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Requests For Features / [IDEA] other graphics modes
« on: May 02, 2019, 08:06 »
Hello everyone, Beta testers, doomRL lovers, marines. In general, my idea is, How about adding 2 more types of graphics, and we get 3 types of graphics 1) type, 3d graphics, uses as default 2) the type, "tiles" is the same one that was in domRL. 3) type, text console graphics. And now more, 1 question: You only have 1 month to develop a full version of the game for a steam, I do not think that 1 month will be enough to remake all the graphics for the domRL, But on the other view, I will be satisfied even if the majority (70-80 %) sprites will be from domrl, the main thing is that new monsters are new, new guns are new, in general, everything that does not look like stuff from doomRL need to be redrawn (for example, if in jupiter hell will be monster who throw fire projectile, why not use imp sprite?) 2: Text graphics, it's easier here, you can just copy everything graphics from domrl, so how hard is it to call "@" doomguy, isn't it? 3: Will there be mod support for Jupiter Hell? After all, so anyone can make a mod to make the game look like a domrl or something like this, or completely remake it, and make a remake with a more powerful engine in 3d, not very important, just mods will help everyone to guess.

(Note, screenshot with jupiter hell 3D graphics was grabbed from youtube channel Gaming On Linux, link:

Thanks for reading, I will be glad to have answers.

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