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I tried to thermonuclear bomb two shamblers on Deimos Lab level. Being on 10% HP, the situation was rather dire.

After dying I got the following crash, I think I heard the thermonuclear bomb going off as the last thing that happened.

"DoomRL - Fatal Error!"

DoomRL crashed!

Reason: LuaError: beings[].OnAction -- Lua error :
lua\\beings.lua:1001: Object expected as parameter 1!

Requests For Features / Easter egg for April 1st
« on: January 01, 2008, 07:27 »

It just occurred to me that it'd be a pretty funny feature if played on 1st of april the game would sometimes give you the "you feel relatively safe" message even though there are still one or two monsters left on the level. :)

Relatively harmless but fun feature imo.

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