - bleed - pain on tick, flat acc debuf against enemies
CHANGE #988 - gas and smoke now reset scent to 0 on every tick
CHANGE #988 - all poison damage doubled, poison lasts 4 ticks
CHANGE #988 - acid status damage increased a lot - armor protects
              much better from acid, but is damaged by it a lot too
CHANGE #974 - EMP reworked: more range in levels, not binary effect
CHANGE #994 - armor protection is now linear to its damage!
CHANGE #987 - exalted no longer can spawn both RESILIENT and REGEN
CHANGE #987 - slightly increased exalted spawn rate
CHANGE #987 - exalted groups can be 2 to 4 (difficulty factors in)
CHANGE #984 - exalted spawn further away from entry points
CHANGE #985 - CRI plasma pistol shots now cost 1, mag 4, range 4/8
CHANGE #985 - less plasma ammo in the CRI branch
CHANGE #984 - turrets don't spawn near the entry elevator
CHANGE #990 - Beyond has a bit more soldiers, more of them have.44
CHANGE #990 - Beyond L2 and L3 have now guaranteed boxes
CHANGE #996 - slight buffs to underused exotics
CHANGE #997 - UI preserves aspect ratio (widescreen UI better)
FIX    #504 - no more MSVC runtime dependency
FIX    #983 - fixed kill reason for suicide deaths
FIX    #986 - hacked bots will no longer attack new hacked bots
FIX    #986 - fixed issue with ALIVE but not TARGETABLE placement
FIX    #980 - restarting music from 0% volume will now always work

What's next
Next version (0.8.10) will be subtitled Explorer and be themed around level generation and special levels - it's expected to land in two weeks time, so stay tuned! Also, be sure to drop by our Discord, where most of the design discussion takes place :)

Post Mortem / Re: [U YAVP | 92%] UAC gold
« on: February 20, 2020, 04:12 »
"Both of?"  I wonder who the other person is.  :P 
Me? :P

Bug Reports / Re: OpenGL 4.3 compat. but won't start
« on: February 19, 2020, 13:55 »
Can you download any utility like GLinfo or GLZ and check what version it reports? Indeed seems intel HD 4400 reports now 4.3 support (although it seems this changed fairly recently, as I remember being sad that we wont support 4400 if we switch to 4.3).

Both things are intended actually. The animation problem is that otherwise it would slow down gameplay, the health orb thing is because people don't want autopickup (although we probably should support manual get in that situation)

The weapons are treated fully separately.


Unfortunately status effect nullify each other, so if you stack a cold or emp mod over a ignite weapon, the ignite is effectively lost.

Side point though: maybe in the next update, we can have the progression of traits chosen in the mortem like how we used to have in DRL.  That way, it makes it easier for folks to learn play styles and what-not.
Added to task list.

Bug Reports / Re: Crash in Europa
« on: February 13, 2020, 00:53 »
Uh, that's a really bad log, as it seems to have cut off during operation :/. What did you do - was it during level transition? Did the save parachute work?

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.8|U|AoSh|Te|10|YASD] Shottyman Bronze
« on: February 11, 2020, 04:06 »
Actually L2 and L3 spawn Callisto and Terminal exits in random order. Barracks is always L4

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.8|U|Te|AoMr|YAVP] - pistol frenzy
« on: February 06, 2020, 15:40 »
Honestly, with how rare cells are overall (unless you're suicidal and brave the bot-ridden hellhole that is CRI Labs), simply giving the pistols a cell use of 1 seems like a good idea to me.
I'm seriously considering that, but with the current OP Gunslinger that would make it even more OP. Maybe after I nerf Gunslinger a bit, I'll buff plasma pistols to 1 energy?

Please do report such situations. The game is supposed to be hard on HARD or UV, but there should be always be a chance for a way out. Those two situations could probably be saved by a CRI Phase, maybe they should drop on Callisto?

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.8|U|Te|AoMr|YAVP] - pistol frenzy
« on: February 04, 2020, 14:51 »
To be honest, the frenzy is a bug due to copying it from Angel of Shotgunnery O.o

The 50% max is for Pinpoint itself, so it stacks to 90% :P

General Discussion / Jupiter Hell 0.8.8 - Gunslinger - RELEASED!
« on: February 03, 2020, 10:54 »
Introducing Jupiter Hell update 0.8.8 a.k.a. Gunslinger! A most requested DRL feature is making a comeback - dual wielding of pistols! Apart from that, there's new stuff to find, balance changes and bugfixes, so let's jump right in!

The new Marine and Scout trait allows you to finally relive your Hollywood fantasy and run in guns blazin. With this trait you can dual wield pistols, revolvers and SMGs or any combination thereof. Game-wise this is achieved by having the trait and two consecutive slots with applicable weapons - you pick the first and it wields both! Both guns are shot at the same time, and reloaded at the same time - with a slight penalty. Not to leave Tech in the dust, we moved to him the Headshot trait (which still is very strong!). To celebrate the new trait we're bringing back the fan-favorite DRL challenge - Angel of Marksmanship!.

Health orbs
Balancing healing items has been a pain for us, until we reminded ourselves of a feature that should have been there from the start - health orbs! These are powerups that you pickup automatically when you walk over them. But fear not that you need to avoid them not to waste health points - they overheal with no penalty, so there's no reason not to pick them up on sight! Contrary to their original implementation health over 100% doesn't decay, but is reset back to max at level exit. Thanks to that we've been able to balance health drops better and it will be easier to balance health in the future as well!

Rare mods
There's new loot to be found, rare mods. Contrary to regular mods, these do not increase statistics, but bestow known ADV traits on any weapon (ADV and Exotics not excluded!) you wish that has a mod slot left. There are five of those available now, Frenzy, Loader, Vampiric, EMP and Cold - we tried to pick those trats that will make finding one of them always useful. More may come in the future. With a bit of luck you can now build some really overpowered shit :P

Callisto changes
The three most boring level generator layouts in Callisto have been improved, and all Callisto generators were fixed to drop the requested amount of loot boxes and support vaults if present. In general especially on easier levels there should be more items found in the early game.

Balance pass
Apart from balancing pistol traits due to dual wield being available, we gave a general range buff to ALL shotguns. They should feel a bit better now, without giving too much buff to those pesky sergeants. We also made a significant balance pass on late game enemy presence and a bit on stats - in general the amount of armored ravagers has been reduced, and CRI bots nerfed a little (they now come in two equally common variants, the other has a plasma rifle-like weapon). We're keeping a close eye on later game balance and will probably do more changes there next update!

Trait view
Long requested UI/UX enhancement - there's a new panel (shortcut "v" on keyboard or switch panels from inventory) with the list of all available traits - colorized and browsable with info what is already picked. Additionally you can also look up class information if you didn't pay attention on the class choice screen :)

Angel of Mercy
And finally for the masochistic among you is a Challenge of the ridiculous sort (hey, people DID beat Angel of New York Reload!), which is a variation on the Angel of Pacifism theme - each kill drains your maximum health! You get some extra experience each level to offset it a bit though - good luck, you're gonna need it!

And finally the regular batch of fixes is in, those that weren't serious enough to be hotfixed - list in the changelog.

Code: [Select]
Beta  0.8.8 - Gunslinger - February 3, 2020
NEW    #962 - Trait - Marine/Scout - Gunslinger! (dual pistol/smg)
NEW    #956 - UI - in-game trait view panel (also with class info)
NEW    #970 - 5 new rare mods! (adding an ADV perk to weapons)
NEW    #971 - Challenge - Angel of Marksmanship!
NEW    #968 - Challenge - Angel of Mercy!
NEW    #969 - health orb - immediate use medkit with overload!
CHANGE #969 - health over 100 (from orbs) fades on level enter
CHANGE #969 - medical boxes drop one item and possibly an orb
CHANGE #969 - all exalted packs drop an orb, orbs drop from general
CHANGE #969 - orb healing is difficulty dependent (E40-U25)
CHANGE #962 - Tech gets Headshot
CHANGE #962 - Scout loses Headshot, Marine loses Run'n'Gun
CHANGE #954 - reordering weapon slots now takes time
CHANGE #954 - Balance - reduced SoG accuracy bonus to +10%/lvl
CHANGE #933 - Balance - default stack sizes of crates ammo reduced
CHANGE #933 - Balance - increased phase kit drop rate
CHANGE #933 - Balance - increased multitool drop rate
CHANGE #963 - Balance - shotgun and double shotgun max range +1
CHANGE #963 - Balance - all exotic shotguns max range +1
CHANGE #963 - Balance - assault shotgun optimal range +1
CHANGE #966 - Angel of Confidence gets a CRI phase device
CHANGE #907 - improved Callisto dark platform level generator
CHANGE #907 - improved Callisto "4 room" level generator
CHANGE #907 - improved Callisto "inner block" level generator
CHANGE #907 - all improved generators will now spawn vault properly
CHANGE #907 - Callisto generators will more rarely underspawn boxes
CHANGE #975 - Balance - no armored ravagers on Europa except Dig
CHANGE #975 - Balance - on Io, armored ravagers appear only solo
CHANGE #975 - Balance - less armored ravagers in late game
CHANGE #975 - Balance - CRI bots reload after 3 shots, damage lower
CHANGE #975 - Balance - CRI bots appear with automatic weapons
FIX    #954 - fixed tutorial tooltip for weapon/armor
FIX    #958 - fixed crash on Scavenger ammo pickup without a weapon
FIX    #961 - fixed hacked turrets being safe against melee enemies
FIX    #955 - realigned protection values for armor
FIX    #918 - poison, bleed, freeze and acid will remove on death
FIX    #965 - armor on floor will no longer be receiving damage
FIX    #978 - Focused Fire no longer works for out of vision enemy
FIX    #953 - items given from stations/skills no longer circumvent
              Lua triggers (fixes getting items on AoI)
FIX    #979 - Tech - overkill blocks headshot, and vice versa. This
              might be reverted at some point as its just there to
              prevent 5 active skills (UX issue)

What's next
Next version (0.8.9) will come out within the next few weeks. Originally we planned to do Melee next, but quite possibly we'll do a content release before that, with more generator improvements, special level improvements, overhauls and additions, a new enemy and more new stuff in general - stay tuned!

I'm gonna take a look at post-Io monster generation to add some more variety to the compositions. Any variety will reduce the amount of armored ravagers so in turn should make stuff a bit more counter-playable. I.e. I think Kerberi should be more present, also in pairs. Maybe also move the first appearance of armored ravagers a bit further into the game.

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