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General Discussion / Scouts
« on: March 02, 2020, 00:03 »
I've been playing the current version as well as Gunslinger a good amount now, and feel like Scouts are quite weak at the moment. Am I missing something, or has anyone else noticed this as well?

I'm not sure what the design goals around Scouts are, but it would make more sense to me if they had stronger perks related to Hellrunner and likely some more passive traits. Currently I take too much unavoidable damage (on hard or higher) as a Scout to finish all enemies and branches, where Marines and Technicians are in much better shape. A big part of this seems to be from the advanced Hellrunner perk, where Marine/Tech can reduce explosion damage while Scout only gets the passive action bonus. This bonus is pretty weak to begin with, and only worse with the addition of dodge penalties to armor as well as using short range pistols toward the late game.

Any thoughts on this? Would love to hear some feedback and see how other people are finding Scouts to play.

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