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Announcements / Re: Jupiter Hell Alpha 0.2.0 Released!
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:32 »
For anyone who wants to see what the latest Alpha looks like, I recorded a video here!  :)

I am finally back from vacation (bad for me), I will try to shoot some footage to flood YT w JH. :D
In the meantime, what happened with the graphics? The framerate of 99 dropped to around 67-68 for me with this version. I saw some new models thou, but it could be the lightning, etc. Havent got much time yesterday evening to get deep into the game yet.

Oh it is my bad, I guess I was too tired yesterday. Somehow I messed up the abyssal plains line with the wall-containment mortem message. :D
On level 12 he romped upon the Abyssal Plains.
He barely escaped the trap set for him.
Yeah, I know I should play more DoomRL. :D
The corpse management stuff was usually too tedious for me, I think thats why I sticked with UV. But doing that properly for 24 levels requires skill and patience, so that makes this effort worthy!

Congratz on that! A Nightmare victory is a huge achievement in my dictionary and you should be proud of yourself in every possible way! That Jackhammer is a very very lucky find with AoSh. :D
Have you cleared the wall/containment area too? Good job!

As an example:

From Warcraft III. Easy to understand, tested by time.

I have a plan for a fairly complex damage calculation system, but I'm afraid it will not be very easily understandable to the casual players. We already decided that weapons in JH will have constant damage (for simplicity and tactics vs randomness sake), however we also want different weapons to interact differently with different enemies (resistances/armor).

Maybe there should be a mode, with some randomness involved. Just for the rougelike feeling. ;)

However, I have problems with - is it easily understandable? Is there a way to easily communicate the system to the player?

Actually Diablo I. comes to my mind. Remember the famous "Cut the flesh and crush the bone" quote? It summarizes it quite elegantly.
And yes, I agree on renaming the slash to shred.

This is not something that could land in a tutorial (it's too deep mechanics) and without tooltips it would be hard to convey this to the player - any idea how to list that information on the player screens?

You could implement it to a page @ F1. Similarly to the character screen there could be a left-right switch. Or even if you'd like to have more immersion, create an infoterminal with fix spawn at level 1.
I think a simple table like this sums up the relations:

Damage resistances
Ballistic Armor 200%50%50%25%
Human Body50%200%50%50%
Mecha Body200%100%100%50%

Apply the reciprocal to the damage value and you are done. Maybe with an example calculation included.
Or it might be a better idea to create a table with the reciprocal values named Damage modifiers vs. [...] I think most ppl will get the idea.

Damage modifiers vs.
Ballistic Armor 1/2224
Human Body21/222
Mecha Body1/21/212

Finally, it might be confusing for casual RPG players, that by default from the get go you have different resistances for piercing/slash as the player.

We are talking about some level of powerplay here. I'd expect the player to invest about 10 minutes to read up or check the damage - armor relations... it is not WoW or anything serious theorycrafting, but a simple spreadsheet calculation.

Very cool endgame, sincere congratulations!
Also thank you for the video as well. It is always cool to see how the masters play. ;)

Announcements / Re: Jupiter Hell Kickstarter is LIVE!
« on: December 13, 2016, 04:44 »
Good work all... now let's see if we can't achieve some of the stretch goals...
The first stretch goal is within reach tbh. :)
I'm pretty much tapped out as far as what I can afford to pledge, after upgrading two more tiers, but hopefully others out there have some to spare.
I know the feeling; went from bronze to diamond, but xmas is coming and have to get presents to everyone.

I am really looking forward to this project.

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