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Requests For Features / Automatic medpack use.
« on: September 04, 2013, 08:46 »
Because I'm a fool, I've almost lost count of how many times I have died with a backpack filled with medpacks..
I'm sure I'm not the only one that this has happened to.

Some of my best plays have been using a Survivalist as my DoomGuy, so it's obvious to me (from this experience) that health, and auto-regen are both very important.

It occurred to me, almost directly after my last death;
"Wouldn't it be cool, if those stored medpack's could've been used automatically?"

I'm not sure how often traits get altered, or added to/taken away from (I'm starting with But I liked the idea of having automatic healing being an option (or additional feature) toward health based trait trees.

Though, in lieu of this, I may just have to reconsider some of my approach toward the game (taking more time each move, even when just trying to achieve some high DPS)

Or maybe even a trait that would additionally allow (or exclusively) the ability to manufacture med packs under certain restrictions/guidelines. I thought of this one as I was writing now, and it seems that it could be most beneficial to a lot of players. Having that 1 extra medpack when it is needed the most can make a break a game. Certainly something that I could foresee being useful, even after my experience with the game has increased.

These ideas are obviously from someone who is aware that he is going to be taking more damage than avoiding. Try as I might to avoid damage (using cover. though still haven't quite got the habit of 'running') I end up taking it, to YASD more often then not.

Just some ideas. What do you think?

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