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Requests For Features / Proposed Feature - Difficulty Levels
« on: October 23, 2005, 00:22 »
DoomRL version 0.9.9 will definitively feature Difficulty Levels akin to the original. How will they work I havn't decided yet, tough. There will be 5 difficulty levels following Doom:

* I'm Too Young To Die -- probably two times more ammo, and player will take half damage.
* Hey, Not Too Rough -- default level, as it is now, maybe a little less monsters
* Hurt Me Plenty -- more monsters
* Ultra-Violence -- even more monsters, little more ammo
* Nightmare -- (unlocked only if you manage to beat DoomRL on at least "Hurt Me Plenty" level) monsters as per Ultra-Violence, monster respawn, monsters attack more often

Difficulty Level will be noted in the highscore list and mortem.txt, also it will give a following modifier to overall score:

* I'm Too Young To Die -- *1/2
* Hey, Not Too Rough -- standard
* Hurt Me Plenty -- *2
* Ultra-Violence -- *4
* Nightmare -- *8

The Difficulty will be chosen at the beginning of the game.

What do you think?

Requests For Features / Call to Arms!
« on: October 22, 2005, 23:48 »
I started work on a new version of DoomRL. Currently I'm in the phase of gathering ideas what to add to the next version. I definitively count on your help! I have some ideas of my own, but yet that's not enough to make the new version as different as 0.9.8 was from 0.9.7... So please post here! It doesn't matter if it sounds stupid -- we may discuss it...

Bug Reports / Posting Guidelines
« on: October 22, 2005, 23:07 »
Please make sure that you include the following info when posting a bug report:
  • Version number of DoomRL (e.g., 0996)
  • Version type (G for graphical, C for console; include N for nosound)
  • Platform you were running on (e.g., Win,OSX,Linux)
Additionally, if you have any of the following, attach them to your post as well:
  • error.log file
  • log.txt file
  • screenshot showing the error or bug

Finally, please provide as much information as you can about the circumstance surrounding the bug you are reporting, particularly when it involves peculiar in-game behaviors. This will help the coders diagnose and fix the problem.

thelaptop: This may sound a little strange but if one observes some unexpected behaviour that does not trigger error messages and/or crashes, it would be a good idea to discuss it first in DoomRL-->Discussion.  This applies especially to new players of DoomRL.  Thanks for cooperating.

Announcements / Welcome to the DoomRL Discussion Forum!
« on: October 22, 2005, 18:28 »
Hello all!

I recently resumed work on DoomRL, and browsing the DoomRL-related e-mails I noted that there were quite a few requests for a Forum. Although I much prefer newsgroups, I guess not everybody does, or not everybody can use a newsreader . So here it is, the DoomRL Forum for you.

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