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AliensRL / How to basic, Mac
« on: November 06, 2014, 02:01 »
Please tell me, in the most simple and basic, step-by-step way, how do I fix this problem? I have everything in a desktop directory, the terminal is open, I go to run the program and this pops up.

imac-2:~ tim$ /Users/tim/Desktop/AliensRL/aliensrl/abrl
An unhandled exception occurred at $FFF6358B48EA8948 :
ELuaException : cannot open config.lua: No such file or directory

It's getting really annoying not being able to play this AT ALL when I know how good this is. Please don't tell me to wait until another version comes out or something like that. If you have a link to a dev or pre-compiled version that works, please post it.

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